Film Down Wind ‘politically heavy but true’

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Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill was the only political dignitary at the Sun News documentary Down Wind, screened at Grace Tipling Hall in Shelburne last Saturday. The Township of Melancthon hosts 167 of Dufferin’s 200 wind turbines and continues to face controversy and citizen push-back with the most recent project, owned by Dufferin Wind Power Inc. Focusing on industrial wind turbines in Ontario, the rather lengthy documentary highlights the stories of rural families and communities torn apart by the ‘ill effects’ of whirling towers, some up to 550 feet high, churning out costly electricity at the expense of citizens’ health and welfare.

Sun News publicly released Down Wind one week before the last provincial election, raising the question of whether wind turbine neighbours, who have been treated with the disregard of lab mice by all levels of government, were once again the victims of a political agenda. Like the beating blades of the turbines, the documentary endlessly pounds out anti-Liberal sentiment for provincial voters: “If we keep the Liberal government we won’t be able to stop anything,” in conjunction with “Progressive Conservatives seem to be the only hope.”

Mayor Hill says the film “was politically heavy but true.” As for the Green Energy Act, “This is the most draconian piece of legislation ever introduced in my political career of 28 years.” Read article

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  1. I’m glad to hear the word ‘Draconian’ being used to describe the Green Energy Act. This was my sense from the minute I heard about it.

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