Monte McNaughton says he would get rid of all wind turbines

monteLondon Free Press, Deb VanBrenk
Ontario wind turbines would stop spinning for good — saving money in the long run, despite up-front cancellation costs — if he became premier, says the Tory leadership candidate from Southwestern Ontario.

“It’s time to end this ripoff,” said MPP Monte McNaughton, one of five candidates for the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership and the only one from the southwest, where many of wind farms are located. “Wind power is going to cost between $20 billion and $60 billion over the next 20 years,” said McNaughton, a second-term MPP from Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

Tearing up existing contracts would cost less than what turbines are costing Ontarians now, he said, but he had no estimates of the cost to cancel contracts and raze turbines. “We’ve got to cut our losses now,” he told The Free Press on Sunday, ahead of rolling out his plan Monday. McNaughton said he’d repeal legislation that allows turbines to be built and would decommission ones already on the grid. Read article

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  1. 3 reasons this won’t happen:
    1 – Monte won’t become leader
    2 – If he did, he wouldn’t become premier
    3 – even if he did become premier, somehow these kind of promises just don’t happen.
    PCs are the party of the right, the party of business. They are allowed to make these kinds of statements to the public as long as they don’t follow through. On rare cases when they do follow through, the cost is exhorbitant – the company makes more than they would have with the turbines and none of the headaches.

    But seriously – can you imagine Premier Monte?

    The turbines should be removed at the companies’ expense – especially NexTERROR – on the basis that they lied and manipulated the system to pull off this fraud. They lobbied and consulted with the idiot McGuinty.

    • At least he has the wisdom to see the ‘writing on the wall’ and the courage to say publicly what ought to be done to prevent an even worse situation than the one we are facing at the moment.

      • Agreed he has no chance of winning, as the party will rally to one of the women this time, if for nothing else than to get on terms with the other 2.
        Lisa MacLeod has consistently opposed IWTs and spoken against the GEA frequently. This may not gain her much support in the GTA where both remain popular; this of course is the problem for the PCs..

      • Any MPP who speaks out against IWTs becomes a big time policy/political risk factor for those involved in the wind industry.

        Those who speak out about IWT issues will be put-down by any means possible.

    • There are 2 jurisdictions one of the dead legal juris fiction and the other of the living.
      To trust and have someone take your volts and vote for a politician is giving up your freedom(dead).
      Trust in yourself s as they have never looked to favour you but there masters. They are mere puppeteers and they need your consent to play ball with your volts,energy$$$$ Carrots always seems to be in ample supply within the largest volts around and that is not rural Ontario
      Live free or die
      Divide and conquer is the dead legal jurisdictions way of living and parasitizing of your energy Quit feeding them,starve them,let them rot!

    • I would take Monte over the clowns we have now.Anytime.
      There could never be anyone worse for this province than McGuinty and now this Lying Wynne. Everything she says is a bald faced lie.

  2. I have to commend Monte for taking a stand. He’ll have no problems with rural Ontario, as we live with and see the wind turbine problems everyday here, along with the lack of funding for projects in rural and northern Ontario. He just has to look to the north to the ring of fire.

    His biggest challenge will be the GTA where the Liberals are Masters of Deception, and the ostrich-like Torontonians with their heads in the sand, are buying it. He will have to put great emphasis and energy into convincing them of how the Liberals have bankrupt Ontario, and also with the unions on how the Liberals have taken their money and moved their jobs out of the province due to the high cost of doing business in Ontario. In the next few years the unions will see that there is no more high increase in paycheques for them, and also lack of jobs and membership into their unions.


    “The Court of Appeal, in confirming the motions judge`s decision, made it clear that proponents who choose to participate in discretionary government programs, such as Ontario’s renewable energy program, do so primarily at their own risk. Governments may alter the policies that underlie a program, and may even alter or cancel such programs, in a manner that may be fully lawful and immune from civil suit even if individual participants suffer damage from such alteration or cancellation.”

    • Governments may alter policies but immunity will not protect them from a well deserved kick in the pants.

    • About time that the public takes into consideration the risk factors in owing or investing in IWTs.

      The recent bankruptcy case of Minwind Energy in Minnesota reveals/exposes the risks involved in co-ops and community based IWT projects.

      People invested in IWT projects like these are at great risk due to equipment failure and weather related issues and they don’t have the financial means to deal with these kinds of risks.

