Endangered Barn owl may delay Port Ryerse Wind Farm

barn-owlBy David Judd, Port Dover Maple Leaf
The sighting of a barn owl may seriously delay construction of the Port Ryerse Wind Farm. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has confirmed that at least one of the endangered birds was spotted in the Port Ryerse area this summer. Wind farm developer Boralex last week agreed to delay construction of the four-turbine project for one month while the ministry investigates further.

If the barn owl merely stopped over in Port Ryerse on a flight to its home elsewhere, the wind farm project won’t be affected. But if the owl took up residence with a mate, the province might order a one-year moratorium on construction within one kilometre of the owls’ home. Further owl sightings could lead to a five-year moratorium.

Barn owls are an endangered species in Ontario. The province had only four pairs in the early 1980s. This summer’s sighting in Port Ryerse was the first in Ontario in about five years. Residents took photos and retrieved feathers to document the owl. Some villagers say they saw two owls and heard the owls talking at night. Many Port Ryerse people have fought the proposed wind farm since its announcement in 2011. Read article

3 thoughts on “Endangered Barn owl may delay Port Ryerse Wind Farm

  1. The joke is on us , the Ministry will just harm, kill, or harass the barn owl by locating the nest then cut it down and supposedly relocate it.
    Any statement from the Ministry or Boralex will just be used in their favor for propaganda directed at the mass media.

  2. It wouldn’t matter if they found 100 pairs of barn owls there, the ministry would do what they always do… Deem it “non significant” and carry on.

    It’s a pattern, the ministries are useless and should just be shut down. They work for big industry now not for our province and certainly not for our wildlife.

    No wonder none of the ERTs are recorded for all to see, they fight the people that care about their local wildlife and try to pound into your heads it’s better to have no critters in an
    area then some. It’s all for the sake of green energy.

    They actually tell you as they did in our appeal that there are plenty of eagles up north so it’s ok not to have any in southern Ontairo. Apparently this is how they do it now.

    I can picture it, theres a board of ont up with little thumb tacs placed on the map while one person reads aloud eagle? Check..(place a tac)
    Hawk? Check…bat?…. You get the gist!
    As long as there’s a tac in ont somewhere it’s all good and counts.

    Why do you think all the laws are changed for studies and research on wildlife from 3-5 yrs now up to 30. A lot can go wrong in 30 yrs and they know it.

    It’s gives them plenty of time to hide the truth and be long gone. Welcome to the new standards. Zero.
    So we should be happy and thankful to have turbines and a barren wilderness.

    Just what I moved to the country for…windfarms…..(not)

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