Power prices zap Ontario’s oil gains

wynneFinancial Post, Parker Gallant
According to the Globe and Mail, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says her province “is ready to shield Canada from the economic tsunami caused by declining oil prices and a sinking dollar.”

Ms. Wynne’s comments came after an RBC report estimated the fall in oil prices will actually help the Canadian economy by boosting household purchasing power by $8.9 billion this year. With annual Ontario gasoline consumption of 16.4 billion litres, a permanent slide in the price of about 25 cents (from $1.20 a litre to 95 cents a litre) should translate to about $4-billion annually in the hands of Ontario consumers.

Premier Wynne went on to say: “I don’t wish for low oil prices and a low dollar for Alberta,” she said. “But at the same time, we want our manufacturing sector to rebound. So if that [low oil price] helps, then that’s a good thing.”

If lower oil prices are a good thing, what can the premier say about the higher electricity prices she is responsible for? Ms. Wynne cannot have it both ways. The cut in gasoline prices, in fact, will only replace a portion of the cash the Liberal government’s Green Energy & Green Economy Act (GEA) annually extracts from consumers on their electricity bills. If one goes back to 2009 when the GEA was passed into law and compare the price of electricity with today’s prices, the hit to Ontario’s ratepayers (including manufacturers) is about $4.5 billion per year. Read article

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  1. It sure does! Now that more people are becoming aware of the green energy fraud and are concerned about the escalating cost of energy, the Liberals will promise to repeal the Green Energy Act in their effort to lower electricity prices; as to again, save their votes at the next election. The people of Ontario will vote the Liberals in AGAIN although they have been lied to over and over again. That’s how smart the people of Toronto really are. When the Liberals are voted in, they will again play the shell game; shoving tax dollars around and laundering, while at the same time lessening the heat over the concern of negative health effects associated with exposure to LFNs; AND the money (subsidies) from the development of the industrial wind farms is hidden away by the investors/politicians.
    Think of the jobs that could be made in taking down the turbines! Perhaps another round of subsidies – throwing away tax dollars will again line the pockets of the crooks in the process of taking down the machines. Hey, let’s dump the turbine parts in Toronto! Bury the junk in the beaches.
    The Liberals weave quite a web; one that is very frail, and very dangerous.

  2. It makes perfect sense when you understand global adjenda 21. To bankrupt, restrict, control and drastically reduce population. Then this it all falls into place. All the trade agreements all the floride, gmo, vaccines, security and secrecy. It NOT just an incompetent goverment. It’s global.

    • Maybe you would like to go back to the time when there were no vaccines? Two people I knew lost their hearing from measles.

  3. ‘[excerpt] According to the Globe and Mail, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says her province “is ready to shield Canada from the economic tsunami caused by declining oil prices and a sinking dollar.”’

    She must be exhausted.
    Does she crawl into bed – or does she fall into bed?

  4. Maybe barbara you should look at agenda 21 and read it. Still do not get it read it again. still no light bulb going off,sorry no hope for you to over-stand what this is really about.
    There is a lot of false info but you should realize by now being on the comment section more than anyone else out here that governments are puppets to the larger controllers in the background
    And they are the ones destroying this land mass they call Ontario with us on that pirate ship as there mates as joiner to her winning the election even though rural wants her out.
    But “awake” is bang on and I do not want them the pirates to understand me,I like to over-stand them but not many understand us awaken ones to the top of the pyramid fraud. Until then we go nowhere and this is why this still pre-sues us like a festering infection. We are the cure if we all stand together. much love dear! Your intellectual mind is great with your research but it lacks the real remedy.

    • I know what agenda 21 is and I agree with you that governments are puppets for big money interests. Big money interests are driving this whole renewable energy fiasco.

      People have to be approached through some means they understand. Many people don’t even care if they have lost their freedoms.

      There are some 40 years of propaganda to deal with in this situation. Most only care about what directly affects them and most don’t even have a clue as to what is taking place in Ontario.

      Right now with low interest rates money is looking for where the best interest rates/returns are. Renewable energy projects, at this time, pay some of the best returns on investments. Thus the money rush into renewables.

      Rural Ontarians can’t be allowed to stand in the way of others getting investment returns from renewables.

      Look at the tactics that are being used on rural Ontarians so that these projects can be installed.