      Selling Ontario excess power to the U.S. involves currency rate fluctuations which is a risk factor? The Canadian dollar value dropped against the value of the U.S. dollar value.

      Related news:
      Star Tribune, Jan.7, 2015

      ‘Owners of two Minnesota wind farms file for bankruptcy protection’

      • Risk factors involved in owning and/or investing in IWTs:

        Equipment failure
        Weather related issues
        Currency fluctuations
        Changes in government policies

      • Interest rate changes. Up or down.
        Taxes which are related to government policy as are subsidies

      • Neither McGuinty nor Wynne represented investment risks for installing IWTs but Hudak did represent an investment risk and Wynne still does NOT represent a risk to those involved in the wind industry.

        Health and “noise” IWT issues represent investment risks for installing IWTs.

        So who funded the so called “health” studies? CanWEA, AWEA and EWEA which represent the wind industry.

      • Chatham-Kent Health Unit
        ‘The Health Impact of Wind turbines: A Review of the Current White, Grey, and Published Literature’, June 2008

        METHOD, pp 3-4

        “Using key words, two North American accredited university electronic library search engines provided dissertation papers, and published research on wind turbines. An internet search revealed numerous white and grey literature. A posting on the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (al PHa) list server resulted in documents prepared for two of the thirty-six health units in Ontario that received similar requests for health information surrounding wind turbines.”

        Method was internet search using key words.


        83 references and 16 of these were CanWEA, AWEA, BWEA
        Then there are other reference groups like reports from consultants.

        What methods were used in doing research is very important and what references were cited.

        Situations do arise where you find circular references used through one paper to another and on and on.

        In the health papers prepared on wind turbines you find these circular references being used, IMO.

        It’s OK for the high priests of wind turbine paper producers to use internet searches but not OK for others to use the internet?

      • RISK FACTOR: Liens


        “Notice of Subcontractors Claim and Illinois Mechanics Lien Claim-Leasehold Improvement, Dec.19,2014

        “That on June 17, 2014, the Lessee owned the following described leasehold in the County of Vermillion, State of Illinois to wit:”

        See the attached legal Description of Land, identified all lessors and lessees”

        ‘Commonly known as: Hoopeston Wind Farm, Rossville, IL’

        The list of persons affected by this lien are listed.

        Shows what can happen when payments are not made to IWT contractors.

        People actually have to see documents such as this to believe what can happen.

      • Hoopeston Wind Farm, Vermilion Co., IL

        Completed: Est. 2015
        Capacity: 98 MW

        “The project will be purchased by IKEA upon start of commercial operations”

        Farmers who host turbines on their property and other participating landowners will receive annual payments.

        And this project is not even completed yet and liens have been placed?

      • All of these phony industry and health unit reports have been professionally debunked after they came out.
        They hold no validity.
        They are created and used to confuse the public.

      • True, but they are still being used.

        Latest move by IWT trade associations was to go to the high priests at a prestigious U.S. temple of learning and make a “donation” of unknown amount which resulted in the production of another wind turbine literature review study.

      • Principal method of study investigations:

        Fund the high priests in one way or another to sit on their a$$e$ and have them enter their chosen key words in online computer searches to come up with desired information upon which a paper/study is produced.

      • Another method that is being used is to award contracts of unknown amounts of money to brainwash Ontarians about conservation of electricity.

      • There are instances where companies have invested in foreign countries and then that government where they invested nationalized/ seized the investments.

        Companies have even been nationalized by their own governments.

        This is another aspect of ownership and investment risk. These are changes in government policies.

        Companies do pay attention potential changes in government policies.

      • As long as King can be kept out of court the 2010 CMOH paper can be used as testimony.

  4. Remember it is an election year . With all due respect to Monte ….speaking now when it’s almost too late. And … If the Turbine companies do halt. Get stalled don’t make the residents of rural Ontario pay… Make sure it’s the GTA and its residents…. All of Bay Street and their corporate greed , callousness and NIMBY attitude Maybe our own MP Mr Shipley should catch up and speak publicly as well. He has been a silent voice …. Remember it is an election year!!

  5. Check out my twitter:


    Look at the first post (it is a screenshot of a text message conversation)… It is disturbing what that said to me via text..

