Green energy is not affordable

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  1. Yea, but at least they’re helping global warming. Pay your carbon taxes. Take your vacines. Drink your floride, enjoy the police state. The world goverment wants you to have clean energy at an affordable price. The UN loves you and only wants to eliminate the other 6 billion people. They aren’t really watching your texts and emailed atleast not openly untill bill c13 which magicialy passed days after the parliament shooting. Shut up conspiricy theorist!

    • Just which vaccines are you referring to?

      Small pox, diphtheria, mumps?

      Mumps can leave men sterile so get rid of future generations that way?

      Remove these vaccines and the population will be lowered as these diseases kill a lot of children.

    • Becoming aware of the larger story is crucial to our understanding of how and why we have been/are being negatively impacted by IWTs.
      It takes time to do the research and it is not easy to take it all in, but it is essential to resolving this mess we find ourselves in. Around the planet people have been/are waking up to some very disturbing truths.
      Examining the unsettled science behind the alarmism that led our government to make such ridiculous decisions is crucial to our collective future in Ontario.

      • Hey Sommer,
        So much to digest.

        Some of the best people – may have started out –
        as volunteers.

  2. “P.S. In 2007 Ontario consumed 152 TWh at a cost of $7.676 billion; in 2014 Ontario’s consumption was 139.8 TWh and the cost (including the $1.012 loss on exports) was $13.524 billion—an increase in the cost per TWh of 91% from just 7 years ago.”

    Quote sums it up great!

  3. A lot of these deadly or harmful diseases were man made to reduce the population when they needed.
    Yes, there may be some true immunizations to tackle these harmful deceases ,but now a days I would not trust any of them anymore.
    Governments are not in the business of helping the payers to there fraud We are now described as useless eaters. Therefor many need to pass away quietly, please.
    Just like your lawyers liars and the justice cyst em D BAR societies are for themselves, were they cast spells on there spelling called legalize and with D bankers glued to there hips.
    Time to rip this cyst em up and toss it in the trash bucket,many may say then what?
    Well if you get the trash out and spring clean with honest cleanser Im sure we’ll be much better off than all this fraud and scam as all were doing is just surviving running after the next buck to pay for the debt and wars they keep racketing up to enormous heights
    Why not give peace a chance

    • These diseases have been known for hundreds of years and long before anyone knew what they were and could change them.

      However, some of these diseases could be deliberately spread like small pox can be spread by diseased blankets. This has been known for a very long time.

      If you want to reduce the population just stop vaccinating and nature will control the population.

      Many children will never live to adulthood due to the diseases themselves or medical complications from these diseases.

      • Sure,nowadays I would recommend checking the ingredients in vaccines as like I said they do not serve you anymore so why trust them. Why this long fight to stop turbines when you have world wide witnesses saying they do harm?
        Any ideas? I do and lets not say because courts are so fair.playing ball in these crown courts you get served what and how they like the outcome to end maybe a little win here or there just to make it look legit.So who wants to play tennis in a court that is dupe? Triple crown.
        City of London
        Washington DC
        Vatican all principalities of the dark
        I like to shove there crown were it don’t shine and LOL wear my own crown not in any fashionable way either
        Let the dead bury the dead as these parasitic crowns are the dead fiction dark and evil doers that keep us enslaved and there days are few.
        I feel a little attachment you may have to this cyst em. lets hope Im wrong.
        Lets shine the light on these bas tarts as they cannot hide from the light anymore

      • There have always been some problems with the mass production of vaccines where you can encounter individual batches of ‘bad’ vaccines.

        Purchase of foreign made vaccines and other medicines can also be a source of trouble. These products may not meet the standards required in Canada.

      • Canada is a corporation under the triple crown. Thus fictional and understands only serving these crowns masters.
        Trust them is like trusting a fox to guard the hen house

  4. Check out the wind concerns Ontario website because their is a article talking about how expensive green energy is. One business owner used $770 of electricity bit his total bill was $10 000!!

    • yep and most of that money goes to the corporate accounts of these thugs that keep these powers that be in place. Kind of like a mafia funded province And lets not forget those that are joined to this pot of gold scam “the stockholders”

  5. News for Essex County, Lakeshore

    East County Magazine, Jan 17, 2015

    ‘Wind Turbine Bursts Into Flames In Ocotillo’

    “Pattern Energy, which developed the Ocotillo wind project, claimed in a community meeting in January 2010 that it had never had a fire with a Siemens 2.3 turbine: and that turbine fires are extremely rare: …”

    Rest of the story at the above website.

    • Another risk factor for Essex County is lightning.

      CBC News, June 12, 2013

      ‘Harrow, Ont. lightning capital of Canada’

      ‘Windsor has Canada’s highest lightning density of 2.8 flashes per kilometer.”

      “Lightning can strike 10 km ahead or behind the storm.”

      All of southwestern Ontario is in the Lightning Hot Spot for Canada.

      The Toronto area is outside of this lightning hot spot area. People in the GTA most likely don’t know this.

      There is a much greater chance of IWTs being struck by lightning in southwestern Ontario.

      People go to meetings about IWTs unprepared to counter anything the developers say.

      There are lightning maps and stats online at Environment Canada. The higher an object is the more likely that it will be struck by lightning.

      By contrast northern Europe does not have much of a lightning problem and developers will tell people that lightning is not an IWT problem in Europe. True, but southwestern Ontario is not Europe.

      • Global News, June 23, 2014

        ‘Is Canada experiencing more tornadoes?’

        The deadliest tornado ,an F-4, occurred in Windsor, ON June 17, 1946.

        Canada has two tornado alleys one of which is southwestern Ontario. Most of the tornadoes in southwestern Ontario are F-Os.

        This webpage has maps of the Canadian tornado alleys along with a chart with the number of KNOWN occurrences. Not all Ontario tornadoes have been recorded.

        Weather is a risk factor for installing/investing in IWTs in southwestern Ontario. Land owners will get involved with IWTs at their own risk.

      • NOAA


        Topics include;

        Fujita Scale
        Enhanced F Scale Damage Indicators

        #24 Electrical Transmission Line (ETL) Degree of Damage:
        Chart: Shows wind speed damage to transmission infrastructure/poles/ towers for different wind speeds.

        Graph: Electrical Transmission Line (ETL) Degree of Damage at different wind speeds.

        Or use the link from first reference to the#24 data.

        Facts are needed to deal with expected damages information from wind to transmission facilities and lines.

      • Environment Canada

        Spring and Summer Weather Hazards

        Scroll down to: Thunderstorms Straight Line Winds

        Straight line winds can be as strong as some tornadoes but usually cover a much larger area.

        Ontario experiences 40-70- severe wind events and are more common than tornadoes.

        In July 2012, a severe thunderstorm moved through Renfrew and Lanark Counties in eastern Ontario with straight-line winds of up to 170km/h.

        Ontario severe weather events do damage transmission infrastructure and transmission lines across the province.

        Who is going to pay for all of the downed IWT transmission lines due to severe weather?

      • Hydro One
        Quick Facts
        Our Business

        Owns & operates ~ 97% of Ontario’s transmission capacity as of 2013.
        Distribution System spans ~ 75% of Ontario.

        Severe weather event damage to infrastructure and lines repairs falls mostly onto Hydro One.

        New power transmission lines for renewable energy projects falls onto Hydro One? So how much is this costing Hydro One ratepayers?

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