      • Clock is ticking and alarm bells are on,but do most here it? yes but they ignore it.
        Time is to late I say as so much is so badly destroyed that mother needs to destroy us as for her own survival
        We’ve been a joined to the hip to the ones that is doing the destruction and we are going to pay
        Allowing to continuing to prop up any more government that prop s up puppets and vi-se versa then were done.
        Government is only a tool for the controllers $$$$ we are there servants slaves joiner to the hip in this fraud and destruction.
        After all we continue to vote and to vote you still allow this to happen as it does not matter who you vote until house is cleaned up from rat invested government it is in every room in the parliament and all the triple crown owner ships

      • We are all trying to survive and have no time for this. Were as we should be enjoying our time and our mother earth and her riches that has enough for all of us if we forget chasing the almighty debt fraud money notes that is back up with nothing.

      • May 2008
        David Onley appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

      • Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development
        aka Kyoto Protocol……
        and there was a lot of tension – at the United Nations
        when Stephen Harper called it a communist plan
        and a threat to Canada’s Sovereignty.

        But mayors @ the local level of government –
        formed a consensus – using citizens
        and together –
        they embraced the Kyoto;
        and volunteered!

        Remember how this was phrased? “sign it, it’s just voluntary!”

        Recall Rio 1992 “Earth Summit” where the meme was “hey, it’s voluntary!…with a negotiating schedule attached”. Apparently, like a Roach Motel, “countries check in but they can’t check out”. This email is from UNFCCC’s list server and note my bolded section below. The arrogance, it burns.

        —–Original Message—–

        From: globalmedialist-all
        To: globalmedialist-all ; germanmedialist
        Sent: Tue, Dec 13, 2011 4:46 am



        The Durban agreement to a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol represents the continued leadership and commitment of developed countries to meet legally binding emission reduction commitments. It also provides the essential foundation of confidence for the new push towards a universal, legal climate agreement in the near future.

        I regret that Canada has announced it will withdraw and am surprised over its timing. Whether or not Canada is a Party to the Kyoto Protocol, it has a legal obligation under the Convention to reduce its emissions, and a moral obligation to itself and future generations to lead in the global effort. Industrialized countries whose emissions have risen significantly since 1990, as is the case for Canada, remain in a weaker position to call on developing countries to limit their emissions.

        I call on all developed countries to meet their responsibilities under the Climate Change Convention and its Kyoto Protocol, to raise their ambition to cut emissions and to provide the agreed adequate support to developing countries to build their own clean energy futures and adapt to climate change impacts they are already experiencing.


        UPDATE: There’s some ambiguity here in the announcement, upon further reading it could be interpreted that they are saying this:

        “I see you withdraw from Kyoto but you are still legally bound to reduce emissions UNDER THE 1992 ‘VOLUNTARY’ RIO UN FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE (UNFCCC)”.

        So maybe it isn’t Kyoto they’re saying they can’t leave, but its parent treaty, Rio’s UNFCCC, which is the model for this Spring’s upcoming UNCSD ’12.

        But that’s voluntary too, so how can a “voluntary” agreement be legally binding?

        Premier Social Justice:
        Let’s bash Stephen Harper Conservatives
        for doing the right thing for Canada.
        Pretty amazing!

        Go Stephen Harper!

      • Harper must know the connection between Dowdeswell and Strong?

      • ‘[excerpt] For years, conservatives have said that radical environmentalism is little more than a front for a move to Communist tyranny. That assertion seems to have been proven with comments made by Christiana Figueres, climate chief for the United Nations, who said Communism is the best model for fighting global warming, the Daily Caller reported Wednesday.

        According to Figueres, China, the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide, is “doing it right,” even though it has major pollution problems of its own.

        The reason, she explained, is that democracy is no good at handling something like global warming, with different parties arguing over policy. In fact, she said, political differences like those in the U.S. Congress, are “very detrimental” to solving the issue.

        The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can simply dictate policy with no debate. Those who disagree can simply be tossed into prison or suffer a worse fate.

        “They actually want to breathe air that they don’t have to look at,” she said. “They’re not doing this because they want to save the planet. They’re doing it because it’s in their national interest.”’


        We’re rooting for Glen Murray, the new Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

        On June 24, 2014, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne renamed the Ministry of Environment as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. It’s about time. According to the Office of the Premier, the purpose of this expanded title is to “work with other ministers and ministries to coordinate the province’s response to climate change,” on top of the MOE’s traditional focus on the pollution of air, land and water. It is the first time that climate change “has been an explicit part of a ministry title”. Hopefully, the new title will signal both commitment and resources to tackle this supreme issue of our generation, as well as fair and competent management of the MOE’s many other responsibilities.


      • Dowdeswell went from the Board of the Chicago Climate Exchange, which traded carbon credits, to the position she now has.

