Turbine work stoppage denied

2014_05140189By Jane Sims, The London Free Press
Construction of a giant wind turbine project in Huron County will go on after a judge denied a work stoppage proposed by concerned local residents. Superior Court Justice Lynne Leitch, in a written decision, sided with the K2 and St. Columban projects, saying any harm caused by what’s said to be one of the largest wind projects in Ontario would be remedied if local residents are successful in their constitutional arguments set for November.

Should the residents win in the divisional court, the companies would have to decommission the projects immediately. Until then, Leitch said, she’s satisfied they weren’t causing “irreparable harm” while being constructed. The application to stop construction was made in London last month. The two projects — one near Goderich and one near St. Columban — involve erecting 140 ­turbines. Read article

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