Wind company buying Santa again

santaChatham Daily News
Wind energy company GDF-Suez is sure to be on Santa’s ‘Nice List’ after donating $18,000 to cover the cost of the annual Chatham Santa Claus Parade. This is the second year in a row the renewable energy company has been the lead sponsor of the parade, being held on the evening of Friday, Nov. 14.

“I think it’s a great thing to promote,” said Lauge Nielsen, GDF-Suez director of operations for southwestern Ontario, of the company sponsoring the parade. He added a Santa Claus parade is a great family event to celebrate the holidays. Jaclyn Gillier, chair of Chatham Santa Claus Parade Committee, said, in a written release: “GDF-Suez came through in a big way again this year.” She added the committee could be more grateful for the company’s help.

The money will allow organizers to bring in the Port Huron Marching Band and the University of Western Mustangs Marching Band, along will large inflatables, including a 25-foot-high Cookie Monster, as well as roaming buskers. Read article

10 thoughts on “Wind company buying Santa again

  1. T Halfpenny writes:

    “Spring carnival is in the air and Senvion’s “pretty boy” was strolling down Collins St in his lunch hour destined for Henry Bucks for his morning suit fitting. He liked to keep up appearances for the Bird Cage.
    Unfortunately for pretty boy things were going a little rough. His much vaunted Ceres project was looking like a 100/1 rank outsider. There was also the little issue of importing wind towers from Korea and China and not Keppel Prince.
    So if one sees pretty boy wondering around the Cage, compliment him on his grooming it might be just the tonic he needs.”

    With thanks to stopthesethings

    • Hey GDF Suez,
      When are you going to remove those ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS wind turbines that you built ILLEGALLY too close to the airport?

  2. So the residents of the City of Chatham are going to have a Santa parade at the expense of their rural neighbours.

    City of Chatham part of the IWT food-chain!

  3. GDF Nielsen get your butt on a float mr. shot. $18,000? That’s nothing compared to the amount you raped from the taxpayers of Ontario.
    You’d think a blow up turbine would be included in the parade! Who are these half wits who are organizing the parade? Twice fooled, shame on you.

    A couple of ideas:
    Perhaps the anti wind people could join the parade?
    BOYCOTT THE PARADE. Imagine the headlines, “The Parade That Nobody Came.”
    Merry “effing” Christmas Chatam.

  4. Great thing to promote!…….the moron thinks.

    ‘[excerpt] “I think it’s a great thing to promote,” said Lauge Nielsen, GDF-Suez director of operations for southwestern Ontario, of the company sponsoring the parade.’

    Let’s promote: Merry Christmas!……..saying it!

    • That’d be a great start in returning the real Ontario, the one that used to proudly say Merry Christmas, because that is what the season is really all about. Don’t beleive in christs birthday, don’t take/celebrate the Holliday. Stay at work so others, believers can take some time off. Non believers have the lying Liberals Family day. U know the thing that got them re-elected 2 elections ago?

      • Isn’t that the truth. No Lord’s Prayer in our public schools, but yes, take the religious holiday. Lack of values and standards are sickening. Many people don’t even realize how low they are. Pathetic.

  5. Hello!!!! big wind has been backing these sort of events for as long as they have been here and before.This is nothing less than a bribe shame on our municipality for accepting it. Wake up Chathamkent in my opinion those who supported our last and current mayor should have there heads checked. We now have another mayoral term of nothing,wasted trips abroad etc.Chatham is becoming a retirement community most young men 20-35 have ran out of the area because there is nothing here for them thats sad. Enjoy our old/new mayor all !!!!

  6. Could someone please tell me if I imagined an article saying Australia had officially declared wind turbines a health hazard. If I did not imagine it . Could you put it on the sight again Thank you Judy

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