Permits Approved for West Grey Wind development

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NextEra is inching towards construction of 14 giant wind turbines in West Grey. Mayor Kevin Eccles says the company met all the criteria, so building permits were issued this week.

They are valid for a year, and Eccles says the company still has to work out agreements on entrance permits and load limits on municipal roadways, before actual construction can begin.

Bargaining continues on the main issues, with West Grey seeking financial committments from the company to cover any damage done to the infrastructure by NextEra. The company won the latest court battle over the wind turbines along highway east of Durham. Read article

2 thoughts on “Permits Approved for West Grey Wind development

  1. This foreign company was able to go to Ottawa and get the weather radar in Canada changed to suit their needs. And this is a clear-cut indication that the federal government approves of the installation of IWTs in Canada. Otherwise this would not have happened.

    They probably were not alone in getting the radar changes made.

    Did any of the Ontario MPs know this was even happening and aren’t they supposed to keep their constituents informed about what is taking place at the federal level?

    • If wind proponents can get the radar system changed in Canada they can get by the health issues on the federal level as well.

      Why would anyone change the radar system in Canada to accommodate IWTs and then turn around and tell the proponents of IWTs they can’t install them due to health issues.

      These two things don’t go together!

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