Wind turbine power project proposed for Western Manitoulin

ManitoulinBy Tom Sasvari, Manitoulin West Recorder
VIDAL BAY—A consultant for Hudson Management has disclosed that preliminary consultation has begun with First Nations, municipalities and residents on Western Manitoulin Island for a proposed windmill tower project.Timothy Peterson, a consultant on contract with Hudson Management, told the Recorder on Tuesday, “the Hudson Brothers company own 20,000 acres of property at Vidal Bay, which is west of and abuts the Sheshegwaning First Nation. They (Hudson Management) have been looking into what to do with the property and they decided to have a study conducted on possible wind power development.”

“We have just started to undergo the evaluation of the proposal by getting community input and undertaking an environmental and physical assessment of the property,” said Mr. Peterson. He pointed out the study work, “is being done in conjunction with GDF Gaz De France Suez. They are a huge power company that has developed projects around the world.”

“We’re looking into the feasibility of developing the windmill project, including the feasibility of connecting this (power) underwater through the North Channel to provide services for those on the North Shore, which is the primary focus,” said Mr. Peterson. Read article

10 thoughts on “Wind turbine power project proposed for Western Manitoulin

  1. Is nothing sacred?

    Manitoulin Island is a destination for people from far and wide. What a disappointment this is.

  2. GDF Suez is about 1/3 owned by the Government of France but this was not mentioned in this news article.

  3. MIKE CRAWLEY. Job Title – President

    Company Name – GDF SUEZ

    Since 2002, Mike Crawley has overseen GDF SUEZ Canada’s (formerly AIM PowerGen and International Power Canada) growth into a top developer and operator of power projects across Canada. GDF SUEZ Canada has financed and constructed projects under the Ontario RES, Standard Offer and FIT procurement processes, along with the BC Hydro 2008 call. GDF SUEZ operates more than 70,000MWs worldwide across all major power generation technologies.

    Across four provinces GDF Suez Canada Inc has almost 800MWs in operation (wind, solar and cogen), including the Cape Scott wind farm on Vancouver Island and the Beckwith Solar Farm, located in Eastern Ontario. Recently, GDF SUEZ brought two new partners into the portfolio. Active across Canada, GDF SUEZ has more than 1000MWs in projects at various stages of development.

    Mike has served on the Ontario Government’s Electricity Conservation and Supply Task Force and was a co-chair of the Renewable Energy Task Team. Mike currently sits on the Boards the Association of Power Producers of Ontario and Clean Energy BC.

    • Nice cozy relationships? Or the good-old-boys club?

      But in the over-all corporate structure of GDF Suez it’s not likely that Mike makes any of the important company decisions.

  4. Manitoulin Island has 28% of all flora in Canada, it is a migratory bird path and has been known as a beautiful and serene tourist destination. The North Channel is known world wide as one of the most beautiful cruising areas. Not so anymore. Turbines at McLean’s Mountain, and close to the Cup and Saucer trail, and now Vidal Bay. Wonder if these people who spout green have any idea how much plant and animal habitat is destroyed by putting in roads, and football field sized cement bases for these monstrous turbines. Nothing green about turbines, destroy natural habitat, and cost Ontario Taxpayers big time. Also destroying the tourist industry here.

  5. Mike Crawley resigned his position with GDF Suez Canada. It was quiet and never made official.

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