Calgary student turns to crowdfunding to finish bat research because wind companies & government won’t fund it

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A student at the University of Calgary has turned to crowd funding to be able to finish her PhD. Erin Baerwald’s doctoral research involves gathering genetic information to determine the migratory routes of bats. The goal is to help reduce the number of bats killed during migration as a result of collisions with wind turbines.

“We think closer to two million bats have been killed in the last ten years,” she said. Baerwald says genetic research is expensive and unexpected costs have outstripped her existing funding. She says she hopes to complete her research by the summer.

Baerwald and her supporters have launched a campaign on the web site Indiegogo. The goal is to raise $15,000. “I’ve had some donations from Germany and Slovakia and from across the U.K.,” she said. “A lot of the bat community is getting behind me as well; they’re re-tweeting and sharing on Facebook and donating,” she added. Read article

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5 thoughts on “Calgary student turns to crowdfunding to finish bat research because wind companies & government won’t fund it

  1. Great way to see to it that research doesn’t get funded, finished and student doesn’t get degree.

    Not the first time this kind of thing has happened at universities. Don’t like a student’s research then see to it that they can’t finish their degree program.

  2. “Dalhousie professors’ Facebook scandal complaint tossed”
    ‘[excerpt] 4 professors say they are ‘distressed’ by disciplinary process […] In a letter emailed Saturday by the vice-provost for student affairs, Dalhousie says it will not proceed with the complaint because the students’ conduct is under review by the professional standards committee within the dental school.’

  3. The ministries should have proper studies but we know all too well how flawed they would be.

    Also the fact that they changed laws of protection/ studies for wildlife from 3 yrs to 30.

    Speaks volumes of the corruption, hope she knows this and spreads the word.

    They certainly don’t want real numbers
    to be shown.

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