MPP Jim Wilson grills Liberals on wind turbines

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    • Why not just grill them on who are the parties getting these IWT contacts, where is the money coming form and where is it going and what are the connections among the parties receiving these contracts.

      And ask about any government connections these parties may have.

      Are MPPs afraid to do this or do they lack enough information to able to do this?

  1. This is a perfect example of Liberal mentality. As long as the federal government hasn’t stopped the building of those turbines, the Liberals will continue to put them up, come hell or high water. It is so clear that the Liberal Government of Ontartio is not looking out for public safety. Their ideology is more important than the constituents who put them in power. This is not democracy; this is dictatorship in a pure sense. They’re smarter than the collective minds of the populace. As Vic Fideli said a couple years ago, it’s “dam the torpedos and full steam ahead”.

    Tuesday 18 November 2014 Mardi 18 novembre 2014

    Oral Questions

    ‘[excerpt] Wind turbines

    Mr. Jim Wilson: Speaker, my question is for the Premier. Last week I received an email from a local news organization indicating that your government plans to approve, by the end of November, wpd’s application to build eight 500-foot-tall wind turbines, structures that will be as tall as the TD tower here in Toronto, directly beside the Collingwood Regional Airport.

    I’ve raised this issue, as you know, many times with your government over the years. You yourself visited the area just before you became leader. You said that this specific project should not go ahead in the face of community opposition, and you also said that an airport should not have to shut down because of wind turbines.

    So, Premier, is it true? Are you going to approve these 500-foot wind turbines in proximity to Collingwood airport?

    Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne: Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): That’s enough.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

    First of all, there’s an environmental assessment process for these things as well, in which the public has a chance to comment.

    Airports and airport standards are regulated by the federal government. We’ve had this debate with members opposite. We have a federal transportation minister who doesn’t like to return provincial ministers’ calls, and that’s always a challenge. We’re really looking for some leadership from the federal government here, because you cannot build things in the pathway of an airport contrary to federal government fly-in approach and rules.

    I’ve offered many times to meet with the member opposite; I’ve offered to sit down. I’ve actually met with people from the airport. We need greater clarity from them.

    We’re following our rules. We’ll follow our EA process, and we’re looking—

    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Thank you. Supplementary?


    Mr. Jim Wilson: Premier, all four surrounding municipalities are against this project.

    They would like their planning power back so that at least they would have the common sense and wisdom to not put these damn things next to an airport.

    It’s insane what you’re doing. It’s insane that you say one thing in the area just before you’re elected leader and then not do the review that you said you would do—or at least I’m not aware that you’ve done it—and that this process just keeps plowing ahead. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Minister, I say to you, the federal government has no rules about wind turbines near airports because they didn’t need to develop rules because the municipalities used to have the planning tools to make sure this wouldn’t happen. They’re looking at you like a bunch of dummies that you would actually do this in the first place. They’re saying, “Give back the planning power.”

    So why don’t you do that? Why don’t you give these municipalities and all the municipalities across rural Ontario the authority they deserve? They can tell you where to put your garage or where to place your house, but a 500-foot wind turbine, they have no say in. Shame on you.


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Stop the clock, please. Be seated, please.


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Start the clock, please. Order, please. Thank you.


    Hon. Glen R. Murray: I don’t know quite what to say after that other than that the member should really be the member representing—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): The member from Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound will come to order—second time.

    Finish, please.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: After that dramatic performance, the member should be representing the community of Stratford. That’s an Academy Award-winning performance.


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): The member from Huron–Bruce will come to order.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: I know the minister—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): The member from Huron–Bruce will come to order—second time.


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): If I knew what direction that was, I would warn that member. It’s not a laughing matter.

    Please finish.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. We’re not interested in endangering the lives of Ontarians, and we also respect the constitutional authority—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): The member from Stormont, come to order.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: I’m the member for Toronto Centre. I fly out of the island airport. There are very tall structures all around that, and we—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Excuse me. Be seated, please.

    The member for Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound is warned.

    Finish, please.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: Thank you very much, Speaker. There are large smoke stacks about—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): The member from Renfrew, come to order.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: A little more fibre, a little less coffee, maybe, Mr. Speaker.

    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Finish your answer.

    Hon. Glen R. Murray: The—


    The Speaker (Hon. Dave Levac): Be seated, please. New question.’

  3. I watched that video of Jim Wilson’s plea to the Liberals. Kathleen actually laughed out loud at Jim before turning the question over to the Minister. She will not be laughing when all these law suits pile up! She is certainly part of the good old boys club. All of rural Ontario should be in an uproar about being laughed at by the premier. It’s time to secede. We need to mobilize as never before.

    • Wynne is shown again continuing to laugh at this airport wind turbine situation at the 3.00 minute mark. What a joke she is, no class!

      • I was looking at the not a willing host map and then the ieso wind power map. I noticed that the majority of the turbines were located in not a willing host places! Why would they do that? Makes no sense to me. If I was in charge I would put them where they are wanted, not where they are not wanted!

      • Tye sure is a fast learner. Nice for a young fellow to be able to contribute to something that will be of historic significance.

      • I just want to know if Tye – calls his teacher Alice

    • Free Thinker, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing for quite a while now, the teacher, Alice.

  4. Excerpts provide a great way for opportunities to comment on issues and great archival information as well.

    And so there is a federal MOT that won’t return MPPs phone calls?

    • Message to liberal complaining:
      Try writing a letter – with all your concerns – in plain sight.

  5. After spitting her guts laughing –
    Premier Social Justice – abruptly – leaves the legislature while in session.

    My mind wants to laugh!

    Let’s not get too agitated – and, slimy!

    Hey Ontario! ………
    Premier Social Justice wants action!

    ‘[excerpt] Using Citizen Engagement to Solve National Problems

    The government is working together with the public to solve national problems, and achieving amazing things across the country. This year, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is introducing the first Open Government Awards to recognize efforts by 64 member-nations, including the United States, utilizing citizen participation to improve government policies and to better serve their nations.’

    ‘[excerpt] Open Government

    Open by default — it’s not a catchphrase.

