5 wind turbines approved for Grey Highlands

ist2_137405-rubber-stamp-approvedEnvironmental Registry
A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to Grey Highlands Nominee (No. 1) Ltd. to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of five wind turbines rated at 2.0 MW each generating output capacity, with a total name plate capacity of 10 MW. The facility will be connected to Hydro One’s distribution system.

This Class 4 wind facility, known as the Grey Highlands Zero Emission People Wind Farm, is located near the community of McIntyre within the Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey County, Ontario. The noise sources to be approved at the project location consist of five (5) wind turbine generators and one (1) 44 kV 10 MVA transformer substation. Emissions discharged to the atmosphere include noise. Read more

40 thoughts on “5 wind turbines approved for Grey Highlands

  1. The time for non-violent blockades are here, along with some slow moving convoys, down Torontos main arteries at the busiest times.
    We must shut down commerce for as many Liberal voting Citiots as possible, for as long as possible, until we’ve got their attention and the Turbines are halted, laws are changed to protect rural Ontarions from this corrupt, dictatorial regime, re-elected by corrupt, Treasonous idiots & fooled fools.
    If our sold out/bribed OPP try to shut down our blockades, we’ll have to hire some natives to help out, if we don’t already have some actively taking part.
    In my area, as in many others, the fight involves natives & long standing treaty rights, so they should be front and centre anyway, with we non-natives there to support them, feed them, bring coffee and all needed supplies, to last until we’ve won. Maybe it’s already in the plans, I wouldn’t know, but it certainly should be.
    I don’t & wouldn’t ever advocate violence, but blocking entry isn’t violent, unless the other side makes it so.
    To save Ontario and possibly Canada, if Jughead wins the PMO, IWTs must be stopped, before they’re built, not after.

  2. “One lawsuit settled, but no truce in wind energy debate”
    Michigan Capitol Confidential | By Jack Spencer
    Jan. 31, 2015

    ‘[excerpt] A lawsuit in which residents living near the Lake Winds wind plant south of Ludington claimed the facility was making people sick has been settled out of court. Cary Shineldecker, [sic] one of the plaintiffs in the case, isn’t allowed to discuss details of the settlement, but is still allowed to talk about the alleged negative health effects that can be suffered by those who live near such facilities.

    “What I think is different about this settlement is that, although the details of the settlement are confidential, I’m not gagged from speaking out about the problems with wind energy,” Shineldecker said. “I think everything we’ve done here has helped the community and residents. For too long, supporters of wind energy have been able to silence and discredit those who have to live with the effects of it.[…]

    On April 1, 2013, a group of 17 residents who lived near the Lake Winds wind plant – others joined the group later – filed a lawsuit against Consumers Energy in Mason County Circuit Court. The lawsuit alleged that people were experiencing dizziness, sleeplessness, headaches and other physical symptoms primarily due to noise generated by the wind plant’s 56 giant wind turbines, which the plaintiffs claimed had been erected too close to homes.

    “We filed the lawsuit based on health impact, property value loss and loss of enjoyment and use of our property,” Shineldecker said.

    Lake Winds is the first wind plant developed by Consumers Energy. The $250 million facility was constructed as part of the utility’s efforts to meet the state’s renewable energy (wind) mandate. The lawsuit brought by Shineldecker and his co-plaintiffs was only the first one involving the Lake Winds plant. Before the end of 2013, Mason County had declared that the wind plant was not in compliance with its noise ordinance. Consumers Energy took the county to court over that determination. It lost at the Circuit Court, and that case is currently under appeal.

    According to Shineldecker, the residents’ lawsuit was resolved during the late summer and autumn of 2014.

    “It was just about to go to trial; in fact I was in court waiting to be the first to testify, when we were told a settlement had been reached,” Shineldecker said. “It took about two months to work out the wording; then ours was actually finalized the week of Dec. 17.

    “To me, we were helping others by being willing to take a stand,” Shineldecker added. “One of these days the facts are going to come out. Twenty years from now the health impacts of living with these industrial wind turbines will be common knowledge. It will be like the way it happened with cigarettes. But right now those who know the truth are a minority. The talking points used by AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) haven’t changed from what they were saying five years ago. I believe that in our democracy, right will win in the end, but only after a lot of sacrifices have been made.” […]

    David Wand, deputy director of strategic communications for AWEA, did not respond when offered the opportunity to comment. Consumers Energy declined to comment as well.’

    • Money solves everything –
      – with the ‘just in time’
      bribe fund!

