Wind turbine opponents reject study

DSCN4134London Free Press, John Miner
The legal battle to halt wind farms won’t be abandoned because of a Health Canada study released last week, opponents of the turbines say. The Health Canada study dismissed claims wind farms cause medical problems for people living nearby.

“It makes no difference at all,” said Anita Frayne of Safe Wind Energy for All Residents, a Huron County group backing a lawsuit that claims the Ontario government didn’t exercise due diligence when crafting the Green Energy and Economy Act. Frayne said the widely publicized Health Canada study was only a preliminary analysis of the data and it hasn’t been peer reviewed. “It doesn’t provide any ­definitive answers on its own. I think the real question is, why did they even decide to release this at this point?” she said.

In publishing the study on its website, Health Canada said it was trying to be more open and transparent.​ Despite the study’s findings, Frayne said, opposition to the wind farms continues to gain momentum. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind turbine opponents reject study

    • Yes, same David Michaud.

      “This submission is intended to contribute to study design for ‘Health Canada’ Wind Noise and Health Study.”

      This 2012 submission was made to contribute to the setting-up of the study design. The “design” was set-up prior to the health study itself.

      Don’t know why it took this long to get an answer to this question?

  1. From what I can see the the Health Canada studies support the opposition viewpoint that wind turbines are noisy?

    What’s the issue? Why reject them?

    PS: I have the studies here…

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