Surveying the wreckage

2014_06010093Wellington Times, Rick Conroy
A  good friend of mine runs a business in the County. He has done so for 40 years. He showed me his electricity bill last week. In December, he spent $770 on electricity. It was one of the least expensive lines on his bill. The global adjustment charge was $4,267.32. There was also a delivery charge, a debt retirement charge and an array of taxes. In total, he spent nearly $10,000 in December—for $770 of electricity. He doesn’t know where this money is going. He is not sure he can keep up. He isn’t alone.

The global adjustment is a catch-all fee that covers the provincial government’s intervention in electricity generating market. It pays for solar generators, industrial wind turbine plants and subsidized exports to Michigan and Quebec. It covers the subsidized rates some chosen industries pay. It pays for the lawyers who battle residents and groups—including the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists—at tribunals and courtrooms across the province.

In essence, my friend is paying an amount nearly six times the value of the electricity he used to line the pockets of industrial wind developers, solar companies, lawyers, foreign owned smelters, as well as enriching Michigan’s coffers to take this power off our grid. Read article

7 thoughts on “Surveying the wreckage

  1. I sent a copy of this article to the Auditor General already yesterday with a statement saying “We can’t wait a year for her assessment of this government’s energy management.”

    I suggest we fill her mailbox NOW with similar messages.

      • and c.c. everyone else.

        Put the energy minister – on display!

        It worked for former energy minister – Dwight Duncan.

  2. Maybe just copy your B.C.send along to pay off the power bill account. it’s a bank note if you study this certificate bond . They’ve been double dipping in this account already. And this is all there crap there shovelling into your mailboxes expecting you to pay for there blunder. This would be better than begging and sending your idiots servants mail as they care not to read or really care about this unless they loose your volts to keep there power on.

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