NextEra’s 92-turbine project is the largest in Lambton County

JerichoSarnia Observer, Paul Morden
Lambton County’s largest wind turbine project has begun producing power. NextEra Energy said Tuesday its 92-turbine Jericho Wind Energy Centre has achieved commercial operation in Lambton Shores and Warwick Township.

Construction of the more than $400-million project began in May, creating some 200 construction jobs as turbines and power lines were erected across the rural community. The 149-MW project is capable of generating enough electricity to power more than 37,500 homes, the company said in a press release.

“This project is significant not only because of the emissions-free electricity it provides Ontario, but also because of the investment in the local economies of both Lambton and Middlesex counties,” said Ben Greenhouse, director of development for NextEra Energy Canada. While the turbines are in Lambton County, power lines for the Jericho project travel into neighbouring Middlesex to connect the wind energy centre to Ontario’s electricity grid. Read article

13 thoughts on “NextEra’s 92-turbine project is the largest in Lambton County

    • Well done Tye! You are discovering where to look for real information and how to put information together.

      Often information is found in bits and pieces and has to be put together like a puzzle.

      • Thanks Barbra do u know where I can get more info or articles about my topic?

      • For what you are working on now try Tom Adams or Scott Luft’s websites.

        There is a link to Tom Adams on this page. For Scott use search Scott Luft’s Energy blog

        If you dont find what you need try e-mailing Tom from his website. Same with Scott.

  1. This project does not produce any electrical power. It only produces an intermittent and unpredictable electricity supply. Those 37,500 homes cited are a complete fiction. You could not find a single homeowner of business that would opt to enter into a power contract with a wind turbine operator.

    Why would anyone opt to buy what a wind turbine operator is selling? The wind turbines do not supply homeowners with electricity when they want to use it, only when the wind blows. In between the homeowner will need stand by generators ready to go 24/7/365 and/or huge battery storage capabilities.

    The wind turbine companies are providing something that no one wants or needs.

  2. Northland Power Information

    Google: (PDF) Northland Power Management Information Circular 2014
    The Date Is: April 17, 2014

    Quicker than using the SEDAR website.

    Board of directors compensation information which includes:

    James C. Temerty, Chair. holds 50,835,060 shares + 1,000,000 Class A shares or about 35.4%.
    John N.Turner, Lead Director, 1,015 com.shrs. + 3,180 DSUs
    V. Peter Harder, 11,237 DSUs
    Linda L. Bertoldi, 10,000 com. shrs


    Google: Northland Power Inc. Annual Information Form
    December 31., 2013 & filed Feb.19, 2014

    Mclean’s mountain 60MW (30MW net Northland) interest through 50/50 partnership with Minidoo Minising First Nations.

    Project cost $185 m with 24 turbines.

    $135 m credit facility provided by a group of Canadian Institutional Lenders. The balance of the $185 m project cost is funded by an equity investment by Northland & First Nations.

    $50 m of this project financed by Northland Power & First Nations.

  3. 37,500 homes supplied with electricity? Just why does a gullible press repeat these statements from the wind company press release? Half a minute checking could dispute these claims for the nonsense they are. People read the papers and believe these lies as facts.

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