Big crane topples at K2 wind farm

craneBy Scott Dunn, Sun Times, Owen Sound
A massive crane at a wind farm south of Lucknow fell over as Wednesday morning as it was being moved, causing no injuries but possibly damaging the crane, K2 Wind spokesman Michael Sheehan said Thursday. Six workers were on-site, including one driver in the cab and likely five spotters all in radio contact, Sheehan said. No one was injured and the 600-tonne crane, with a 122-metre boom, fell on the privately owned property, he said in a phone interview from Edmonton.

He said the incident happened about 11:40 a.m. when “one of three main turbine erection cranes working at K2 Wind accidentally overturned while crawling from one pad site to the next in wet conditions.” The Ontario Ministry of Labour was notified, he said. “The exact cause of the accident is now under investigation.”

He said work stopped immediately at the site and hadn’t resumed Thursday while a company investigation heard from all workers involved. The company is co-operating with the Ministry of Labour, Sheehan said in a follow-up e-mail. Read article

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  1. The article repeats the wind canard that the project will power 100,000 homes annually, this simply repeating the boast from the K2 web site. This is shear nonsense, the turbines will generate itermittent power when the wind blows a lot of which will end up exported at a loss to US customers. No turbine yet developed approaches name plate generating capacity.

    The massive problem remains of a compliant media repeating industry claims without any questioning , and this from small, local media who generally cover the debate better than the “national” sources. People generally believe what they see or hear in the media.
    There is still a mammoth job to be done on the simple information front.

  2. It’s called ‘complicity’ and someday people will realize the lies that are being told and the stories that are being rejected/controlled by editors.

    This is another aspect that needs to be fully exposed.

    • And this is the problem, who will expose it, when only Sun media tells all sides of these stories. The MSN (media party) won’t allow honest advertising or stories that expose the truth about politics, faux green energy etc.
      I’ve said many times that we need to own the Red Star, CBC, CTV, City News etc. or we’re doomed, at least in Union run, gutless Ontario, now Canada’s joke province, or province of idiots and the fooled.

  3. This story says that construction is on again.

    The 600 tonne 122 m boom machines will be disassembled to move to next site, rather than simple crawl across soggy fields, And they couldn’t figure this out before?

    In case you didn’t get it first time the BIG Lie about 100,000 homes being powered by K2 is repeated. Samsung – Power certainly are efficient in getting their massage out, aided by a compliant, gullible media.

  4. I usually would not think of the Sun Times as part of the liberal media. Owned by Sun Media, they concentrate on local content and have reporters on the ground who should be knowlegible about the Wind industry. Worse this article was simply reprinted in the weekly Lucknow Sentinel with the BIG Lie repeated.

    • So, keep copies of any written information the developers, news media and government put out for public consumption!

      Note if the information is dated and the source.

    • Martin, just some general information.

      Diverse City, The Greater Toronto Leadership Project, March 2013

      Scroll down to:
      Adel Boulazreg

      In the U.S. Adel Boulazreg was an organizer with Obama/Organize for America/OFA in Raleigh, North Carolina. Also organized for Bill Clinton.

      Most recently Adel was the volunteer coordinator for Kathleen Wynne’s leadership campaign and in constant communication with a pool of over 500 volunteers.

      Was with the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada-Ontario chapter.

  5. The stark contrast between pro and anti K2 development in yesterday’s election, seems to have favoured the pro side in ACW.

    Both Reeve Van Diepenbeek and councilor Miltenberg have signed leases with The K2 partners and both were elected. Candidate for reeve, Shawn Drennan who has an injunction hearing against K2 was defeated. There are 3 representatives in Ashfield ward where the turbines arelocated, and 2 of them are partners with Samsung-Power-Capital.

    When business affecting K2 comes before the council and with a $1 B investment, this could be anything, 2 of the representatives will have to recuse themselves, leaving 1 to decide. There are 4 other councilors from the other 2 wards, but still the numbers are severely reduced.

    There can be no question this time around of public not being aware of the giant K2 development.
    One has to conclude that voter indifference or apathy plays a big part in the process.

    • The passage of the Green energy act created a whole financial food-chain.

      When communities accept vibrancy funds from developers then they become part of this financial food-chain.

      Councilors involved with IWT leases and/or options are also part of this financial food-chain whether they think so or not.

      • Accepting the reality that the K2 is here to stay, is not going to be halted, and that the council had little means of slowing down the project; still wouldn’t it be prudent to have representatives not associated with Samsung-Capital to at least keep them honest?

        Apparently not; voters seem unconcerned at the conflict of interest angle and the reality that the lessors stand to make $100 of thousands out of K2, which their neighbours will pay for.

      • Many people don’t understand conflict of interest when it comes to large amounts of money and maybe some think this is ok.

        Are campaign contributions going to be looked at? This can include things like signs and paid media advertising.

  6. A way will be found out of the mess from K2 Wind. Obviously it won’t be found by ACW Municipal Councillors.

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