Some councillors are not ready to accept a legal opinion on four wind turbines

kincardine_and_ripley_february_28_2009_007_298 the Beach, by John Divinski 
Some Kincardine councillors are not ready to accept a legal opinion they have received on four industrial wind turbines going up at three different locations near Tiverton. A recorded 5-4 vote has put the solicitor’s recommendations on hold.

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert says her motion did not direct council to legally challenge the siting of the four turbines but gave direction for more information on the process to make such a move and the associated costs. Faubert says she doesn’t want to accept the opinion of lawyer Peter Pickfield from Garrod Pickfield LLP until they can step back and review. Read article

8 thoughts on “Some councillors are not ready to accept a legal opinion on four wind turbines

  1. We need collective ‘push back’ at Queen’s Park, by all Municipal leaders. This situation is a betrayal of the public trust.

  2. The attitude of so many councilors, “we can’t do anything, therefore we shouldn’t waste any taxes on legal challenges”
    I think this is totally backwards, councils should make every application so difficult that wind companies will be reluctant to go through the process. Developers are pretty notorious for picking their projects where they expect the least resistance.Not too many wind outfits eager to test a permit on Leslie Split or Scarborough Bluffs for example. they would far sooner deal with councilors in Kincardine. If these councilors don’t wish to fight, replace them with some who will.
    As for the letter to Wynne, that is not worth the price of postage to deliver it.

      • Yes I believe some of them are not running again. The present council accepted $13.6 M from Samsung-Pattern in the other Armow project, a “gift” to community groups over 20 years. Again, this odious practice of Wind developers is legal, but hardly ethical. It takes an already hugely divided community and dangles a few dollars for cultural events to groups similarly divided and hard up for funds. They did exactly the same thing down the road at Kingsbridge-Lucknow.
        It takes a strong committed council to reject such offers, but really that is what is needed to get the message across, Samsung-Pattern is not a strong community supporter.

    • Ontario Ministry of Energy, Dec.2012

      “Renewing Ontario’s Electricity Distribution Sector: Putting the Consumer First”

      Panel Members:

      Murray Elston, Chair. and also on the Advisory Board for Samsung Canada
      Floyd Laughren
      David McFadden, partner at Gowlings. Also see other affiliations.

      Just another bit of information.

  3. And in case it slipped your mind, Elston represented Bruce as a Liberal MPP and Minister and contested the leadership of the Ont Liberal party, losing to Lyn McLeod.
    This a few years back.

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