Ontario Liberals to pay back $10,000 in relation to gas plant scandal. Just $999.99-million to go

Dalton GasNational Post, Robyn Urback
Last week, the Ontario Liberal Party said it would reimburse taxpayers for the $10,000 it paid a computer expert to allegedly wipe computer hard drives in the premier’s office. Sorry, the Liberals said. Our bad. Police are in the process of investigating the matter, and so the office of Premier Kathleen Wynne conceded that taxpayers probably shouldn’t get dinged for these seemingly nefarious expenses. And that’s absolutely correct; everyone knows that honest governments should foot the bills for their own alleged cover-ups.

The $10,000 from the government originally went to IT consultant Peter Faist, who is the spouse of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty’s deputy chief of staff. According to police, Faist was hired by David Livingston, McGuinty’s chief of staff, to delete information from approximately 20 government computers relating to the cancellation of two gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, which cost the province upwards of $1.1-billion. Faist did not have security clearance to access the computers, nor did he have an actual contract for the work from what he told police. That said, according to the Liberals, no one thought Faist was doing anything wrong. Read article

15 thoughts on “Ontario Liberals to pay back $10,000 in relation to gas plant scandal. Just $999.99-million to go

  1. We should all start off the New Year with Civil Disobedience by becoming part of the corrupt Liberals, and steal from the people of Ontario. Then if you get caught, just pay it back, & then that’s all okay! So in other words you can become a thief in Ontario, and get a majority government, and steal and spend more money from the taxpayers.

    • yes! exactly! Why is that men in suits from Toronto get away with this crap?? Why are the charges taking so bloody long? I’d bet that if this was some average Joe stealing money the OPP would be ripping them apart in seconds. McGuinty and Bentley fled for a
      reason, but are living cushy lives since.

  2. Also Scott Luft has a good chart on his twitter showing Ontario’s nuclear production since the 1990’s.. Looks like nuclear replaced coal not wind… Nuclear up coal down…

  3. Was this fellow kept from presenting information, by anyone in the government, at the OLA hearings about this issue?

    If so, could this be obstruction of justice?

    • Lots of news stories still up from last Apr when the committee was trying to get Faist to appear. He and then girlfriend Miller were both in BC where Miller was ensconced in the BC Liberal Party bureaucracy. Lawyers for both were resisting invitations and Miller was attempting to put conditions on her 2nd appearance. Talk of a Ont Speakers Warrant requiring appearance died with the Liberal budget last spring. Needless to say, with a Liberal majority the whole committee hearings were wrapped up.
      The latest information that Faist did in fact delete documents comes from the OPP. Whether this breaks any existing Ont law is not clear. One would hope it does and that Faist could be charged and extradited from BC, but the whole investigative saga does not inspire confidence that this ever will happen. The whole investigation appears a somewhat lackadaisical affair, coloured by the recent police union support for Liberals in the election.

      • Their lawyers for Faist and Miller can try to protect them and this is their job.

        The issue is not the amount of money but the issue is who in the government if anyone prevented these people from supplying information about this affair now under investigation?

        How much money Faist got is now a known fact.

  4. Not sure about any experts but they tried to prevent impacted citizens from speaking at the hearings about the noise and health impacts being experienced. Denied them saying no room left for them but there was room. Besides they had more than enough red flag medical, engineering and other presenters with evidence and warnings. Didn’t matter.

  5. There is a post on my blog called Ella Foote Hall Update which I would like you to see. Also are they shutting down schools in rural Ontario?Because the elementry school by Port Dover where my grandma lives just shut down. Just curious and wondering the reason why…

    Here is the link to my blog:



  6. Well, you are going to have much to talk about at school this coming week due to all that has taken place in the last two weeks with the power situation.

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