K2 Wind Farm work resume after crane collapse

craneScott Dunn, Owen Sound Sun Times
LUCKNOW – Since a giant crane toppled at the K2 Wind Farm project south of Lucknow last week, the cranes are being disassembled and trucked from site to site instead of driven there, K2 Wind spokes-man Michael Sheehan said. No one was injured last Wednesday in the mishap which is under investigation by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and by the crane contractor. Work resumed on the site Friday, he said.

The mishap took place at what will be a 140-turbine, 270 megawatt project covering 19,000 acres, which is to be completed in July. “K2 Wind is in the process of reviewing procedures for safely crawling cranes. Since last week’s accident, the two other main turbine erection cranes are being dissembled and then trucked to a turbine and reassembled,” he said in an e-mail from the Edmonton office of Capital Power, one of the three wind farm partners.

One of three big cranes on the site was damaged when it fell as it was being driven to a turbine site when conditions were wet, Sheehan said in a statement last week. That damaged crane will be disassembled and removed from the site. That work should take one week and will likely begin Thursday, he said. The big cranes are each mounted on a tracked machine which allow them to “crawl” from site to site. Read article

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