    It’s a commitment to the people of Ontario to engage, collaborate and innovate. It starts with a government that freely shares information, unlocks the power of data in a digital age and brings more voices to the decision-making table.

    We appointed our Open Government Engagement Team to find ways to turn these ideas into action. The team sparked conversations with people across the province about how government can do business differently. They’ve developed recommendations based on what they heard.’

    Finally waking up!
    Do we have to knock @ the United Nations?

    • Restoring the Grand Jury System in Canada would be a fast way for citizens to obtain government information that’s kept hidden from them.

      Gone for 30 years and now look where things have ended up.

      • Who, what, when, where, why and how
        caused the removal of the Grand Jury system in Ontario & Canada?

      • Don’t know who, when, where and why but the last province to do away with the Citizen Grand Jury was in 1984. Check with Wikipedia.

        As far as I recall there is/was a bill before the OLA a couple of times recently but only got past first reading and no farther.

        When a Grand Jury asks for documents and you don’t produce them then you can spend time in jail until you do produce requested information.

      • The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History

        “A Trying Question”
        The Jury In Nineteenth-Century Canada

        The jury with the growth of professionalism came to be seen as ineffective and an amateurish body that ought to be supplanted by trained men to sift through the evidence and come to the right conclusions.

        There are other legal references about juries on this webpage.

        Citizens not smart enough to make decisions?

      • Google:

        Sessional Papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada + grand jury.

        This is 54 Victoria 1891 Sessional Papers (No.66)

        Here are two of the comments:

        “Presented Grand Jury, Prince Edward County, to the Hon. Justice Rose”

        “We believe it ( the grand jury system) to be one of the important safeguards given the people for their own protection against offences committed in their midst.”

        “Presented grand Jury, Napanee, to the Hon. Justice Rose”

        “We have considered your lordship’s remarks anent the removal or change of the grand jury system, and would respectfully present that we feel the grand jury to be the bulwark of our liberties and that no change at present seems to us desirable.”

      • Google:

        “Acts of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada…” + grand jury

        216, Chap.174, Procedures in Criminal Cases, 49 Vict.



        “The foreman of the grand jury and any member of the grand jury who may, for the time being, act in behalf of the foreman in the examination of witnesses, may administer an oath to every person who, under the circumstances hereinafter enacted, appears before such grand jury to give evidence in support of any bill of indictment; and every such person may be sworn and examined upon oath by such grand jury touching the matters in question.”

      • The Verdict/Columns, Issue 107/December 05, pp.27-28

        Burden of Truth – A Look At Juries

        “The Importance of Preserving the Right to a Civil Jury Trial”

        “What is the importance of a jury in a trial? A jury functions to reduce the power of an appointed judge; to limit, in a sense, the power of the state upon the individual.”

        The VERDICT is published by the Trial Lawyer’s Association of British Columbia.

  6. Add this to your English project

    …….if you want true facts!

    David Suzuki a man of property

    ‘[excerpt] QMI Agency has learned that Suzuki, who’s made a name for himself fighting for the environment and against development, owns four homes, including one property he co-owns with a fossil fuels company.’

    When David Suzuki Told Me To F**K Off

    p.s. facts are facts

  7. Oh – if you like the ‘fruit fly’ – you should enjoy this:

    Climate campaigner David Suzuki doesn’t know
    what the climate temperature data sets are

    ‘[excerpt] During David Suzuki’s Q&A on Australian ABC-TV, and WUWT regular Bill Koutalianos puts the fruit fly guy on the spot. Video of the interview follows. Andrew Bolt writes:

    David Suzuki proves he’s pig ignorant about global warming

    The very first question put to David Suzuki on Q&A last night revealed this warming alarmist’s complete ignorance of the most basic facts of global warming.

    Fancy Suzuki not even knowing what the world’s main temperature data sets say about global temperatures. Fancy him not even knowing what those data sets are, even when he is given their names.

    The only rational response to Suzuki’s astonishing admission of utter ignorance would have been to say to him: “Sir, you are a phony and imposter. Get off the stage and don’t waste our time for a second longer.”

    Read the exchange for yourself: ‘

  8. A runner just like Premier Social Justice –
    running from the legislature on November 19th
    – when things got hot!

    David Suzuki resigns to save foundation from ‘bully’ charitable status threats

    ‘[excerpt] Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki has stepped down from the board of his foundation over fears his political views could put its charitable status at risk as Ottawa cracks down on organizations deemed to be too politically active.

    In a letter to his supporters on Friday, the former Nature of Things host said he left the David Suzuki Foundation’s board of directors because he wanted to be able to speak freely “without fear that my words will be deemed too political and harm the organization of which I am so proud.”

    The March 30 budget said charities would soon have to report more information about their political activities and sources of foreign funding.

    They’d also have to limit spending on advocacy to 10% of their budget.’

  9. Minister of Climate Change!

    ‘[excerpt] Hon. Glen R. Murray: A little more fibre, a little less coffee, maybe, Mr. Speaker.’

    The Climate Group is proud to convene the sixth Climate Week NYC, from September 22-28. Climate Week NYC is also the collaborative space for all events in support of the UN Climate Summit. We will be home to over 120 events, activities and high-profile meetings taking place across NYC.

    p.s. Ontario a member of – The Climate Group

  10. Ontario

    Ontario, Canada:
    A Mirror of America’s Economic Future Mortgaged To Falsified Climate Science

    ‘[excerpt] Strong chaired the Rio 92 conference and in the same year was appointed to Ontario Hydro. He became Chair and was given free rein by Bob Rae, socialist Premier of the Province. He set about applying the philosophy and policies enshrined in the UNEP program. These were designed to demonize CO2 as the byproduct of fossil fuel driven industries and nations. It was speculated by Strong in his comments to Elaine Dewar cited in The Cloak of Green (1995). He suggested,

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

    Dewar asked why he didn’t enter politics to implement his plan. He essentially said you can’t do anything as a politician, but knew a political vehicle was required. He knew that convincing individual governments was almost impossible, as Kyoto negotiations proved. His experience told him the United Nations (UN) was his vehicle.’

    p.s. Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the Kyoto Protocol – a communist plan.
    p.p.s. Kyoto Protocol aka Smart Growth aka Sustainable Development
    p.p.p.s. In Ontario – why do so many municipal mayors love the Kyoto?