    Let me know what you think in the replys below


    Stories in several Toronto papers predict that with lower gas prices, Wynne is poised to muscle in with a carbon tax, on the principle that people were used to paying a lot more for gas anyway.
    The most irritating thing is that the increased revenue will simply be flushed down social spending rat holes and not directed toward environmental concerns at all. Be prepared for a return to higher fuel prices along with higher electricity rates.

    • As far as the U.S being poised for a carbon tax is just a ploy to sell this. The 2016 U.S. presidential campaign has already begun. It’s unlikely that any presidential candidate will promote any carbon tax in the U.S. That’s if they want to be elected.

      Obama is now just about a lame duck president or will be in the next few months.

      • Besides any carbon tax would have to get past both the U.S. House and Senate. There you have another group whose members don’t want to become un-elected.

        The U.S president does not make the decisions about federal taxes.

        In Canada the prime minister and premiers can make these tax decisions.

      • In general U.S. presidents have about 6 years of strong influence on the government and the last two years out of an 8 years in office is viewed as weak policy influence because the congress is already looking forward to an election and a new president.

      • These are not ‘general times’……………..!

    • Blackburn News . COM, Nov.4, 2014

      ‘Member list of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission’

      Website has names of the Ecofiscal Commission

      Advisory Board members include:

      Bruce Laurie
      Preston Manning, Pembina Institute
      Paul Martin, long time associate of Maurice Strong
      Jack Mintz
      Bob Rae, long time associate of Maurice Strong

      SPON/Social Policy in Ontario

      “To ensure prosperity, Canada needs ‘Ecofiscal’ policies”

      Well known political strategy to employ a commission to recommend policies that those behind the scenes want.

      • We already know Premier Social Justice
        hates humanity, capitalism and ‘the rule of law’.

        She’s more into crony capitalism and climate change propaganda.

        Oh yeah – and helping the poor – get poorer.

        Welcome to Ontario!

      • The Supreme Court of Canada
        has already ruled on ‘Climate Change’ legislation.

        Why is Ontario ignoring it?

      • Corporate Knights
        “Delivering hope from the mouth’s of economists’

        To give the Commission trans-partisan it enlisted 14 advisors across the political spectrum.

        Paul Martin
        Bob Rae
        Steve Williams, CEO Suncor Energy
        Dominic Barton, McKinsey & Co. managing director

        Board members:
        Peter Robinson, CEO David Suzuki Foundation
        Short biographies of the others are also on this webpage

        This is a self appointed commission and not a government commission.

        Same old gangreen!

      • And a set of lawyers to go along!

        U.S. Foundations Support Canadian Anti-Oil Groups

        ‘[excerpt] These well-funded attacks on the Canadian oil economy have motivated Prime Minister Stephen Harper to direct audits of several groups by his Canada Revenue Agency to determine if they are in violation of their tax-exempt status. Such charities are allowed to use only 10 percent of their resources for political activity.

        Those included for scrutiny are: the David Suzuki Foundation; the Ecology Action Center; Environmental Defense; Equiterre; the Pembina Foundation; Tides Canada; and West Coast Environmental Law.

        Toronto Sun columnist Ezra Levant takes heart that the Canadian government may have finally awakened to the fact that these organizations, along with other American foundations like Tides USA, “have poured millions into Indian activists, directing them against Canada’s interests, as well as their own.”’

        Go Stephen Harper!

        Municipal election…………..
        Wait – we have a few – ‘great new mayors’ – in Ontario.
        Premier Social Justice has noticed.

        p.s. Pembina and Suzuki Foundation – are one……..with local green mayors……and those scammy by-laws.

      • UN Energy @ your service!

        Property Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits – Local Improvement Charges are fees for municipal financing of infrastructure improvements that benefit homeowners and are repaid on tax bills. This report discusses how a similar mechanism could be used in Ontario to finance retrofits to make homes more energy efficient, reduce overall energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and save homeowners money on their energy bills.

        Read more

        I live in the village!
        It’s a loophole!

      • From the Canadian Newspaper:

        An inconvenient letter to the editor, from a “green librarian” no less. h/t to Kate at SDA.

        David Suzuki disappointing

        To The Editor:

        On Saturday, Nov. 20 I went to see David Suzuki speak in Moncton at the Green Home Builder’s Show. I was hoping to ask him during the question period that normally follows these types of talks for advice on how to help me promote environmentalism to my group of largely apathetic students at Hampton High School, where I am the librarian.

