OK transformer or else, Hydro One tells Clarington

5-Transformer StationHydro One has threatened Clarington councilors with costly legal action if they interfere with construction of a $296 million transformer station
John Spears Toronto Star
CLARINGTON — Hydro One has threatened Clarington councillors with costly legal action if they pass a bylaw that could interfere with construction of a $296-million transformer station.

The bylaw, proposed by Councillor Joe Neal, would impose stiffer requirements on big projects to protect groundwater in Clarington.
It would require the developer of any large project to submit an extensive hydro-geologic assessment – a groundwater study – to the municipality for approval.

Local residents and a University of Guelph hydro-geologist have questioned whether the project could contaminate groundwater aquifers on the Oak Ridge Moraine, or underground and surface water flows. But the proposed bylaw hit a bump Thursday in the form of a stern letter from Hydro One’s law firm, Fasken Martineau. Read article

11 thoughts on “OK transformer or else, Hydro One tells Clarington

  1. Sounds like the self proclaimed Gods of hydro are squashing the rights of the residents.

    It’s the councils job to protect thier people. No project should over ride residents rights.

    And just because something is approved on paper does not mean it’s ideal.

  2. Maybe a class action suit should be considered for Hydro One’s customer business practices?

    • Often there is more than one way to deal with a situation.

      Hydro One has had numerous complaints about how they deal with customers. Any private company could never gotten away with treating customers poorly.

  3. Just imagine the howls of woe if the province used the same scare tactics on the downtown Toronto crowd to push something unwanted on their neighborhoods. Travesty and outrage. Rural riding, whatever. Welcome to the new Ontario led by the Big City Liberal Party.

  4. Hydro One Inc., Toronto

    Board Chair.: Sandra Pupatello, and PwC Canada & Board of Martinrea International

    Martinrea International, Vaughn, ON

    Board includes:
    Scott Balfour, CFO & Executive VP Emera Inc.
    Sandra Pupatello, Chair. Hydro One.

    Emera Inc has about 24% stake in Algonquin Power & Utilities

  5. Actually I think Hydro One has a point on this.

    Sometimes the wrong targets get picked. I would pick a different target for protests. I cannot see that a Transformer station would harm groundwater.

    • Maybe depends on the location of the transformer station in this situation?

      Agree that wrong targets do get picked.

      Perhaps another serious situation is Pupatello’s connections?

  6. Wow, complaining about a transformer. What about the hundreds of Wind turbines and enormous pylons to connect them. Star is pretty quiet on this..

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