  11. Current Events…….November 21st – 2014

    If the federal conservative government –
    under the leadership of Stephen Harper
    will not fight climate change – ……..

    After signing an agreement with Quebec on climate change, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wouldn’t say when a carbon tax might be introduced. Wynne says putting a price on carbon is “very important.”

    p.s. looking for legal definition for – ‘psychopathy’
    p.p.s. Ontario weeps!…….the debt is nearly $300 Billion
    p.p.p.s. Quebec debt nearly $275 Billion

    Still looking for a legal definition of – ‘psychopathy’;
    keeping in mind Ontario’s new liberal – dictatorship!

    • RE: psychopathy

      Ministry of Health
      and Long-Term Care
      Chief Medical Officer of Health
      Public Health Division
      11th Floor, Hepburn Block
      Queen’s Park
      Toronto ON M7A 1R3
      Telephone: (416) 212-3831
      Facsimile: (416) 325-8412

      Oct 15, 2010


      Dear Ms. Johnston:

      Thank you for your e-mail correspondence over the past few months regarding your experience
      living near an industrial wind turbine farm in Norfolk County.

      As you are aware, my office has completed a review of the scientific evidence available to date on
      the potential health hazards of wind turbines. The findings summarized in “The Potential Health
      Impact of Wind Turbines Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Report” can be accessed
      at: .

      The review was completed under my direction and in consultation with the Ontario Agency for
      Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) and local Medical Officers of Health. As a result of this
      review, I have concluded that the scientific evidence available does not demonstrate a direct causal
      link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.

      Unfortunately, some people living near wind turbines report symptoms such as dizziness,
      headaches, and sleep disturbance. While I empathize with those who are experiencing these
      symptoms, the scientific evidence available to date does not demonstrate a direct causal link
      between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.

      With respect to further evaluation, as indicated in the report, the Ministry of the Environment is
      overseeing the development of a procedure for measuring audible sound from wind turbines and a
      review of low frequency sound impacts from wind turbines. Recommendations from these activities
      will help inform further action.

      Thank you again for sharing your concerns.

      Yours truly,


      Arlene King, MD, MHSc, FRCPC
      Chief Medical Officer of Health’

    • Has Wynne looked out of the window lately or listened to the news?

      Worst Lake Erie lake effect snow storm in Buffalo since 1976. Stranded people had to be rescued from the New York Thru-way in up-state New York.

      Locks freezing up on the Upper Miss.River near the Twin Cities. Earliest ever recorded.

      Snow on the ground in half the U.S.

      Grand Rapids, Mich. got ~ 30 inches of lake effect snow off from Lake Michigan. Parts of I 94 & I 96 were closed due to snow.

      And this was only near the first half of November!

      • NOAA

        Great Lakes average GLSEA Surface Water Temperature

        Select any of the Great Lakes.

        Note how much colder Lake Superior was this past 2014 summer compared to summer of 2012.

        All of the great Lakes were colder this past summer than 2 years ago.

        Solid information/data is needed to counter anything the Wynne government says. Opinion will not do the job.

        Global Warming ?

    • “Global Warming Policy Foundation”

      “GWPF states that it is “deeply concerned about the costs and other implications of many of the policies currently being advocated” to address climate change and that it aims to “bring reason, integrity and balance to a debate that has become seriously unbalanced, irrationally alarmist, and all too often depressingly intolerant”.[4][8]”

      “The GWPF’s first act was to call for a high-level, independent inquiry into the hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.[9][10] A spokesman for the Met Office, a government agency which works with the Climate Research Unit in providing global temperature information, dismissed this call. “If you look at the emails, there isn’t any evidence that the data was falsified and there’s no evidence that climate change is a hoax. It’s a shame that some of the sceptics have had to take this rather shallow attempt to discredit robust science undertaken by some of the world’s most respected scientists. The bottom line is that temperatures continue to rise and humans are responsible for it. We have every confidence in the science and the various datasets we use. The peer-review process is as robust as it could possibly be.”[11]”

      “The Guardian quoted Bob Ward as saying “some of those names are straight from the Who’s Who of current climate change sceptics … It’s just going to be a way of pumping material into the debate that hasn’t been through scrutiny”. The Guardian article cast doubt on the idea that an upsurge in scepticism was underway, noting that “in (the US) Congress, even the most determined opponents of climate change legislation now frame their arguments in economic terms rather than on the science”.[31]”

      • I’m in a conversation with the spokesperson who prepared this video:

        Why “Global Warming” Failed & Why Climate Change is Real

        I’ve asked him for his assessment of industrial wind turbines and he has had nothing good to say about them…nothing at all!
        We need to get to the bottom of the ‘unsettled science’. It’s utterly relevant.
        Anyone who thinks this issue is settled ought to follow the recent conversation on wattsupwiththat in response to Dr. Tim Ball’s article….fascinating and crucial.

      • Climate change is just a convenient excuse used to support “green” energy.

        Big money needs a big time excuse to get away with what they are getting away with.

        This money situation with IWTs needs to be put into a format that everyone can understand as to who are involved and how much money they are getting out of this sorry mess.

        Maybe people in the GTA might look at this situation if this is done.

