Grand Valley mayor not shocked by wind farm approval

Approved-Rubber-Stamp-724817Orangeville Banner, By Chris Halliday
Mayor John Oosterhof isn’t surprised that the province has given Grand Valley Wind Farms Inc.’s latest project the green light, but he doesn’t have to like it. Whether his municipality accepts or rejects the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) decision doesn’t matter much though, according to the mayor.

When it relates to wind turbines, Oosterhof argued the province is going to do whatever it wants. “We have declared ourselves as an unwilling host,” he said. “But that is just the way it is. The province rules in all this. Basically we can say, ‘Yes, amen, thank you very much and go home’.”

On Wednesday (Oct. 15), the MOE approved the third phase of the Grand Valley Wind Farms project, which will see a 40 MW wind farm operating in the area when construction is complete. As per that Renewable Energy Approval (REA), Grand Valley Wind Farms has gained permission to construct and operate up to 16 wind turbines and a 45 MVA (million volt-ampere) transformer in Grand Valley and Amaranth. Read article

15 thoughts on “Grand Valley mayor not shocked by wind farm approval

  1. The possibility of civil war in On., gets closer to reality, with every additional anti democratic IWT approval, to sicken and destroy the lives of yet more rural citizens, destroying their communities, robbing them of their life’s savings, retirement pensions through massive property devaluation etc.
    Let’s hope civil war is not the end result, but one way or another, these useless things and the corrupt Wind Weasels who r profiting from them, must be stopped and the damage reversed.

    • Yes Douglas, a civil war has crossed my mind as well. I am surprised your comment was posted!
      With nothing left to lose, pull all stops for the well being of our families and future generations.

  2. A new subdivision is being built and who will buy the houses there? The subdivision developer could lose a lot of money.

    Also restricts the growth of residential properties in this town.

    IWT developers are allowed to move in and many others lose out and they don’t care.

  3. Having a defeatist attitude to this violation is exactly what these wind companies and the Liberals were/are expecting from elected rural leaders and landowners/residents….apathy…resignation….powerlessness.

    Real leaders have come forth in many communities and are exploring a wide range of strategies to fight for our democratic rights in the face of these violations. It takes persistence, patience and determination. These people deserve our full support.

    History is being made in rural Ontario.

  4. So has the mayor given up? Does he not have authority in matters such as building permits, road use, entrance permits, fire service, to name some. Will this council not work with the wind company to hash out some conditions of the project. Why give up when there are a few options left to make it uncomfortable and expensive for the wind company? Stall it for as long as you can. Granted, the project will probably go ahead, but why make it easy for them. One of these days this wind scam will be stopped but not by rolling over and taking whatever is dished out.

  5. Orangeville Banner is deleting comments. About 8 of them have been removed and they were not bad, just doesn’t follow Metroland Medias pro wind stance. Ridiculous and cowardly

  6. Here is the actual wording of the “not a willing host” bylaw that EXCLUDES Grand Valley Wind Farms Phase 3.

    Sounds pretty fishy to me.

    WHEREAS Council resolved on June 11,2013 through Resolution 2013-06-09 that “The
    Municipality of the Town of Grand Valley is an unwilling host for any future Wind Turbine
    Projects”; and

    WHEREAS the Town of Grand Valley considers Grand Valley Wind Farms Phase 3
    application as a project that is currently in the approval process and not a future Wind
    Turbine Project; and

    THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Municipality of the Town of Grand Valley is an
    unwilling host for any future Wind Turbine Projects, excluding Grand Valley Wind Farms
    Phase 3.



    Mayor John Oosterhof Yea
    Councillor Myrna Roberts Nay
    Deputy-Mayor Steve Soloman Nay
    Councillor Elizabeth Taylor Yea
    Councillor Rick Taylor Yea
    Page 21 of Sept minutes

  7. Excludes Grand Valley Wind Farms phase three from this resolution. For future projects not a willing host. Quite clear wording!

    Pays to read the fine print!

    • It originally passed as “not a willing host” but the wind bullies got ahold of course Colin and it was after reworded to “not a willing host after phase III”
      I tried…

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