Public safety? NextEra has an “app” for that

exeter radarBlackburn News, By Melanie Irwin
NextEra Energy is working closely with Environment Canada as it prepares to roll out new radar technology. The company, which is currently erecting 92 turbines in Lambton Shores and Warwick, has entered into an agreement with the weather agency, to shut down their turbines if an issue arrises.

NextEra spokesperson Josie Bird says they want to ensure public safety, not restrict it and operators actually have an “app” to shut everything down if necessary. The new software is hoped to combat that clutter from wind farms and is expected to be incorporated into Canada’s radar system this fall. Read article

11 thoughts on “Public safety? NextEra has an “app” for that

  1. So they “HOPE” it will work.

    Well that’s good I feel better now…..

    Seriously do they care if they have to shut them down? They get paid either way.

    Residents of Ontario take the back seat while this foreign company drives.

    Amazing the gov sits by and does nothing.

    • Does nothing? Bending to the wants of this company puts the federal government, at taxpayer expense, into at least co-operating with this company?

      Did this company pay for the cost of changing the radar system to suit their needs?

  2. Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada

    Recent information 2014


    “There are no federal policy related to radar infrastructure. We are working with the various radar users at the federal level, to better understand these processes, and ensure that wind and solar can coexist in the same airspace, without deteriorating current capabilities such as air, navigation service, defence mandate or weather tracking..”

    Lobbyists include:
    Robert Horning, CanWEA
    Tim Weis

    List of Government Funding: CanWEA $127,000 as of June 3, 2013

    Select: List of organizations,corporations,clients and their beneficiaries > box C, and scroll down to Canadian wWnd energy Association

    • Correction: Should be Robert Hornung

      CanWEA also lobbies:
      Environment Canada
      National Defence/DND
      Natural Resources Canada/NRCan
      Transport Canada/TC

      This government page was last up-dated in May 2014 so latest information is not included.

      Information is no good if the public doesn’t know about the information.

      Maybe NAV Canada should be looked at again for latest information?

  3. Does nothing for Ontarian residents I mean of course!

    No we all get to pay for these useless projects while giving up our safety, health, lands as well, it’s the new trend! And it’s a long one too.

    It’s a win win for the windies and investors. What else is new?

    They make the rules, we are just the wallets.

    • The Blackburn news article is more like an announcement than a news story. Very little information was provided in that article.

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