  12. Mayor defends tweet
    Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer
    Friday, November 25, 2011

    ‘[excerpt] Mayor Dennis Travale has criticized local wind turbine opponents for aligning themselves with Six Nations residents on the issue, calling it a “bad decision” in a tweet on his Twitter feed Tuesday.
    “People against windmills are trying to use the First Nations to support their cause. Bad decision!” Travale wrote the day after a dozen Six Nations residents in traditional headdress showed up in the chambers to support a deputation by Clear Creek resident Stephana Johnston who lives close to a set of turbines.
    Senator Doug Finley of Norfolk County also responded to the mayor’s tweet with this entry: “@DennisTravale What is that about? I mean from a PR perspective. Perhaps they should import Prince Philip?”
    To which @DennisTravale tweeted: “ppl who claim to sufr helth issues have invited Haudenause to meetings thinking it will help their cause. NOT in Norfolk.”
    Finley did not respond to a call requesting comment.
    In an e-mail exchange, Travale defended his tweet, saying he was not against the natives being in the chambers but was criticizing Johnston and other wind farm opponents for “trying to involve the First Nations locally in what is a provincial matter and especially where the local council has no, I repeat no jurisdiction.” […]
    “I seriously question their (wind farm opponents) motivation and judgment,” Travale wrote in the e-mail […]
    Bill Montour, one of two Six Nations residents who stood beside Johnston during her address to elected officials, said he expects to return to council on Dec. 6 to make a deputation.
    Natives, he explained, are concerned about wind turbines because they hurt the environment, killing birds and deterring other animals such as deer. […]
    “These people are elected by their constituents and they are not listening to them,” Monture said in an interview.’


    Mayor loses patience with wind turbine critic
    Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    ‘[excerpt] Johnston has often spoken to council about the alleged health effects of turbines. However, when she attempted to address the issue again Tuesday night, Mayor Dennis Travale cut her off.
    “The procedural bylaw of this council says we shall not hear things that are not within our jurisdiction,” Travale told Johnston.
    “If you insist on speaking about health issues, I will ask you to sit down. I repeat: If you want to speak about the health issues, you are in the wrong jurisdiction.”
    Travale explained to Johnston that Norfolk council has done all it can for her and her campaign against turbines. […]
    On Wednesday, Simcoe Coun. Peter Black said Travale was tough but fair.
    Black said many of his constituents are as exasperated as the mayor […]
    “For the sake of the community and Norfolk County, I think the mayor did the right thing,” Black said. “She’s to the point […]’

  13. RE: psychopathy

    CBC | The Fifth Estate | Nov 20, 2014
    “Why some police reject The Reid Technique”
    4min, 10sec

    “The Reid Technique may be the most widely used police interviewing method, but it’s not the only one. The PEACE method was created in 1992 in England as a more scientific and ethical approach to interviewing after several high-profile wrongful convictions. It is now used in Norway and New Zealand. In Canada, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary adopted the PEACE technique in 2009 when the Lamer inquiry cited interviewing techniques as contributing to three wrongful convictions in three homicides.”

    Unofficial Transcript:

    It’s inquisitorial as opposed to accusatorial.
    So, you know, it’s all about collecting that information,
    getting as much information as you can.
    Having the ability to, in your investigation
    to verify and check information.
    And then at the end, when that information is gathered
    and you’ve got all that you can get,
    you may have to challenge somebody.
    It’s still, we’re still trying to solve crime.
    Unfortunately it was coined that the method that we use
    is coined as “peace”,
    and people who are, sort of, opposed to it
    kind of look at it as a warm, fuzzy, you know,
    shake the bad guy’s hand and give him a hug
    and thank him for coming.
    Ahh, that’s not the way it works.
    We obviously challenge people, and we challenge them,
    you know, quite adamantly,
    if we have the facts to show
    that they’re responsible for a crime.
    But we do it based on what we knows works
    from a scientific perspective.
    We do it based on building cognitive loads on people.
    When people lie, it’s very hard to keep lies straight,
    if you’re telling, you know, if you’re providing
    lots and lots of information
    and you’re asked to repeat it over and over, it,
    it’s very tough to keep your lies straight.

    It’s a 5-phase interviewing, so if I just go through it quickly.
    P stands for planning and preparation.
    So we teach police officers how to plan and prepare for interviews,
    you’re not just going in cold,
    you know, you have a, you have a plan in place,
    you have a strategy in place,
    that this is what I know,
    this is what I’m gonna try and find out.
    and you approach it from that perspective.

    The e in peace sounds for engage and explain
    and we talked about that a little bit earlier,
    about creating that atmosphere where people are prepared to talk.
    So, we know people are anxious, we know people are apprehensive
    so part of the way we eliminate that is we explain to them
    what’s gonna happen
    we engage them in conversation and we tell them everything
    that’s gonna happen.
    So when we sit a person down, the first thing we do is we say,
    look, this is what is going to happen today,
    this is how the interview is gonna go,
    these are the types of questions I’m gonna ask you,
    this is how I’m gonna take my notes,
    this is how I’m gonna, you know,
    go through the whole process.
    It makes people comfortable.

    Then we have the account phase
    which is how we extract the information.
    So I mentioned a while ago, cognitive interviewing.
    Cognitive interviewing is shown from research
    to be the best way to extract information,
    it gives you the most detail

    What do you mean when you say cognitive interviewing?

    Just what it says, it’s based on people’s cognition.
    So basically, in a police interviewing setting
    what you’re doing is you let people talk,
    much like you’re doing to me here today.
    Just let me talk and I’ll tell you what I know.
    So, how do we interfere with that?
    Well, I can interfere as an interviewer,
    by interupting people. By asking improper questions,
    by jumping all over the place, what we call topic-hopping.
    So if I’m gonna ask you about a house,
    and then I start asking you about a car,
    and then I take you back to the house,
    and then I ask you about a person,
    and then I go back to the car.
    If I’m jumping you all over these different topics,
    that’s very cognitively demanding.
    So when we, we teach officers how memory works,
    because that’s what it’s based on.
    Um, they need to understand
    if we’re gunna extract informations from someone’s memory,
    it makes sense to me
    that they should understand the basic level of how that memory works,
    and how you, as an interviewer, can interfere
    with the retrieval of information.
    And then the other style we use is called conversation management,
    which is just what it says, managing the conversation.
    So that’s more of a q and a type question sequence.
    And that’s for people who are a little bit less forthcoming.
    And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re being deceptive
    or trying to withhold information
    they could be people that just function at a different level,
    that maybe, you know, they don’t speak in long sentences
    or maybe they struggle to articulate.
    So you’d want to be prepared with your questions and know.
    And again, the same principles apply.
    I know that I can interfere with that retrieval and that information
    based on the questions that I ask.
    Then we have the c, in peace, stands for closure,
    which is, we basically train people
    how to end an interview properly,
    how to continue that relationship,
    how to treat people in a courteous manner,
    how to be professional.

