Thanks for nothing, Ontario Liberals

So the Ontario Liberal Party is going to pay back the $11,017.50 ($10,000 plus HST) taxpayers were on the hook for, allegedly to wipe computer hard drives clean in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office during the gas plants scandal.

However, as for the up to $1.1 billion of our money the Liberals blew cancelling two gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, in order to save five Liberal seats in the 2011 provincial election, we’re on or own.

After all, as Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli maintains, that amounts to an annual cost of $2.01 for two decades on the average Ontario household’s hydro bill, or “less than a cup of Tim Hortons coffee a year.”

So what is everyone getting so upset about? Never mind that Chiarelli’s cavalier attitude towards public money rivals that of former federal Liberal cabinet minister C.D. “What’s a million?” Howe, who in a 1945 parliamentary debate infamously said saving $1 million from a war appropriations bill “would not be a very important matter.” Read article

23 thoughts on “Thanks for nothing, Ontario Liberals

  1. I can see where a lot of people that voted for to have the Liberalsc relected are now the biggest complainers. The liberals are poor at governing as per tha Auditors report but are good at winning elections.

  2. What if there was a citizen’s grand jury to investigate this gas plant affair? Maybe this would not have occurred to begin with?

    An obstruction of justice here?

  3. Centre for Economic Performance, June 2013

    ‘Role of Incentives on Energy Conservation’

    This 26 page report is on natural gas consumption in the UK and how to reduce home gas consumption. But the same tactics are used to reduce electricity consumption here.

    Maybe just read:
    Introduction, pp 2-7
    Discussion, pp 23-26

    Complicated information in this paper.

    Recommended that governments take energy incentives and social norms seriously if they want to reduce energy consumption. Seems this is already going on in Ontario and many don’t know what’s happening.

    Can’t let people use electricity even if it has to be spilled. Bad for people to use too much electricity.

    • It’s difficult to understand why some don’t care about government scandals.

      Perhaps all people care about is what the government promises to do next for them.

      • Website:

        Money flows around the world into whatever will bring the best investment return. And probably always will.

        Right now some of the best investment returns are in the renewable energy sector.

        Artificial investment markets can also be created to direct the flow of money into investments. But this does not mean that these investments are desirable.

      • The thing I do not like is that they will cancel the gas plants in Oakville and Missisugua because of local opposition but will not cancel the Bala Falls hydro plant or wind turbines because of local opposition…. They say they will listen to community input but do they?

      • The GTA has more votes then Bala Falls so they care more about the GTA then Bala Falls.. This does not seem right to me because she is the Premier of Ontario not Toronto…

  4. The simple answer to your question Tye is NO, they don’t listen to community input, unless that community represents a significant number electoral votes. That’s why the GTA rules the roost in Ontario. More people=more votes.

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