Standing with Freedom of Expression & against Terror

Mother Jones

France Newspaper Attack


Sun News– Watch Ezra Levant

Until Wednesday, very few Canadians were aware of the existence of Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based magazine that routinely satirizes politicians, celebrities and the dogma of all major world religions.Their cartoons are biting, crude, explicit and often shocking and repugnant to the sensibilities and moral code of many in Europe. Some would be offensive to readers of this newspaper.

But those cartoons represent free expression in a democratic society, and none of them should have meant death sentences for cartoonists known to their fans as “Charb,” “Cabu,” “Wolinski” and “Tignous.”

For centuries, satire has been a legitimate form of expression, intended to challenge comfortable assumptions and appeal to our sense of the ridiculous. Great satire can impart in a single image what 1,000 words cannot match. Read article

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    A George Soros propaganda newspaper.

    Welcome to Ontario – Liberal Wynne fans
    are jumping for joy!

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