    And then the last peice is the e, is evaluation.’

  14. Google: “Psychopathy, Theory, Research and Implications for Society”, pp.407-408

    Legal vs. Psychological Nomenclature

    “In law, the term ‘psychopathy’ per se is irrelevant. Psychopathy is a psychological term, not a legal term.”

    “What does matter, of course, is an assessment of the individual’s behavior and cognitive processes and, and if one is a psychopath, how this affects the individual person’s behavior in matters that are relevant to the legal issues in question.”

  15. Sounds worse than a monkey cage. Never mind, the only question you have to ask people who favor wind turbines is what efficiency they have. They will answer the most modern now have around 50%. But that’s wrong … it’s close to about a fraction of a percent. Because … the efficiency cannot be measured by the wind that directly hits the fan and gets transformed into rotary motion. You have to take into account the whole (vertical) area that a wind turbine requires to run at any sensible capacity. And that is many, many yards to the left, to the right, below and above. If you calculate the area, then the wind that goes through such area then the wattage you get out of that area it is certainly less than 1% of total wind capacity “used” (i.e. it cannot be used otherwise because of that rotor being where it is!).

    • For some reason they think I am crazy for saying that they might cause health effects. There is no way I can change their minds. They think that the people are just making the stuff up so they can sue and get money. I am shocked they are saying this.

      • Tye, show them where the really big IWT money is!

        If you need directions on how to do this, then just post what information you need.

  16. Hi Tye, let me tell you a little story that happened a couple of years ago.

    I personally do not have a face book account, but my children do. My young (adult now) son became involved in a small capacity with our community during the time we were discussing IWT’s in the community. Since he is also a programmer, he did some work for us making a web page for our community.
    Like you, and a majority of the younger generations, he has numerous friends on his face book. Many from high school.

    He made the stance on his face book to promote the site for our community. As soon as he did this, one of his former class mates came on to his page and told him to hurry and delete those posts about Industrial Wind. His former classmate was very, very firm on the subject, repeating that IWT opponents are crazy ! And the most telling was a statement saying:

    ” be quiet about it !! “.

    Well, Tye, as a free thinking individual that he is, he told him that if he didn’t like what he was posting to go ahead and please remove him from his face book.

    Tye, this schoolmate is the son of farmer who is benefiting from Turbines on his property. Also, his family has a gag clause , which we all know, is the precursor to silence farmers for the Wind Industry. At this time, there were no turbines in this area.

    Tye, if you are truly the person you claim to be, remember one thing.

    “Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.”

    • Add an appendix!

      Lost my passion – don’t know what to do
      Lost my passion – don’t know what to do
      Lost my passion – don’t know what to do
      Skip to my Lou my darling!

      I suggest you sing loudly – in the shower;
      and, depending on how loudly you sing
      [well, – just try it].

      It’s like magic!



    Appendix A: AIM PowerGen – International Power Canada Inc. – GDF Suez…
    Appendix B: CASE STUDY: GDF Suez builds and operates illegal wind turbines too close to Chatham-Kent Airport
    Appendix C: CASE STUDY: 2005/2006 – Appealing Norfolk County re-zoning to Ontario Municipal Board
    Appendix D: CASE STUDY: Suncor / Acciona home “buyouts” near Ripley, Ontario
    Appendix E: Other Ontario Government [RED FLAGS]

    See: Appendix D: CASE STUDY: Suncor / Acciona home “buyouts” near Ripley, Ontario
    See: Appendix D: CASE STUDY: Suncor / Acciona home “buyouts” near Ripley, Ontario


    The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
    was created in response to the huge expression of sadness
    from people all over the world following the Princess’ death. Her office at
    Kensington Palance was overwhelmed with letters from people wishing to give to
    charity in memory of the Princess, whose devotion to charitable
    and humanitarian causes was well known.

    The Fund shall be helping many causes which the Princess held dear through
    the kindness and generosity of those who have given in her memory.

    The Trustees are delighted and greatly moved by the
    kindness and generosity of so many distinguished artists, producers,
    writers and composers, publishers, recording studios and record companies
    in contributing to this unique album. We very much hope it will give as
    much pleasure to those who listen to it, as comfort to the charitable
    causes which will ultimately benefit.


    “Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty.”
    EARL SPENCER, September 1997.

    “Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help
    the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part
    of my life, a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me,
    I will come running, wherever they are.”

    These values are at the heart of The Diana, Princess of Wales
    Memorial Fund

  19. This is a true story.

    I just found out
    I have a neighbour;
    she had a grandchild, a baby.
    The baby would cry and cry
    whenever it was near wind turbines.

    And then, the wind power company paid
    and put the family
    up in a motel.
    And then, they struck them
    a deal…………………

    ‘[excerpt] “If there are no health effects from industrial wind
    turbines as their proponents claim, then why would
    wind plant operators buy the homes of wind victims,”
    said Serra.’

    ‘[excerpt] Serra said this is a case where the “victims” of this
    process are unable to speak, “which leaves the public
    in the dark over the true extent of the impact caused
    by industrial wind.”’

    The same people?

  20. CBC NEWS/ Toronto, Nov.21, 2014

    Ontario, Quebec sign deals on electricity, climate change

    Only a 5 MW deal which is not very much when compared to the 1,000 MW Nanticoke deal.

    The pipeline:

    “Ontario is expected soon to present its own lists of criteria for approving the pipeline, says Keith Stewart, an Ontario-based climate campaigner with Greenpeace.”

    Maybe Keith Stewart would like to move to Buffalo if he likes climate change?

    • Kathleen Wynne talking:
      ‘[excerpt] “As we talk about a Canadian energy strategy, as we talk about pipelines or other energy initiatives, we need to put in place protections and principles that we can all agree on. That is the work that we have been doing,“ she added.’

      • She’s very smart, and,
        deeply informed;
        and sharp, like a knife.

        ‘[excerpt] But at another level — the federal level — their new entente cordiale between Canada’s two biggest provinces underscores a vacuum of national leadership in Ottawa. While the two premiers are partners, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands apart — a spectator among interlocutors.

