Bullfrog Power for Student Life: are you sucker enough?

bullfrog powerbullfrog powerI’m not sure if this is really funny or outrageous, but either way you look at this it seems like a misleading scam. Where exactly is this money … going? It certainly won’t actually pay for this student’s power bill. But hey, you get a sticker, mug and t-shirt for $178.50! More cheap promotional crap, made in China, that will help fill up the garbage dumps (ha!) that just so happen to be in rural Ontario too!

Bullfrog Power for Student Life
Each Student Life Package includes a Green Electricity Certificate representing a quantity of green electricity injected onto the Canadian Electricity system on your behalf. Plus, the 2-Year and 1-Year packages include awesome gear for spreading the word about how green power can help fight climate change and make the world a better place.

41 thoughts on “Bullfrog Power for Student Life: are you sucker enough?

  1. Our children have been brain washed for many years about wind and solar power and about climate change. They have been successful. Ever wonder why the Trudeau twit wants to lower the voting age to 16?

    • Exactly IWTs r not welcome! That’s exactly why lying Liberals want the voting age lowered, because most people start out as liberal voters not knowing that everything liberals say is a lie, they’d say or do anything to win. That knowledge comes with experience and age. I beleive the age should be raised to say 25 at minimum but……

  2. In most cases, the human brain is not fully developed until about age 21. By then people have also had life experiences to be able to make judgments.

    • JCM Capital, Toronto & London

      Management Team includes:
      Tom Heintzman, Managing Director Capital Infrastructure + Co-founder,2004, & Director at Bullfrog Power.



      Global Transmission Report, Sept. 23, 2013

      JCM Capital closed development financing for the $1 billion Lake Erie Clean Power Connector being developed by Lake Erie Power Corp.

      Will help transport power from HYDRO, WIND, SOLAR, NATURAL GAS, and NUCLEAR POWER plants located in Canada to the PJM interconnector grid which supplies electricity to 13 states and D.C.


    • Good work Barb and good call on incestuous relationship between members on IESO board and that of private wind developers! And also connecting the financiers to the scam.

      This whole game was set up by ALL three parties; LIBS, DIPS and CONS. That’s right Bob RAE’s socialists got the Ontario Hydro privatization game going and Harris-Eves took it to the finish line. The ground had to be prepared first for these wind developments to take place. I still allege that those MOE noise regulations based on UK noise rules were drafted when the CONS were in power. Ontario followed the same privatization script that Britain had under Thatcher all in the name of competition and lower electricity costs. How did that work out for Ontario vs. Quebec where Quebec has gown the province owned utility even bigger?

      So now we have these Liberal trough feeders a la Murray Elston sitting on the boards of the IESO and Samsung. And the CONS are beyond doing the same? Just sour grapes cuz their team and associated cronies have been shut out of power. So OK Hudak would scrap the Samsung deal and we would have Spanish owned Acciona develop the Armow wind farm instead..as if that is some consultation to the locals. Or Hudak would scrap the GEA and we would be back at the OMB where Queen’s Park would dictate to the various ministries that they side with the corporate developers at the OMB hearings. Been there. Done that. The root cause of the problem are the MOE noise regulations but NOT ONE CON elected rep has the balls to call BS on the MOE cuz they all are part of the game and are waiting for their turn at the trough!!!

      The problem is bigger than wind. The problem is this incestuous relationship between government and corporations all enabled by the politicians we elect. The Occupy kids got it right but corporate owned MSM didn’t like their message nor did the many adults who have a stake in furthering the status quo. Too many are skimming more off the system than the real wealth being produced. The peons get increased taxes, fees, savings inflated, etc. etc and MORE DEBT passed on to the kids (who will still be paying debt on wind farm developments 15 years after developers have gotten their payback). It truly is a sick society that cannibalizes its own kids to perpetuate this scamming to pay for its wasteful consumption.

      It’s a little disingenuous to call BS on the wind scam while at the same time turning a blind eye to all the other scamming going on by the TPTB and their enablers cuz that’s how the pension plans make money.

      • Wind Power Monthly 1 November 2002


        Back then the Federal Government of Canada was the leader in perpetuating the green deception and funding these “sustainability NGOs” that the government then consults. Our very own Maurice Strong (whom Bob Rae appointed chairman of Ontario Hydro to bust it up) was Secretary General of the Rio Sustainability summit.

        Some think that the politicians are clueless. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Our economic system no longer produces enough real wealth to pay for all that extravagant consumption. Therefore they must resort to all sorts of scamming.

  3. Tried anywhere else — in any industry this would be viewed as a scam and likely the perpetrators would be investigated, and perhaps prosecuted.

    But, it’s sanctioned by the anti-science ignoramuses of the local Libranos.

    • And money changed hands. And this looks like some kind of government contract/deal is involved?

      Should not have to go the U.S.for published information about what is taking place in Ontario.

  4. So per Barb’s digging, the CPP investment board has also investments in the industry.

    for other examples see Investing in Renewable ENERGY Increasingly Attractive.


    And they are talking $trillions more of institutional money to be invested in wind farms….and not just in Liberal Ontario.

    Of the $63 trillion global stock market capitalization, $30 trillion is held by public institutions like the CPP. The record market returns in the past few years are thanks to the cheap and easy money being handed out by the central banks. Corporations borrow on the cheap and buy back shares and governments get cheap money to borrow and blow on vote buying (Harper to increase baby bonuses in time for next election) and pension obligations get covered by stock markets going up cuz of all this cheap money being printed out of thin air and being dumped into the stock markets. Meanwhile moms and pops are getting paid nothing on their bank deposits and being forced to hand over life savings to the money changers who invest it in the stock market.

    What goes up held up by hot air will come down and working poor will be the first to suffer come the next market crash and depression.

    Windscam is just part of the big ponzi scam called the financial industry.

    • True, and retail bank depositors are getting 1930’s Depression interest rates on their money.

      Buying back stock can help increase the price of your company stock for at least short time.

    • It used to be illegal to buy elections too but not in Liberal Ontario.
      And many idiot voters like being lied to, shat on, robbed etc in the now gutless shat hole Ontario. The province of fools.

    • YES! And now Lake Erie Power Corp. which is also involved with ITC Holdings Corp. of Novi, Michigan in the Lake Erie HVDC connector line project which in turn involves IESO.

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