Your eyes are on the road, right?

(NextEra Adelaide wind turbines along HWY 402)

7 thoughts on “Your eyes are on the road, right?

  1. I drove the 401 near Chatham this year several times and I just couldn’t avoid looking at the turbines turning. They are a distraction and their constant movement will almost hypnotize any motorist.

  2. Turbines close to highways will no doubt also have an effect on snow deposition and drifting. It’s very simple…the turbines take energy out of the approaching wind and create a wake. This will cause more swirling and spatially-irregular accumulations along the road. I have brought this to the attention of Dufferin County re new Turbines along both sides of 124 North of Shelburne. Reaction? Completely ignored!

  3. Can you add an IWTs shadow flicker video to this one on the 402? Nice job!

    Or for that matter on any Ontario roads?

  4. you should see it at night its way worse, with tons of turbine lights blinking red all at the same time on both sides of you as far as your eye can see its awful.

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