        On the eve of the Toronto summit, Harper delivered a bizarre snub to Wynne by refusing her overtures for a federal-provincial meeting. With her request unrequited, the spurned premier went public with their correspondence — pointedly asking why Canada’s biggest province, with 13 million people, can’t get federal face time.

        Then she got down to business with Couillard — showing that where there is political will, there can be policy headway.’

      • Hey Ontario!

        Minister of Climate Change – the mandate letter!

        Recent Developments in Ontario’s Climate Change Policy

        Glen Murray, Ontario’s new Minister of Environment and Climate Change, recently received his mandate letter from Premier Kathleen Wynne which sets out the Minister’s priorities and goals.

        The mandate letter calls on the Minister to develop a long term climate change strategy for the province, and directs the Minister to work with other elements of government to “ensure that climate change is taken into account in the government decision-making process”.

        As documented in a recent report from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), the province is in serious need of a strategy to combat climate change. The report states that the province has “lost the leadership position it once had” on the climate change file and is in dire need of leadership to address this growing challenge.

        We look forward to the Minister’s long term climate change strategy and hope it addresses the concerns raised in the ECO’s report.

        And, special attention – be given to farmers!
        Good-bye farmers!

      • California bankrupt – so let’s follow them
        …….by joining Quebec!

        California cap and trade updates
        Learn how the market is doing

        ‘[excerpt] California officially launched its world class cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas pollution on January 1, 2013. California Carbon Allowances (CCAs) are auctioned by the State’s Air Resources Board on a quarterly basis through 2020.

        ‘[excerpt] ……to guide collaboration in addressing climate change, and as of January 1, 2014 Quebec and California formally linked their cap-and-trade programs. ‘

        Premier Social Justice – sharp as a knife

      • Premier Social Justice – and, her partners

        ‘[excerpt] Less than a year after establishing North America’s largest carbon market, Quebec and California are aggressively recruiting the province of Ontario and other U.S. states to join, Quebec’s premier said.

        Quebec is discussing a regional market with the governors of New England states and leaders in Ontario while California is working with Oregon and Washington in the western U.S., Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York.’

      • This affair is more about raising taxes than it is about climate change.

        Premiers tax their way out of debt.

        Every profession has its QUACKS!

      • The New England states want to buy “green” energy from the Maritimes and Quebec so they could very well be forced into a cap-and-trade scheme. Quebec is now in position to put the squeeze on New England to do this.

        Most middle class people can no longer afford to buy a new car/vehicle. So this does not bode well for Ontario’s auto industry. More taxes on people and business will only make this situation worse.

        The Caisse in Quebec now owns just under 25% of Invenergy. So more political pressure on the Quebec government.

    • Five MW deal which is only maybe 2-3 IWTs running full capacity 24/7?



      Champlain Hudson Power Express/CHPE is a 1,000 MW HVDC submarine power project linking the Montreal area, Hydro Quebec, to New York City. Cost $2.2 billion.

      The venture is being developed by Transmission Developers Inc./TDI, a Blackstone Group LP portfolio. TDI is chaired by the Hon. David Peterson.

      Project first developed by John Douglas and then sold to the present owners.

      John Douglas also developed the Nanticoke HVDC which was “sold” to ITC in June of 2014.

      • PNP Parabas was taken from the webpage just as it stated. Can’t do otherwise. Must use same as it is on the website page.

        Probably another name for BNP Paribas? Due to how the name is translated from French to English?



        Warning This Web page has been archived on the Web.
        Archived Content

        Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. Please contact us to request a format other than those available.

        Vol. 144, No. 42 — October 16, 2010


        Notice is hereby given that BNP Paribas (Canada) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Fortis Capital (Canada) Ltd, intend to make a joint application to the Minister of Finance for the issuance under the Bank Act of letters patent of amalgamation continuing them as one bank under the name of BNP Paribas (Canada).

        The effective date of the proposed amalgamation would be December 1, 2010 or any other date fixed by the letters patent of amalgamation.

        The head office of the amalgamated bank would be located in Montréal.

        The directors of the amalgamated bank would be Mr. Jean Lavoie, Mr. Paul. H. O’Donoghue, Mrs. Lise Lachappelle, Mr. David Peterson, Mr. John Rae, Mr. Dominique Remy, Mr. Everett Schenk, Mrs. Anne Marie Verstraeten and Mr. Jacques H. Wahl.

        October 15, 2010



  21. Premier Social Justice –
    upgraded to ‘expert in quackery’;
    for more flexibility!

    Ontario’s propaganda advertising budget – unlimited

    ‘[excerpt] Research has shown that public support for a carbon tax hinges on how the revenue is used. In one American poll, the public supported a carbon tax most when the revenues would be used to fund renewable energy.’

    Telling the truth –
    no matter – how many lies you have to sell;
    using taxpayer money –
    but it offers liberals – flexibility,
    and, you can do your part –
    or else!

    Hey Ontario!
    It’s fraud!
    ……..but, you can volunteer – to save the planet;
    and that’s – cheating.

  22. EXCLUSIVE: Canada Revenue Agency privacy breach leaks prominent Canadians’ tax details
    Business leaders, art collectors, authors and politicians among more than 200 on agency’s list of donors

    By Dean Beeby, CBC News Posted: Nov 25, 2014 12:21 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 25, 2014 3:36 PM ET

    Detailed tax information about the private lives of hundreds of Canadians — many of them rich and famous — was sent to CBC News by Canada’s tax agency in a major privacy breach.

    The highly confidential details, including home addresses of taxpayers and the value of tax credits they were granted, are contained in a copy of a Canada Revenue Agency spreadsheet covering the years 2008 to 2013.

    The 18 pages include information on donations made by such Canadian luminaries as author Margaret Atwood, former prime minister Jean Chrétien, grocery magnate Frank Sobey, cartoonist Lynn Johnston, pollster Allan Gregg, financier Stephen Bronfman, former CBC executive Richard Stursberg, Olympics chief Richard Pound and many others.

