Huron East Seeks Legal Advice Regarding Wind Turbine Coalition

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Huron East Council decided to get the opinion of its lawyer before deciding whether or not to get involved with ongoing legal action against the Province of Ontario pertaining to wind turbines.

Gerry Ryan, co-founder of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT), made the official request of council at its Oct. 7 meeting. Ryan said he was appearing on behalf of HEAT, which was appearing on behalf of the appellants: a handful of families taking the province to court over the issue of wind turbines. He told council that it’s not HEAT that’s taking the province to court, but the group is supporting the families that are, over three specific wind projects: the K2 project in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, the St. Columban project in Huron East and a project in Kincardine.

The case is widely known as the Shawn Drennan case, an ACW man fighting the Kingsbridge II project going up near his home farm, however, a number of other families have since joined the suit. A request for a stay for the project was recently denied, however, but the appeal is set to go ahead next month. The judge did say, however, that the turbine companies were now proceeding at their own risk, should they continue construction while the court case plays out. Read article

One thought on “Huron East Seeks Legal Advice Regarding Wind Turbine Coalition

  1. Hi,

    It is so frustrating that such a rural and beautiful place to be destroyed by turbines, I am planning on doing business and settling in Huron east as it is such a peaceful and nice place.

    This act will make Huron East just a place for greedy people to profit on without thinking about its effect on the health of people and on the environment

    Instead of doing this project, why don’t they make businesses , manufacturing and return the school that was transferred to in Wingham.

    Bring the immigrants, refugees to settle and grow businesses in this area, have families, schools, communities…et

    Using Huron lands and air to profit and make other societies benefit, huron east don’t want that much electricity? They pay little hydro. They need businesses, employments, communities, farmers, caffees, life, entertainments, schools, universities to attract people. HURON EAST DOES NOT WANT A SCARE MAN WHICH IS THE WIND TURBINE.

    A person who has interest in a beautiful place called ” Huron East”.

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