CHCH TV: Debate continues over wind energy

Wind energy is fairly new and controversial in this province with some saying it’s a much needed clean source of energy, while others — many of them in communities around Lake Ontario and Lake Erie — are saying ‘not in my backyard’. Considerations with wind turbines include the environmental mark they make and the environmental benefits they offer, as well as the financial implications.

There are five wind turbines in West Lincoln now but there will be many, many more as soon as they pass environmental approvals. Ontario Power Authority says wind is an important part of its energy portfolio — it’s expanding infrastructure for all the power Ontario produces and the province wants a mix of sources so they balance each other out — especially now that they’ve phased out coal. But in West Lincoln, people say their rural way of life is being destroyed, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Read article

16 thoughts on “CHCH TV: Debate continues over wind energy

  1. They are back to the argument that wind is free. Well the water for Hydro electric is free and this still costs a lot of money.

    Who is going to pay for all the needed transmission lines to hook up all these turbines? Could end up with thousands of km of transmission lines which are all subjected to the forces of mother nature.

    These IWTs are small power plants hooked together when just one gas fired 1,000 MW plant would equal about 1,200 2 MW IWTs and cost a lot less.

    These are investment opportunities that are being provided for big banks, mutual funds, pension funds and wealthy investors with a guaranteed rate of return on these investments for 20 years.

    And there is something that can be done about this even if this causes the separation of rural Ontario.

    • Does this Shawn Conkwright from OPA even understand with energy density is? Or is his babble intended for ignorant urbanites?

  2. Wind energy is not as good as it sounds!! – the people who agree with it have NOT done their homework! – people living within the turbine range are have a whole host of health problems to include brain lesions and live stock farmers are complaining that their animals are getting shocked when they drink the water!! – earth worms have left the ground!!! and it goes on and on!! – so not only have the Ontario taxpayers been sold out again the farmland also has been sold out!! – watch the documentary DOWNWIND!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Say that there will ~6,000 IWTs installed in rural Ontario and for example only 1 per landowner.

    This would be only 6,000 landowners at most who would cash in on this but some are getting more than 1 turbine on their land so this reduces the number who will cash in at the expense of all other rural Ontarians.

    Not many people that the government is touting about rural support for these schemes.

  4. We are throwing away the energy advantage that we have in Ontario for 31 MW of industrial wind turbine energy being produced at noon today ( out of the 2485 MW capacity) Wind will never be base load power so we are paying for two systems to run simultaneously. The gas plants run on spinning standby and the CO2 emissions go up! This whole scam is costing the consumers billions of dollars, frequently for surplus energy – Green Energy is one of histories greatest industrial debacles, driven by fraudulent climate science and a deceptive industry.

  5. Oh I hate when people preach about the money that can be made to the leaser.

    $50,000 $23,000 what ever. These are numbers that are based on a loophole they spin.

    Sure you can make this amount IF and I’ll say it again IF the turbine runs full speed 24 hrs 7 days a week every day of the year. Yes then you COULD make this amount!

    Too bad many signed the leases before they figured that out.

    And really, How much fossil fuel goes into building just one 600′ turbine? Oh they won’t speak about that…

    And everyone bought that hook line and sinker

  6. Our favorite line is : Shawn Cronkwright, Ontario Power Authority “With wind turbines you have to install the equipment but after that equipment is installed the cost of the fuel is “0”. Wind is actually a key piece of keeping prices lower in the entire portfolio” ….Oh Really??? wonder if he lost the flip of the coin or got the short straw. Maybe he was the only one who could remember the script…or keep a straight face while spewing that crap.

  7. The debate is over because the facts about IWTs are known. So what is there to debate about anyway?

    Why bother to even engage the IWT proponents in a discussion of these issues?

    It’s action and not talk time now. These people would love to keep rural Ontarians just debating them. Keep stalling them!!

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  9. The cost of anything is irrelevent unless you are a poor working sack. They created $trillions out of thin air so the banks can keep paying dividends. They flooded the financial systems with trillions$ more. The currency gets injected at the top and those at the top stand first inline to reap the profits as they drive asset prices up. The working sacks get the crumbs that trickle down.
    The whole point of currency (as opposed to real money as in gold and silver) is to keep the do-bees enslaved and working. They can create currency out of nothing and they can take it away by destroying its buying power or put controls in place how much you can take out of the bank.

    Like Putin’s advisor said, the western economic system is at the end of the road and that’s why western oligarchs want a war with Russia. The debts of the western nations will never be paid back. They are adding to the debt. To keep the financial system and economies from imploding and citydwellers from rioting, govn’t hands out the the subsidies to the corporates and baby bonuses to wellfare moms. IWTs are a make work projects… to save the planet… jobs for poor sacks but the real purpose is to enrich those at the top while indebting and enslaving the rest. Those retired with savings can watch their savings inflated away as the banks destroy the value of “money” so as to lower the cost of the ever growing debt. In 10 years, compared to other costs, windpower at todays fixed cost will be cheap because the government central bankers will be creating more inflation. Just your savings won’t go as far to pay the hydro bill. Forget this vote red team vote blue team BS. Understand the system, who owns the system and the government’s role in furthering the system. You’ll be less disappointed, have more realistic expectations and not waste your time and get frustrated. Sure call BS on the WTGs, but wind is just the tip of the iceberg. Also call BS on the whole system that enriches the top and enslaves our children. Those who benefit from the system don’t want to go there. They would rather we keep following the same line of action (vote red, Vote blue) vs. overhaul the system. The Russians, Chinese and other BRIC countries are trying to build a new system. It just won’t be pleasant for many in our system as our system collapses. Anyone whose been thrown under the bus by our system can’t get too enthused about Canada sending supplies to fight a proxy war in the Ukraine against Russia. Its a bankers war and our bankers don’t give a rats ass about you. Wind is a small part of the ponzi racket they call a fiancial system.

    • tripped across this this morning : “Peak Debt – Why The Keynesian Money Printers Are Done”. Your MSM business news won”t tell you how dire it is out there.

      “””Needless to say, Spain is but a microcosm of a worldwide condition under which maniacal money printers in the central banks are smacking up against peak debt in their domestic economies.””” Spain went giddy building Windfarms

      These Ontario WTGs amount to more debt added to corporate debt added to record private debt added to record govermrnt debt. The cost of the debt is a drag on the economy. Not an issue for the elite plantation owners being paid didvidends and the house servants.

  10. My impression on reading recent news articles, is that the “debate is settled” , that the election provided a mandate for the government to complete as many wind plants as they see fit, all of these in the countryside. Glancing at some of the comments on these stories, it is clear that many people remain woefully uninformed of the basic facts on wind power. The ramped up rhetoric on climate change at UN and other places ( plugging of the latest book by anti-capitalist N Klein) does not help matters.
    It is just increasingly difficult to get the viewpoint of wind opponents across, or simply to get the basic economic facts reported. Still a lot of work to be done.

  11. i have several engineers in my family and just about anything can be done on paper. But money is money to some engineers.

    IWTs are financial opportunities which were also supposes to create jobs but didn’t.

    Wynne and company can keep on shoveling B.S. to ignorant urbanites but not to rural Ontarians.

  12. Totally unrelated to this article …but…can someone please tell me if the Arran project is a go ahead?…the motels in Port Elgin are getting rate inquiries from a concrete company ( stating they are doing turbine foundations )…beginning in mid November…they do not identify themselves…just asking room prices…anyone???

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