    The list outlines what donations of manuscripts, photographs and fine art these Canadians have made to Canadian galleries and museums, and includes their home addresses and the value the taxman attached to the donations for the purpose of claiming a charitable tax break.

    The values for the donations range widely, from less than $5,000 for some personal papers to a Rubens painting deemed to be worth $200 million and given to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

    The artifacts being donated to art galleries and museums across the country include manuscript collections from well-known writers, photographs, sculptures and oil paintings, many from the artists themselves — and even cels from animated films.

    CBC News is withholding most details from the list, apart from the names of some of the people cited, out of respect for privacy.

    Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay later confirmed to the House of Commons there had been a privacy breach, saying the department reported it to the privacy commissioner and was attempting to reach the individuals affected.

    A handful of the entries refer to “gifting tax shelters,” a form of donation that in the past has provided a bigger tax break for investors than the actual value of the item donated. The list carefully identifies these schemes to ensure they are given proper scrutiny by officials.

    Some 50,000 of these gifting tax shelters existed in 2006, but tougher rules and scrutiny by the revenue agency since have reduced them to about 10,000 registered each year, altogether worth about $85 million in tax breaks annually.
    Not the 1st privacy breach

    Previous privacy breaches under the Conservative government have involved the confidential information of ordinary citizens, but this breach is unique in that it includes so many well-known and well-heeled Canadians in the fields of politics, sports and culture.

    The spreadsheet shows not only what the donors claimed their donations are worth, but what the government later determined was the true worth, sometimes well below the initial claimed value.

    Cultural donations in Canada are vetted by an arm’s-length, blue-ribbon panel, the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, which normally receives applications from cultural institutions that have come to some arrangement with a donor. The board then must certify the donation as an “object of significance and national importance,” and ensure the value attached is appropriate for the purposes of a tax break.

    In 2012-13, the last year for which figures are available, the board reviewed 581 potential donations worth some $72 million — or $5 million less than the total amount first claimed by the prospective donors. The board says about 13 per cent of donations are determined to be less than the claimed value.

    Privacy breaches at federal government agencies have become almost routine, with the Toronto Star reporting more than 100 in just the four-month period ending July 31 this year.

    The worst offenders for that period were Veterans Affairs (38 instances) and Citizenship and Immigration (31), followed by the Canada Revenue Agency at 14.

    Canada’s privacy law forbids disclosure of sensitive personal information that “could reasonably be expected to cause serious injury or harm to the individual and/or involves a large number of affected individuals.”
    ‘Here we go again’

    The Canada Revenue Agency has a special duty to preserve the confidential tax information of individuals and businesses, protecting it from disclosure even to other federal departments and police forces.

    The agency was roundly criticized by Canada’s privacy commissioner in her annual report issued October 2013, which detailed “numerous reports of privacy breaches involving employees inappropriately accessing taxpayer information in recent years.”

    In a special audit, the commissioner found “weaknesses in key privacy and security practices that led to taxpayer information not being protected as it should, with thousands of files being accessed inappropriately for years without detection.”

    The NDP tax critic, Murray Rankin, said the agency has apparently learned nothing. “They were warned.… Here we go again.”

    Rankin, a former privacy lawyer, said the breach, along with agency staff cuts that appear to weaken its ability to chase down offshore tax evaders, suggest mismanagement is rampant.

    An Ottawa lawyer specializing in privacy law called the latest breach “very, very serious,” among the worst he has seen in 30 years.

    “I don’t remember a case when CRA lost control over such information,” Michel Drapeau said in an interview.

    The tax receipts provided to donors can be claimed for charitable-donation tax credits, which are a smaller percentage of the fair market value of the donated item, based on a formula. The credits can then be used to reduce taxes payable.

    The names on the list obtained by CBC News include:

    Historian John English.
    Financier Eric Sprott.
    Author Tim Wynne-Jones.
    Author Spider Robinson.
    Photographer Edward Burtynsky.
    Broadcaster Dini Petty.
    Artist Christopher Pratt.
    Filmmaker Robert Lantos.
    Artist Charles Pachter.
    Sculptor Sorel Etrog.
    Former judge Louise Arbour.
    Artist David Blackwood.
    Artist Alex Colville.
    Former diplomat Allan Gotlieb.
    Television czar and publisher Moses Znaimer.

    • Mary is so helpful:
      “you must understand, So-and-so
      is not an expert on wind turbines,”
      she says.

    • What in hell does Peggy know about intent?

      Margaret Atwood reacts to news of CRA leak of her personal data
      ‘I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose’ said the Canadian author on security breach

      CBC News Posted: Nov 26, 2014 2:36 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 26, 2014 2:36 PM ET

      video, Margaret Atwood:
      “So I give them my papers rather than selling them abroad.
      And I’ve been doing that for many, many, many years.
      So it’s no big secret.
      But letting confidential figures slip that way is very sloppy.
      I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose.”

    • CRA blames human error for disclosing confidential tax data to CBC
      Wed Nov 26 2014

      ‘[excerpt] The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed late Tuesday that it has accidentally disclosed confidential taxpayer information to the CBC.

      The agency said the document was “accidentally released” through human error and acknowledges this “constitutes a serious breach of privacy.”
      The CRA said in a release late Tuesday that when it became aware of the breach, officials immediately contacted the CBC to retrieve the documents.

      The agency said the CBC “regrettably” chose to disclose names and a response from the network was not immediately available.

      The agency also said it would contact the people affected to advise them of their right to complain to the Privacy Commissioner.

      “The CRA shares the concern and dismay of those individuals whose privacy has been impacted and sincerely regrets this error,” said the statement from CRA commissioner Andrew Treusch.

      The CBC said the information delivered to it in digital format was a mistaken response to a request for other information under the Access to Information Act.’

  23. Hey Tye,

    You’ve got my attention – with your last post.
    Economy, unions,……….and, the debt.

    Dream big!
    I hope one day you will be very successful, and rich;
    and do lots of great things.

  24. National Post


    Don’t call it insecurity:
    Young women drive linguistic
    evolution, study finds. A2

    VOL . 14 No. 104 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2012


    “We in Alberta have
    a resource that matters
    to the rest of the country….
    We need the Premier
    of Ontario
    talking about that.

