High hydro costs due to provincial bungling

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Hydro One has issued 10 suggestions on how homeowners and others who use electricity to heat their homes can reduce their monthly bill. But not one of those tips mention the major reason electricity bills have risen the past year. Hydro One’s first tip is to ensure trim on windows, between the frame and the house, are filled and secure. “As much as 13% of your home’s heat loss could be escaping through the gaps,” Hydro One says.

Other tips suggest closing off air registers in unused parts of the house, moving furniture away from vents, and installing a programmable thermostat. Some tips are ridiculously obvious. “On sunny winter days, trap warm air inside by opening window coverings to let the warmth of the sun in,” Hydro One advises. “Once the sun goes down, close window coverings to help keep the warmth in..” All of this is wonderful, and perhaps necessary for some homeowners, but you have to wonder if these tips will make any appreciable difference in electricity bills that are rising not because of leaky windows or unfortunately-placed sofas, but because of the government’s bungling in what was once one of the best-managed public utilities anywhere. Read article

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  1. At least 90% of the time, all wind power is in the net export category, being sold at a steep discount. If it’s more than that, water is spilled at hydro dams and units at Bruce Power are paid to throttle back nuclear units. Apart from that, most of the new gas-fired plants are being paid to sit idle most of the time. This spells higher electricity bills.

    • Not bungling. Planned this way.

      First the old Hydro was broken up so that the so called new “private” parts could purchase power from private producers.

      Now these private power producers are first in line to sell their power to the “new” Ontario Hydro system. Result is that hydro and nuclear power have to be sold at a loss or wasted if not needed.

      Lots of money is being made by private parties by doing this.

  2. I just noticed at the IESO that the first estimate for the November Global Adjustment is a whopping 9.9 cents/kWh. They have to make up for the hundreds of millions of dollars they lost dumping power for next to nothing on the export market and paying generators including wind turbines to sit idle.

  3. It would be interesting to hear from Sandra Pupatello as to what she has done since her political appointment to a top job at Hydro One. Also does any know what Bernard Lord is doing. Since year end is only six weeks away they’ll soon be figuring how much of a bonus to pay themselves and all their hangers on.
    It is truly sad…hopefully it will be sold off and a lot more accountable to shareholders.

  4. Forgive me as I was only a bungler!

    Any crown company that can’t or won’t figure out how much money they take in or spend/payout and for what it is spent for should be under public scrutiny.

  5. Dangerous situation when a bunch of lying thieves strategize their best defense is, “ooops, it’s all been a big mistake. We didn’t know any better.”

  6. U.S. Dept. Commerce, Washington
    International Trade Administration
    Industry & Analysis (I&A)
    Market Intelligence Brief, Canada, April, 2014, 14 page report

    “No foreign market will attract more U.S. renewable energy and smart grid equipment and services exports through 2015 than Canada.”

    “…but the country is also a large and growing producer of wind energy, due in part to supportive polices at the federal and provincial level.”

    “The growth in wind energy capacity is part of Canada’s planned shift away from nuclear, large hydro and coal generation.”


    This is what it is!

  7. Windmill 2 (hydro 1)’s suggetion to block vents in unused parts of a house,would seriously compromise a balanced heating system and could cause a myriod of problems that most HVAC engineers would rightly agree, escalate the cost of heating a home.
    Once again a case of false advertizing and a bewildered so called company,that is prodded by a so much fun Liberal Government (NOT!)

    • Now just watch for the energy poverty issues to hit the fan in Ontario this coming winter.

      Neighbours don’t have the money to contribute to paying for other peoples’ energy bills.

      Appears that winter has arrived early this year in Ontario?

  8. Hey! I dont think Spring came and Summer really arrived and Winter is early…. It would seem that a lot of people will be cold, or back to the beginning, start burning wood.
    Oh Crap! the turbine installers took all the trees down!
    Darn it! and that’s not socks!

  9. At 49 years of age and you can look him up on wiki P

    Quite the right wing feathering his nest.. sob..probably promoting fracking in NB as well.
    I think the word grene is really starting or has started to gan the smell of everyone, top to bottom.

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