        Along the way Dowdeswell became the Pres. & CEO (201-2014) of the Council of Canadian Academies which is tasked with reviewing the findings of the present Health Studies Canada on IWTs.

        The chairman of the science advisory committee of Council of Canadian Academies tasked with this review of the Health Canada IWT studies is one of the founders of CAPE.

      • Stantec Report

        ‘Health Effects and Wind Turbines A Review’

        “Although hundreds of articles were found during the search, very few were related to the association between potential health effects and wind turbines”

        15 articles which included infrasound and wind turbines published between 2003-2011 included these lead authors:

        van den Berg, 2003
        Pedersen, 2004 and 2007-2011
        Leventhall, 2006
        S. E. Keith & D.S. Michaud, 2008
        Harding, 2008
        Smedley, 2010
        Salt, 2010

        Of these 15 papers Pedersen was the lead author of 8 of the papers.


        Putting things in perspective very few papers published between 2003 & 2011 were related to wind turbines and health effects.

      • The above website address now leads to DOC STORE.

        Google: ‘Health Effects and Wind Turbines: A Review For Renewables …’

      • ‘The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines’, May 2010
        Chief Medical Office of Health (CMOH) Report

        Appendix 1: List of Documents On Wind Turbines

        Authors List:

        Kieth-Michaud, 1
        Leventhall, 2 as lead + 1 as non-lead
        Pedersen, 7 as lead + 1 as non-lead
        van den Berg, 2 as lead
        Bakker, 2 as non-lead


        Follow many these same authors thru all of the health studies proceedings.

        Michaud partipated in the WHO 2009 report on ‘Night Noise Guidelines For Europe’.

        Michaud was the only one listed from North America as participating in the 2009 WHO noise guidelines Report.

      • Breaking News!
        Calling all writers……..and meet the, ‘agent of change’ [his words]
        ……but we missed it.

        The Sierra Club – Lavish – ‘writer’s club’
        and the demand is growing!

        Writers Group

        Climate and Clean Energy Writers Group: A public education and outreach project of the Sierra Club Niagara Group Energy Committee.
        Upcoming Meeting
        Monday, January 5, 2015 – 6:00 to 7:30 PM All invited – Niagara Sierra Club Climate and Clean Energy Writers Group monthly session in the 2nd floor Alliance Room at the Unitarian Church at Elmwood and Ferry use the Garden entrance to the building. The presenter will be Walter Simpson.
        Walter will present an updated version of the comprehensive fast-paced lecture he has been invited to give to all incoming UB engineering students for the last 6 years. It’s entitled “The Case for Renewable Energy” and it discusses the environmental impacts of fossil fuels, climate change, energy conservation, renewable energy alternatives, and what people can do to bring about the energy transition we need. Walter will share a few letter writing tips as well.’

      • Yes I know…..

        Ontario citizens voted for Premier Social Justice
        and she wants to be known as the 1st

        So apparently they are looking for writers.

        Co-sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo (UUCB) Social Justice Task Force!

        Mind Cramp!

      • Sierra Club U.S., Jan.6, 2015

        ‘The Planet’

        “Political Internship a Triple Win in Michigan”

        Has the Sierra Club U.S. now become a political organization? Training people to participate in political campaigns and working directly with political candidates?

        http://www.sierraclub.org/planet, follow the link to the article.

      • Wind Turbines and Health
        A Critical Review of the Scientific Literature

        JOEM, Nov.2014

        Methods, p.e108:

        1. Conduct a review of PUB MED data base which has 5,500 peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals with more than 21 million citations.
        2.Conduct a Google search for non-governmental organizations and government agencies related to wind turbines and environmental noise exposure.

        Methods and Resources pp e113-114:

        About 80 matching articles identified in the search and only 20 met the screening criteria + some other documents.

        14 observational epidemiological studies published in peer-reviewed health or medical journals, all of which were determined to be a cross-section studies or surveys. See Figure 6.

        Wolsink, 1993
        Pedersen, 2007, 2009, 2010
        Bakker, 2012
        Shepherd, 2011
        Mroczek, 2012
        Nissenbaum, 2013
        Taylor, 2013


        Click on: Download pdf

        Access through EWEA

      • Wind Turbine And Health Effects
        An Expert Panel Review, Dec.,2009

        Prepared by includes:

        Methods: Section 2-2.2, p,2-1

        “The panel conducted a search of Pub Med under the heading ‘Wind Turbines and Health Effects’ to research and address peer-reviewed literature. In addition, the panel conducted a search on ‘vibroacoustic diseases’. The reference section identifies the peer and non-peer review sources that were consulted by the panel.”


