Sex, Lies and Videotape: NextEra “Won” Wind Farm Approval by getting its Operative to Bonk Top Government Adviser

next terror protest 004Stop These Things (they are so good with words)

We’ve reported on just how rotten the wind industry is – from top to bottom – and whether it’s bribery and fraudvote rigging scandalstax fraudinvestor fraud or REC fraud – wind weasels set a uniform standard that would make most businessman blush. Struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas set the benchmark a while back – true to form, it keeps lying and cheating its way into trouble wherever it goes – and absolute corruptionis the order of the day.

In previous posts we’ve looked at how the goons that work for RATCH didn’t hesitate to invent a character – Frank Bestic – in a half-cunning attempt to infiltrate their opponents at Collector and elsewhere – see our posts here and here and here.

These boys (and girls) have no shame and, apparently, moral business conduct is an “opt in” model, rather than a day-to-day proposition – like it is for most everybody else.  It’s all about “ways and means”, really.

If that requires a little horizontal “folk-dancing” to win government favours and planning approval, then – as we’ve seen before – so be it. It seems wind power outfits – like Nexterror – are quite happy to have their operatives go way (read “all the way”) beyond the ordinary call of “duty”.

Here’s a tale from California showing how – for the wind industry – “shameless” is the new “black”.

Romance may have derailed science in California energy development
Rewire, Chris Clarke, 12 November 2014
A newly released report by the Interior Department’s investigative officereveals that a high-ranking department official may have intervened on behalf of a renewable energy firm while dating an executive in that firm, and pressured federal scientists to soften their opposition to renewable energy development.

The report by Interior’s Office of the Inspector General detailed potential improper conduct by Steve Black, who worked as senior adviser to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for energy, environment, and natural resources policy. While he held this position Black dated NextEra Energy Resources lobbyist Manal Yamout, a conflict as Black oversaw several applications by Yamout’s employer to build wind and solar facilities on public land.  Read article

30 thoughts on “Sex, Lies and Videotape: NextEra “Won” Wind Farm Approval by getting its Operative to Bonk Top Government Adviser

  1. Heard of similar here in Ontario. Seduction of some landowners wives, parties, booze then Bam! Blackmailed! Now they have to work for them if you know what I mean.

  2. Nexterror…..pimping for profits! This guy was 23 years her senior. His “little brain” has killed countless birds and trust in the system. Most likely, Obama, NextEra etc. chose Steve Black specifically as senior advisor to facilitate the deal/ environmental destruction. Manal Yamount was used as bait – knowing Steve Black was deluded enough to desperately think this young “working girl” believed he was attractive.

  3. Science Daily, Dec.19, 2014

    Stanford University

    “Girl Scouts and Energy Efficiency: Scaling Climate Change Communication for Behavior Change”

    The MOOC approach has several advantages including:

    Videos on teaching practice, behavior management techniques and the relevant social cognitive theory for troop leaders.

    Primary target is 10-13 year olds.

    MOOC is teaching using internet programs.

    Program teaches girls about energy efficiency.

    Behavior modification about energy issues has become a serious matter.

  4. Canada
    Federal Conservative Government

    Eliminated……put an end to the – ‘One-Tonne Challenge’

    Go Harper!

  5. Yep, also known as conditioning, brain washing, manipulating the minds of our youth; filling their heads with crap aka curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education. Environmental courses and tscience texts are full of untruths. Young people of today are not able to make connects, problem solve, progress to a higher level of learning. Teachers are not addressing this disability in the young people.

    • Well maybe many teachers today are in the same boat as their students. Look what the universities put now and call it higher education.

      • Right Johana! Serious situation unfolding right in front of us.

        Centre for Economic Performance, June 2013

        ‘Role of Incentives on Energy Consumption’

        A paper on using incentives to lower natural gas consumption in the UK.

        The body of this paper deals with the methods tested to determine which methods work best on people to get them to lower their natural gas consumption.

        Technical so maybe only need to read:
        Introduction, pp 2-7
        Discussion, pp 23-26

        Check out the bibliography so see how much has been written about lowering consumer energy consumption.

        These same methods are being used to get people to lower their electricity consumption in Canada and the U.S.

        Ontario excess generated power is being curtailed or sold but Ontario consumers are being denied access to this cheaper power. Done just to satisfy the conservation craze that is taking place in Ontario?

        And so that companies can make money promoting this?

      • Above paper /study on Energy Conservation:

        Abstract section:

        Acknowledgements, Financial support for this conservation study was provided by Tides Foundation.

        Things do fit together.

      • Robert D. Metcalfe, U. Chicago, > Funding Tab

        Funding includes:

        “The Use of Online Social Norms in Influencing Energy Consumption”, Tides Foundation – $100,000, Principal Investigator, 2011-2012.

      • The OPA 2012 Social Benchmarking Projects to Opower & Simple Energy Inc. involve confidential amounts of money.

        So how much money is involved in these Social Benchmarking projects?

  6. Simple Energy, Boulder, CO


    Motivators Rooted in Behavioral Science

    “offers a range of experiences, leveraging many proven behavioral science concepts – normative comparisons, social norms, rewards, loss aversion, and goal setting – to motivate people to take action.”

    It is what it is.

  7. A FULL-PAGE AD in the

    Simcoe Reformer
    Wednesday, December 17, 2014
    “Your TMC Newspaper”

    This is all that’s written on the page:


    Hydro One’s
    System Is A
    Bad Deal For

    Ontario’s Advisory Council on Government Assets has recommended splitting
    up Hydro One’s distribution and transmission businesses.

    They also recommend that a majority share of Hydro One’s distribution
    assets and customers be sold to private interests to raise money for
    transportation infrastructure.

    What it really means is higher electricity prices for consumers, and hundreds of
    millions in annual revenues will be lost to the province.

    During extreme weather events Hydro One delivers world-class storm response
    services to customers throughout Ontario. With even more frequent and
    severe weather events predicted due to climate change, should these services
    be jeopardized?

    While selling these assets for a one-time benefit may be a good deal for private
    shareholders, lawyers, financial advisors and bankers, it is a bad deal for
    Ontario consumers and taxpayers.

    Please ask Premier Wynne to protect the public interest and keep these assets
    in the hands of Ontarians.



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