    “If I had my preference as
    to whether we had a rapidly
    growing oil and gas sector in
    the West or a lower dollar,
    I’ll tell you where I stand:
    with the lower dollar.


    G12 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2012

    It pays to be you.

    Teachers Credit Union
    is a proud sponsor
    of Our Pulse and has
    funded distribution
    of today’s newspaper
    to area schools.

    905.525.8131 – 1.800.598.2891

    our space

    Each week The Hamilton
    Spectator presents a page
    of news from local schools.
    Today, we feature Guido
    De Bres Christian High

    To the children
    BY M[.] KAMPEN, GRADE 12

    You call me
    The Metal Man.
    You run frantically away,
    As if old age and melacholy were a
    A monster that hunted you in your
    darkest dreams,
    But there are worse things in life
    You Children ruined Her flowers, stole
    Her fruit and then
    Mock and deride me when I try to pro-
    tect them, protect Her,
    But I can’t.
    There is nothing I could or can do to
    stave off
    The ravages of Time, to repel either age
    or those aging.
    Every step ia mountain ascending.
    Every night is a shadow descending.
    Little do you know
    That my heart was once so alive I felt it
    would burst,
    That I looked upon the most beautiful
    thing on earth
    And called her mine.
    That I was once alive with the burning
    of molten metal
    Running bittersweet through my
    I have loved a love that you will never
    Or maybe you will–I hope you do.
    I still see her, tending to those flowers
    Like they were the children never
    Lovingly disciplining the trees until
    they stood straight and tall.
    Singing, walking, dancing–the ways
    of the young in love.
    You ask me why I am the way I am?
    Why my heart is stone,
    My eyes are hard,
    My feelings muted?
    It is because I have felt this Joy
    That I am full of Pain.

    Light red

    Early again! It’s still three minutes to
    Why are you here? Waiting for the bus,
    I presume.
    You look around as if the world is sud-
    denly more interesting than before.
    Do I make you uncomfortable?
    Ahh it doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you why
    I’m here.
    You’d like to know, right boy? That’s
    Well, it’s Friday. I buy flowers for my
    darling on Fridays.
    Oh yes, she loves them.
    She was quite lovely herself, always
    ready to cheer,
    Always helping others, with a smile of
    She may not have been the most beau-
    tiful woman in the world,
    But it was better that way, I had her all
    to myself.
    But, oh no, sit down, I can stand by my-
    self, just give me a second.
    As I was saying, I don’t know which
    ones to get her.
    Maybe a nice light red, they will go
    nicely with the candles I left last time.



    Apple taps debt market with
    record US$17B bond offering.

    AG puts
    at risk

    NDP quick to
    jump on auditor’s

    in Ottawa

    A bad week for the Conserva-
    tives got considerably worse
    when the latest Auditor Gen-
    eral’s report landed in Parlia-
    ment — 11 chapters that ran
    the gamut of criticism from
    mild astonishment to sting-
    ing rebuke.
    The day after an uncharac-
    teristic U-turn on the tempor-
    ary foreign workers program,
    the Harper government was
    again on the back foot after the
    Auditor-General, Michael Fer-
    guson, found problems beneath
    just about every rock he exam-
    ined — ranging from $3.1 bil-
    lion in money allocated for anti-
    terror initiatives that appears
    to have slipped down the back
    of the government’s couch, to a
    search and rescue service that
    is nearly at the breaking point
    because of lack of a federal plan.
    The government, clearly
    aware of the danger to its repu-
    tation for competence, wheeled
    out the Ministers for Blurring
    the Issue, Bending the Facts
    and Dodging the Question at a
    noon press conference.
    But no matter how many
    times Peter MacKay pointed

    Too old for a liver transplant,
    but who draws the line?

    TO DIE


    Lauchie Walker’s gut is swelled up like a blimp.
    He is not in any immediate pain, but then
    pain, at this point, is the least of his concerns.
    The Inverness, Cape Breton, man’s liver is shot
    through with disease, he says.
    His only chance at survival is a transplant,
    and Mr. Walker claims that his problem is that
    the Halifax surgeon he met with in early April,
    for a consult, told him that he was not a good
    candidate for a new liver because of his age.
    “The doctor told me that since I turned 70 in
    January that I no longer qualified for a trans-
    plant,” Mr. Walker says. “He told me I had six
    months, maybe a year left.
    “I am just in disbelief. I only met with the doc-
    tor for about 15 minutes.”
    Mr. Walker would not divulge the doctor’s
    name, telling me that he was still hopeful a mis-
    take had been made and that the death sentence
    he has been handed would be reversed and his
    name added to the list of patients waiting for
    new livers.
    A widow, with two grandchildren he adores,
    Mr. Walker would appear to be the victim of a
    physician with either a terrible bedside manner
    or a sick sense of humour–or both.
    See O’CONNOR on Page A6

    in the
    Comment in Toronto

    Kathleen Wynne insists that
    she didn’t know.
    For 90 minutes, minus the
    time she was deftly address-
    ing the muffin-soft questions
    lovingly served up by Liberal
    members of the Standing
    Committee on Justice Policy,
    the Premier said in many
    different ways that she was
    no more aware of the true
    cost to the Ontario public of
    cancelling two gas-plant pro-
    jects–a number that keeps
    being ratcheted higher, and
    went from $315-million to
    $585-million on Tuesday
    alone–than was the Ontario
    When the plants were
    killed, did she, as a member of
    the Liberal cabinet, have any
    idea of the scope of the result-
    ant costs?
    “I didn’t have access to any
    of those numbers,” she said.
    See STINSON on Page A5

  25. Tye may find that he gets a better response if he posts his survey questions here.

    Choose an article, and post each survey question as a comment, and then posters can reply to each question.

    Tye, have you decided which university you are going to attend?
    And how you are going to pay for it?
    Do you need a scholarship?

    • One of my main questions was how much your electric bill has gone up or down? and why do you think it has gone up or down?

      Thanks for all the help,

    • I have not thought much about my post secondary pathways but I find that I am interested in business.

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