Two week “Power Outage” at NextEra’s Adelaide & Bornish Wind Projects

2014_06010041There’s a two week ‘planned power outage’ at NextEra’s Bornish and Adelaide Wind projects. Flashing red navigation lights won’t be working during that time, so you might want to keep your planes grounded…

Word has it that the splicing in the underground cables were welded too close together. The underground cables need to be replaced. When they put the hydro through the cables, it caused the cables to melt; now no hydro can get through. All cables have to be replaced.

Wonder how safe all the projects cables are? Is anyone doing any stray voltage tests?


Thank you for sending your concern.

After receiving your inquiry (below) I contacted the Nextera Site Manager and Technician Leader by telephone.

They provided an explanation both verbally and followed up with an email confirming that the Navigation lights were out last night as part of a planned power outage to the wind turbines.

Basically, the email indicated that:

Nextera is currently in the first week of a two week planned power outage, due to a request for service at the Parkhill substation by Hydro One, at the Bornish/Adelaide/Jericho wind sites. Nav Canada was notified of this outage by Nextera staff on September 29th at 06:00. The Nav Canada representative issued an approval with the reference number: London NOTAM – 140423. See Screenshot below from the NAV Canada site.

Due to the outage the turbine structures have no power to them and therefore the navigation lights are not on as per normal operations. The outage is expected to be over Oct 14th.

If you need further details, you could contact NAV Canada at:

13 thoughts on “Two week “Power Outage” at NextEra’s Adelaide & Bornish Wind Projects

  1. Bornish. Is this not the IWT site where the towers were constructed so poorly that they attained a dramatic lean soon after completion? Sort of like Ont’s own Pisa; except it was built around 1264, Bornish was thrown up last winter.
    Someone local can update us on the removal/rebuild of the towers. One really has to question the competence/safety record of all these wind outfits.

    Does any Ont construction/engineering entity oversee anything these guys do, or is it hands off and let them keep buildin’?.
    Its a bit different when a local wishes to add an addition to the garage, no shortage of oversight there.

  2. ‘ The underground cables need to be replaced. When they put the hydro through the cables, it caused the cables to melt’. What would this mean in terms of stray voltage underground?

  3. There was a rush to meet deadlines last winter. Often it was too cold to pour concrete but the deadline required it so they just insisted on adding more chemical anti-freeze to the concrete. I believe the concrete companies told them it was too cold, but they proceeded. Apart from the reported problems of lean because of this, some farmers have also experienced die-off of trees near the turbines which they think is a result of the anti-freezing agent used in the concrete leaching out and killing the trees. No apparent concern about this from the MoE. lmao

    • And the construction/safety inspectors present on any project of such size in Ont; where were they?
      Whose deadline are we talking about? Its not as if many projects experience some delay, especially concrete poring attempted in winter months. The more I hear of this project
      and virtually all of that is here, or small local press, the more it cries out for some independent answers. And the builder is the thoroughly discredited
      Next Terror?

  4. I know of a certain early project where they kicked multiple bare cables into the trench and threw dirt on them instead of using the required conduit to keep the wires separated and safe. They were in a hurry and probably out of money. I mean who the H would know that they did it without having surveillance? yes, where are the inspectors we all wonder….
    And so there is stray voltage happening there. MOE and Ombudsman know all about it.
    Nobody seems to give a S*&* about the people on the receiving end of the electical field,
    …measured, documented, lawyers know, everyone with the power to help knows but nobody makes a move. Can’t upset the liberals renewable energy policy….heaven forbid peoples health would ever be considered more important than a bunch of greedy m(&%$#$^&’s
    I hope the Petersons, Turners, McGuinty’s, Suzuki’s, Bennett’s, Gerretsens, Smithermans, Wilkinsons, Hoskins, Crawleys…..and the whole big friggin green phony family have a nice day. Don’t worry about us losing our homes as long as your family is safe and can sleep at night.

  5. If all of this wasn’t so so terrible !!! – I would comment that this is a joke!! well what the _ _ _ _ do we expect from this Ontario government!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You may well be right. But what other project requiring enough concrete to support a 40 story tower, could be constructed in Ont with no inspection from Dept of Labour? What Ont agency oversees large scale construction projects?
      As I said a simple addition to a house requires multi inspections from all sorts of Ont officials. Are the wind construction companies self regulating?
      This is similar to the cushy deals they have signed with councils concerning road use; half-load rules and other details don’t apply to them.

      • In some counties that issue pad permits they may also inspect them but all counties don’t do this as I recall. Local inspectors probably don’t have the expertise to know if the pads and grounding systems are right.

        This issue was discussed a while back and should be in the OWR archives someplace. More tags would help this situation.

        Anyway slap these IWTs together and get them up and make any needed repairs later.

  6. In the above photo aren’t the lines from the wooden pole on the right and crossing the road strung close to the higher voltage lines on the steel poles to the left of the photo?

    Lines on the wooden pole to the right local Hydro lines?

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