        Unfortunately, there was no question period. Directly following Dr. Suzuki’s speech, where he emphatically urged the audience to form strong interpersonal connections with their neighbours, family and local ecology, there was a book signing. I waited until the line was gone before I approached. I did not purchase any books, since I either have them at home, or have read them through our public library service. There was only one other man at the table, talking about a Prius, and he stopped and said he should go since I was waiting. Dr. Suzuki said it was alright since there was “no one there.”

        I assumed since he was 75, perhaps his eyesight was poor and he did not see me. When the man left, I approached Dr. Suzuki.

        He looked up and said, “book?” I said I didn’t have one but I wanted to ask him a question. He said, “I don’t have time for that,” and waved me away like a king dismissing a commoner.

        There was absolutely no one else around the table except the security guards.

        Then he shouted out, “Books! Books!” and continued waving me out of the way. There was no sign indicating no questions were allowed.

        Only minutes before he had been espousing the value of slowing down and making time for each other and he didn’t even have the decency to say, “I’m sorry, I’m tired . . . or I’m not allowed to answer questions . . .”

        Instead here I was, an educator and great promoter of his books, looking for help with the generation he claimed was most important, but because I was not spending money (other than the $45 I spent to hear him lecture), I was waved off.

        I used to be proud to call Dr. Suzuki one of my heroes, and now I can see that he is a hypocrite.

        I am in no way turned off the environmental causes I have always believed in, simply disappointed to have to tell my students, once again, that celebrity and integrity seem to be mutually exclusive.

        Jenn Carson,


      • Lot’s of money to be made from being on-board the carbon gravy-train!

      • Ecofiscal

        Jean Charest, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault/Tetraut
        Stewart Elgie, Chair of Sustainable Prosperity
        Jim Dinning, Chair. of Western Financial Group.& Canada West Foundation.
        Lorne Trottier, Board member of Trottier Energy Futures Project (TEFP) Project , a project to reduce Canada’s Greenhouse Gas emissions.


        Canada West Foundation Board

      • Sustainable Prosperity, Nov.17, 2014

        ‘BC carbon tax hailed as textbook case of good public-policy’

        “Two weeks ago, Steve Williams, the man who heads up Suncor Energy, and Jack Mintz, a notoriously anti-tax and pro oil and gas economist, wrote an op-ed for the Calgary Herald in which they argued the pro side for ‘eco-fiscal policies’ – which would include a Canadian carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system.”

        Sustainable Prosperity Steering Committee includes:
        Preston Manning
        David Runnalls, long time associate of Maurice Strong
        Nancy Olewiler
        Andrew Heintzman

        BOHICA/Bend Over Here It Comes Again, Ontarians.

      • SP/Sustainable Prosperity
        Steering Committee also includes:

        Mark Cameron, Pembina Institute Advisory Committee
        Dan Gagnier, Former Chief of Staff for Jean Charest 2007-2009 and now Chair. of IISD/International Institute for Sustainable Development.

        More networking.

      • Did you see that?

        Bring on the liquidation sales!
        Target moving out of Canada
        Wait – Sony moving out too.

      • Establishing and/or using other organizations to promote agendas is an old strategy.

        Alberta oil and gas are landlocked. New pipelines are needed to move the oil and gas out of Alberta to markets where they can be sold.

        Price for allowing new oil and gas pipelines from Alberta is now carbon taxes and or/carbon credits trading along with installing IWTs in Canada?

      • Hey Barbara,
        The truth lies somewhere.

        #Trudeau Liberals – Obama’s policy book

        Jack M. Mintz: Liberals under Justin Trudeau eye U.S.-style fiscal agenda of deficit spending

        Given that Canada’s strong balance sheet was a tremendous benefit following the 2008 global recession, where does this argument for more debt-financed spending come from?

        It is clear that the Trudeau Liberals are borrowing a page out of Obama’s policy book. As I listened to U.S. Economist Larry Summers at the Liberal policy convention over the weekend, it was hard to understand why Canadians would want to borrow American ideas for fiscal reform. The middle-class in Canada has fared much better than in the United States with per capita family incomes rising by 15% in the past decade. Poverty rates are down here. Canadian per capita net wealth is higher than the United States as our housing market did not take a hit in value.

