New bylaw will hold turbines companies to keep it down

2014_06010070Petrolia Lambton Independent
Plympton-Wyoming’s proposed wind turbine noise bylaw is going where no regulation has gone before. Council has given first and second reading to a bylaw which regulates the amount of noise coming from industrial wind projects. Council asked staff and the municipality’s lawyers to come up with the bylaw since much of the concern about the project has to do with the potential health effects of the noise coming from the turbine.

Clerk Brianna Coughlin says much of the regulation set out in the bylaw meets standards already set by the provincial government. “We can’t go beyond that,” she says. But Plympton-Wyoming is going to hold the wind energy companies to a new standard. “The only difference (from the provincial standards) is the bylaw has mention of infra-sound which not regulated by the province right now,” says Couglin.

Infrasound is inaudible for most people but can be perceived by other senses and it is measurable according to some experts says Couglin. Under the bylaw, if a resident complains about infra sound, the municipality would hire an engineer qualified to take the measurements before laying a charge. Read article

10 thoughts on “New bylaw will hold turbines companies to keep it down

  1. Interesting. Can’t help but wonder what the cost of the equipment is, training of staff (perhaps hiring of staff), etc. plus all the record keeping and such. A by-law is wonderful…but it has to be supportable and…enforceable. Rural municipalities are financially stretched as it is. A by-law that can’t be enforced is just as good as no by-law in the first place.

      • Tip…if you CAN’T enforce it…it means NOTHING. Hey…if the municipality puts their money where there mouth is…awesome! I want to see exactly that. But, it’s not inexpensive. The equipment, training, reporting, sustainment, etc. come at a significant cost.

        If they are simply putting pen to paper and nothing more…this is just another wet noodle being tossed at the wall…and there have been far too many of those already. You’ve been around long enough to realize that, right?

        BTW…hanging your hat on the hook of hope…is not a fight.

  2. We know common sense has to win one day. Maybe this Bylaw will be a part of it and let’s hope so.
    ‘Gears’ response presupposes that the wind companies are legitimate and working within the ‘law’.
    The Green Energy Act may be ‘law’ but does anyone oppressed by it see it as a good law? Even on a very basic level it is an appalling law and an affront to democracy.
    I don’t think municipalities have any alternative but to attempt to fight the Green Energy Act any, and every way they can. Those who are elected have only one choice and that is to do whatever they can to protect the best interests of their constituents.
    Good luck to Plympton-Wyoming, I hope they not only approve this Bylaw but once it is on the books they implement if immediately.
    There are many examples of wind companies ignoring ‘due diligence’ and not even bothering to submit complete and honest applications for their wind projects because they know they don’t need to. The provincial government will approve them regardless. Then if anyone objects they throw an ERT at the objectors knowing the ERT will support the wind energy company and the province.
    Even when wrongdoing is proven the province will actually rewrite regulations to legitimize the wind companies mistakes.
    It’s election time guys! Be very careful who you elect. Any potential Mayor or Alderman who when asked about IWTs in your municipality makes the response only, ‘It’s a Provincial issue’ , is on the side of the wind companies…………. They will do nothing to protect their township or its residents.
    Here in Wainfleet we have the local wind energy company wanting to ‘buy into’ a new Township Council.
    One candidate claims to be a ‘..licensed electrician..’ and has been a ‘..loyal employee for 32 years..’ Both laudable and both nothing to be ashamed of……………… 🙂
    However as many of you who follow this site will know, Wainfleet has suffered its own problems with the wind energy company who now have a wind energy project in the township? It has been a truly acrimonious fight between Wainfleet and Rankin Renewables and very high profile!
    Our new candidate somehow ignores the fact that he is not just an ‘..electrician.’ He also chooses to ignore the fact that his 32 years ‘loyal service’ have been to Rankin Renewables whose website proudly boast he has just been promoted to the position of Project Manager.
    This is the type of ‘openness and transparency’ that we could do well without.
    Question your candidates folk and be very careful who you vote for.
    Andrew Watts

  3. Don’t think that the general public knows you can’t use false information to get a government contract.

    So say this was done and then discovered later that false information was used. This voids the contract. No one in the government can either accept this false information or alter the information to allow the false information that was used to begin with. Known as “fixing’ things!

    The contract was obtained by lying. But the public is not told this and is led to believe that this can be done. If people were allowed to lie to get contracts what level of corruption would this lead to?

    This also just common sense.

  4. Such by laws and criteria would be really strengthened if they also addressed vibration. Vibration is easier to understand, easier to measure and easier to report. Any vibration detected in a home, with frequencies clearly traceable to Wind Turbines, would be a violation.
    Such vibration will be there, because sound and vibration are part of the same thing. If you have one, you’ll have the other.

  5. Perhaps the law could require the wind companies to prove that their turbines will emit no sound that causes harm to humans and animals.

    just sayin’

  6. Excellent news. These are exactly the kind of things councils should be doing. If this corrupt lying Liberal dictatorship voids this and other legal bylaws, then perhaps it’ll be time to either separate or have a nice (not!) Civil War in Ontario. It’s that serious an issue. Democracy itself is at stake here. This is what my dad and many others fought for. They’d be appalled at what Wynnie the Wind Witch for H is doing/ has done to their homeland. They’d expect us to stand up and fight to save this once great (before McGuinty) province. Then jail Wynne & company and through away the keys.

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