Opposition leader Jim Wilson slams Dufferin Wind

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Wilson, a Progressive Conservative MPP for Simcoe-Grey, joined Dufferin-Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones and Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill for a tour of wind farm installations in north Dufferin on Friday (Oct. 17). “I think this is the worst case I’ve seen and I’ve been on a number of tours of wind farms,” Wilson said.

Dufferin Wind, and its construction of a 230 kV transmission line from its 49-turbine wind farm drew the most criticism from the interim leader. Wilson questioned the company’s placement of utility poles and the possibility of ground water contamination. Earlier this summer, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) asked Dufferin Wind to revise those plans after a local resident argued some of its utility pole foundations could act as conduits for surface water pollutants to enter the groundwater supply.

“As a former minister of the environment, I can’t believe they’re getting away with not putting the poles in the ground properly and properly protecting the environment and ground water,” Wilson said. “You don’t have a very good corporate citizen in terms of Dufferin Wind. It is disappointing what we’ve seen.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Opposition leader Jim Wilson slams Dufferin Wind

  1. If people would see for themselves how K2 Wind in Huron County has made ridiculous decisions in terms of placement of turbines and their infrastructure – placing a substation on a fourth generation farmer’s property, surrounding one of the loveliest residential neighbourhoods and a private zoo with turbines, they would fully understand why so many people are supporting the Falconer team’s Charter Challenge.
    Visitors to the area this summer/fall have been shocked and absolutely disgusted when they see for themselves this mess. Words cannot convey…
    The threat of possible adverse health effects to nearby residents/landowners is a violation of human rights.

    Who made these decisions?

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