        Further, Canadian income inequality in the past decade has not increased as the top 10% have the same share of income today as in 2000. What has changed is that the top 1% of the population has gotten a larger share but this has come from other high-income Canadians, not the middle class. As Steve Richardson demonstrated in a School of Public Policy paper a few years ago, Canadian governments are redistributing more income today than in earlier years.

        The IMF has shown that the top 1% of Canada’s population receive 6% of market income but pay 11.2% of personal income and payroll taxes. In the United States, the top 1% receives 12.2% of market incomes and pay 5.6% of personal and payroll taxes.

        The Conservatives painted poor Michael Ignatieff in the last election as a person who was just visiting Canada. Listening to the Liberal convention this weekend repeat American political lines makes me wonder if the wrong Liberal was branded unfairly.

        Jack M. Mintz is the Palmer Chair, School of Public Policy,

        University of Calgary.

        Excellent article!
        Trudeau and Obama wear the same shoes!

        Economist Larry Summers – hahahahaha…..
        Michael Ignatieff – hahahaha…….
        Dalton McGuinty – disaster!

      • Perhaps Maurice Strong has never read “Man Without A Country”?

      • Dept. of Finance Canada

        Minister Oliver’s Economic Advisory Council includes:

        Jack Mintz, U.Calgary, Board of Imperial Oil (a subsidiary of EXXON Mobil), and a member of Ecofiscal Commission.

        Mintz has already taken a positive position on Carbon Tax and/ or Carbon Credits trading for Canada.

      • TD and Aboriginal Communities in Canada

        P.30: Carbon Markets: A potential Avenue for Sustainable Development

        Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief. Environmental Officer + Pembina Advisory Board

        “in 2013, we commissioned the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to produce a policy paper exploring opportunities and challenges for First Nations to participate in carbon markets within North America. The policy paper will be published by mid-2014.”

        There are connections between Ecofiscal Commission, IISD and Pembina.

      • Hey Barbara,
        You say,
        ‘Mintz has already taken a positive position on Carbon Tax and/ or Carbon Credits trading for Canada.’

        What is his ‘positive position’?
        What do you mean?

      • Have you read the news article in the Calgary Herald where Mintz and Williams said they backed a carbon tax and/or carbon trading?

        The Calgary Herald article link was posted here.


        Globe Advisor, Sept.19, 2014

        ‘Canada set to fuel U.S. green push’

        “Mr. Moniz’s visit is the first by an American energy secretary since 2006. On Friday, he is scheduled to meet with leaders from the Canadian energy sector – including TransCanada Corp., and Calgary-based environmental group Pembina Institute – to get their input into a major policy review he is heading.”

        What about some input from the Canadian people? Pembina Institute thinks they run Canada and speak for the people?

      • Hey Barbara,
        I’m really sorry – I still don’t see it.
        Are you sure you posted the correct article?

      • This was an opinion piece by Mintz and Williams that was published by the Calgary Herald. Not a news story.

        They presented the reasons why they have joined this Ecofiscal Commission.

        They said this work is worth doing if we (Canada) are to grasp the opportunities of a global economic shift toward sustainability.

        Look who they have joined with. People and organizations that have backed carbon taxes and/or carbon credits trading for a long time.

      • We have to realize that there are 3 sectors of the energy industry-fossil fuels, nuclear and ‘green’ vying for more than $5,000,000,000,000.00 a year spent worldwide. The players are high profile and accustomed to getting what they want and each has spent decades gaining access to influential parts of governance structures…”behind the scenes”.

      • And David Suzuki owns 50% of an island off BC coast with an OIL company…. Go figure …

      • CGBD/Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, San Francisco, CA

        The 10 Board members all from Foundations include:

        Lois DeBacker, Kresge Foundation
        Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation
        Imani Morrison, Oak Foundation
        Jorgen Thomsen, MacArthur Foundation

      • Oak Foundation

        Memberships and Associations includes:

        Canadian Environmental Grantmaker Network
        Consultative Group on Biological Diversity (CGBD)
        Council on Foundations
        Grantmakers without Borders

      • Canadian Environmental Grantmaker’s Network

        List of supporters includes:

        Ivey Foundation
        Ontario Trillium Foundation
        Suncor Energy Foundation
        TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
        Tides Canada
        Oak Foundation