        Follow names, methods and dates thru these papers

      • Weren’t rural Ontarians put-down at ERTs for looking up IWT health information on the internet?

        While at the same time it is OK for health study authors to use PUB MED and Google internet searches for information on this subject.

  5. Nothing incompetent at all about the gov’t, unless, of course, you thought they were trying to look after our interests. They have a different and very short-sighted agenda, and it is working out just fine. But not for you. Or me. ‘They’ are just fine. (unitl the planet dies. lol)

    • When you consider the three camps of modern industry; traditional fossil fuel developers and their infrastructure, the nuclear power industry and green power sources, and you realize how high the stakes they play for are, you can grasp the reason why we’re struggling to make sense of this mess.
      Primary fuel provision accounts for more than $5 trillion a year in spending worldwide.
      The key players are high profile and are used to getting their own way. Each have spent decades establishing access to influential parts of governance structures.
      If they win, the prize is enormous.

  6. I think they used the subsides to attract the investment of the renewable energy companies such as Samsung. But I think these contracts are too expensive and as more come on it pushs the price of the Global Adjustment up causing the market price too go up thus increasing all of our bills. I think renewable energy is great but the way the government went about it was not and they did not listen to the concerns of the citizens and in the case of the wind turbines too close to homes and airports.. If you look at the OEB yearbook of distributors then you will see an increase in the cost of power since 2009 which is the same year as the GEA was passed.

    • Tye, thanks for your continued input, but …

      Kathy McLaren’s email raises more than a few questions:

      “Looking further, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that because of the wind turbines that the government has put up on our property (without our permission), …”

      As crazy and determined as this Liberal government is, how were they able to install IWTs without the landowner signing off?

      If the IWTs were already installed when the McLarens bought the property, well, caveat emptor …

      How is it that Kathy “stumbled” on Tye’s blog, but all the while missed Wind Concerns Ontario, Ontario Wind Resistance, North American Platform Against Wind, Grey Highlands Wind Action and all the many links on the right-hand side of this page?

      How is it the McLarens missed all the court cases, the protests, the plight of the blandings turtle, etc, etc?
      It’s not like they can claim to be ignorant urban elites who have been sheltered from the truth by condo cocooning and main stream media.

      Sorry Tye, too many red flags. I may buy it but I won’t eat it.

      If Kathy McLaren can step forward and enlighten me on all of the above, I may end up feasting on crow pie after all.

      • … back from lunch!

        And furthermore:

        “as my husband and I are trying to kickstart a petition to rid the Singhampton/Blue Mountains area of these horrible wind turbines”.

        Great idea McLarens! Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?

        Kathleen Wynne is shaking in her red wellington boots at the thought of someone starting a petition to cut those wind pricks off at the knees.

        As for the rest of us idiots, we thought throwing reams of money at Julian Falconer and Eric Gillespie would be a novel way to get the job done.

        Maybe there’s something to be said for keeping one’s head in the sand.

        Good night and good luck.

  7. This testimony so clearly underlines why people out here, who are aware of the serious adverse health effects to people and animals, have been working so hard to try to prevent more harm from these turbines. The leaders of the opposition/resistance are people of conscience who have sincerely tried to communicate their concerns…to no avail. It is exhausting to do this work but they persist.
    I hope that stories like this will be seen by people in the cities throughout Ontario and they will feel compassion and realize what a fiasco this has been and will continue to be until victims have been compensated. The personal damage that these turbines have caused and are continuing to cause cannot even be described by some of the victims because of the horror. We’re dealing with psychopathological ‘leaders’ who are wilfully blind…so disillusioning.
    Thanks, Tye, for your help.

      • It turns out it was one of my friends pretending to be someone else I will delete the post once I get home. My apologies

      • I think I will email Kathy too and see who she really is. My apologies for spreading false information I thought I was helping Kathy out and did not do much research. For most of the other posts on my blog I have links to sources so I will continue to do that. One of my friends said it was him but I am not sure if it was actually him. Emailing her tonight to find out more info from her.

        Sorry for my trouble,

      • Tye, That’s OK as things like this have happened before and it’s was good to expose this.

      • Tye, if anyone tries something like this again, let everyone know!

  8. Look at the way these “health” studies were produced by AWEA, CanWEA, EWEA and Health Canada.

    Connections among the producers and participants of these studies can be followed back and forth.

  9. It does not make sense to buy wind and solar power at 12.8 cents and 44 cents a kilowatt hour and then sell it between 7 and 14 cents. This is why rates are rising. The global adjustment is rising mainly from wind and solar contracts! The green energy act had no business plan and that is why it makes no business sense

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