Labour Ministry has issued dozens of work orders against CS Wind

cs windWindsor Star, Craig Pearson
CS Wind, the site of an industrial accident this week, has had almost 100 government work orders issued against it since starting production in 2012.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour just issued 10 orders against CS Wind — such as requiring training, new protocols and guardrails — after a worker’s feet were pinned by a sheet of metal Tuesday.

A report obtained by The Windsor Star shows that the Ministry of Labour issued more than 80 orders between September 2012 and February 2014. The Star also requested records for February to November of this year but has yet to receive them.

Orders range from minor to major. Complaints which resulted in orders, according to Ministry of Labour records, include:

  • “Lack of protection from radiation from plasma cutters.”
  • “Magnets on crane failed causing 2-ton piece of steel to fall.”
  • “Turbine section crashed off roller,” “Paint fumes causing difficulty breathing.”
  • “Slipped/dropped turbine tower.”
  • “Poor ventilation and cold workplace.”
  • “Fire in truck.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Labour Ministry has issued dozens of work orders against CS Wind

  1. Just another example of a shoddy wind industy company sucking up our tax dollars with no concern for people’s safety (either workers in their plants or people living near turbines).

  2. No problem, as long as its for the “common good” as are all greed energy initiatives – its all good!

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