        Follow the money

  7. Hey, look! “Extortion”
    – has been updated:

    On wikipedia:

    ‘[excerpt] Extortion (also called shakedown, outwrestling, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense. Exaction refers not only to extortion or the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force,[1] but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant.[2]

    Extortion is distinguished from robbery. In robbery, whether armed or not, the offender takes property from the victim by the immediate use of force or fear that force will be immediately used (as in the classic line, “Your money or your life.”) Extortion, which is not limited to the taking of property, involves the verbal or written instillation of fear that something will happen to the victim if they do not comply with the extortionist’s will. Another key distinction is that extortion always involves a verbal or written threat, whereas robbery does not. In United States federal law, extortion can be committed with or without the use of force and with or without the use of a weapon.’

    […] last modified on 31 December 2014 at 13:36.’

    • Ontario Wake Up!

      Republicans now have a majority – in the house and senate.
      But – they still need to get a few like- minded democrats on board,
      to fight the WhiteHouse – on a number of issues.

      United States Senate
      Committee on Environment and Public Works
      Minority Staff Report

      The Chain of Environmental Command:

      How a Club of Billionaires and
      Their Foundations Control the Environmental
      Movement and Obama’s EPA
      July 30, 2014

      The report is 92 pages – press print!


      Glen Murray

      Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

      “Fighting climate change and working to keep our air, land, and water clean will ensure Ontario’s prosperity and quality of life for today and for future generations.”

      New liberal transparency!

      Reality Check!

      The Ministry of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change…..
      Partnering up for Sustainable Development

      Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration, adopted by Heads of State and Governments at the 1992 Rio Summit, promotes access to information, public participation, and access to justice in environmental matters.

      Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration states:

      “Environmental issues are best handled with the participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities, and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. States shall facilitate and encourage public awareness and participation by making information widely available. Effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy, shall be provided.”

      Why are liberals going down this road?
      Bigger question:
      Why are liberal mayors supporting – Sustainable Development?

      Hey Ontario!
      All politics are Local politics!

  8. Just facts!
    I can’t imagine over 600 committee’s running Ontario –
    into the ground. And McGuinty quit.


    ‘[excerpt] Strong chaired the Rio 92 conference and in the same year was appointed to Ontario Hydro. He became Chair and was given free rein by Bob Rae, socialist Premier of the Province. He set about applying the philosophy and policies enshrined in the UNEP program. These were designed to demonize CO2 as the byproduct of fossil fuel driven industries and nations. It was speculated by Strong in his comments to Elaine Dewar cited in The Cloak of Green (1995). He suggested,

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”’


    Ontario, Canada: A Mirror of America’s Economic Future Mortgaged To Falsified Climate Science

    ‘[excerpt] If Obama’s policies on energy and environment were truly original they would be worth consideration, but they are not. He dismisses claims that

    “The economy will lose millions of jobs and billions in growth.” He said, “Let’s face it, that’s what [critics] always say,” and “every time … the warnings of the cynics have been wrong.”

    Wrong! They failed disastrously everywhere and every time they were applied. Figure 1 above shows a poster from Britain, one of several European nations on the path
    Obama pursues.

    Ironically, Maurice Strong, architect of the false claims of human produced CO2 causing catastrophic global warming/ climate change, provided a classic example.

    Obama and other world leaders are basing their policies on the Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This was the climate science agency created by Maurice Strong through the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and presented to the world in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Figure 2 shows a simple flow chart of the structures created to control the political and scientific sectors to achieve a political agenda.’


    Bob Rae:
    Strong chaired the Rio 92 conference and in the same year was appointed to Ontario Hydro. He became Chair and was given free rein by Bob Rae, socialist Premier of the Province.

    Bob Rae:
    – gave us – ‘No Fault Insurance’ – the insurance companies
    are not complaining.

    Ontario – will you ever forget – the experience –
    of saving the planet?

  9. Hooray for Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk “turning her sharp eye to the subject of power planning in the province”!

    Noticed the Sun News link not working…….

  10. Thank you Monte for your plan to halt wind energy and decommission the existing turbines. Your plan is a ray of hope to all of us! We need logical, smart, honest people like you to turn this province around.

  11. What about the Debt retirement charge?? anyone remember that? For all the money being wasted from the liberals and Senate we could every teenager in Ontario through college for free!! why dont we do that Wynne!!

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