      ‘[excerpt] According to Shineldecker, the residents’ lawsuit was resolved during the late summer and autumn of 2014.

      “It was just about to go to trial; in fact I was in court waiting to be the first to testify, when we were told a settlement had been reached,” Shineldecker said. “It took about two months to work out the wording; then ours was actually finalized the week of Dec. 17.’


      US Judge Orders Lake Wind’s Noisy Turbines to be Shut Down – AGAIN!

      So is everyone happy now?

      • After the arrangement – I’m guessing the lawyers
        went their separate ways!

        I believe in personal freedom.
        Just love it!

  3. “An Engineer Speaks”

    by Eric Jelinski P.Eng.

    ‘[excerpt] I am writing to express my objections to the installation of Industrial Wind Turbines in Clearview Township, Ontario, Canada.

    My wife and I moved here to retire on 50 acres, building a house, market garden, as well as taking many other initiatives to become part of the vital social fabric. […]

    My background is nuclear and chemical engineering, with over 30 years combined working at each of the nuclear plants in Ontario. I teach nuclear engineering at University of Toronto and Georgian College (Power Engineering) in Owen Sound for the purpose of training the next generation of staff who will design plants and work them safely. […]

    The application of Ontario’s “Green Energy Act” is in violation of principles in engineering, where we teach engineers to anticipate unintended consequences and not proceed with implementation until consequences and risks are taken into account. […]

    We also have the government using engineers from wind developers making recommendations on health impacts. As a P. Eng. I can say that engineers are not the authority on health. The conflict of interest between the engineer being paid for engineering work, vs. the same engineer as proponent and key advisor to the government is quite apparent.

    The set-back of 550 meters has no scientific basis. Noise from wind turbines has been measured up to 10 kilometers away in some locations. Medical doctors have noted the health impacts, yet they are being ignored by the Ontario government.
    It is time to stop being altruistic or hypocritical about our energy. There is no rational reason for the 50% cap on nuclear in Ontario. Are we on some unwitting “race to the bottom” being orchestrated by some competitor countries wanting to control us? Having ample low cost energy is crucial to sovereignty, internal peace, and security.’

    • Should send him a card of thanks!

      Eric Jelinski P.Eng.
      “[excerpt] I teach nuclear engineering at University of Toronto and Georgian College (Power Engineering) in Owen Sound for the purpose of training the next generation of staff who will design plants and work them safely.’

      – and watch the fireworks @ Clearview Township.

  4. The Globe And Mail, June 11, 2014

    ‘New wind research laboratory seeks to understand the effects of storms’

    Wind Engineering Energy Environment Research Institute – WindEEE – a $34-million domed lab near London, Ont.

    “Researchers are also keen to use the lab to study in detail how air moves across terrain where turbines are set up to capture wind energy.”

    Seems Canada is committed to wind energy. Spend more money and problems can be solved.

    While severe weather may not destroy/damage an IWT winds can and do take power lines down.
    And this risk is being ignored. Storms can’t be stopped.

    There photo evidence that tornadoes do in fact destroy IWTs.

    This is an example of the kind of information being fed to the public.


    • One of the reasons why houses in Canada do dot sustain as much damage from tornadoes/high winds is that they are better built, due to the cold weather, than houses in the southern/warmer parts of the U.S.

      • Because houses are better built in Canada there is not the loss of life and injuries associated with tornadoes as in the warmer parts of the U.S

        House here afford better protection for the occupants.

    • Hey Barbara,
      you say,
      ‘Seems Canada is committed to wind energy. Spend more money and problems can be solved.’

      You are confusing me.
      Wait – maybe it’s because I’m standing on a chair.

      • Hasn’t the message to the public been that more money spent on IWT research can solve the problems surrounding IWTs?

      • Who sent that message out?

        Again your comment:
        ‘Seems Canada is committed to wind energy. Spend more money and problems can be solved.’

        More specifically:
        Are you referring – Canada sent a message?

      • The proponents of the wind industry spread that kind of information.

      • Renewable Energy Magazine, Dec.18, 2014

        ‘Canadian researchers create “tornado creating” wind dome’

        “The combination of these state-of-the-art technologies will help the industry to understand more about the vulnerability to turbulence of wind turbines, wind farms and other buildings and structures. With increasing rotor dimensions of wind turbines, the turbulence effects become increasingly significant in the operations, maintenance and performance of wind farms.”


        A Danish University is also involved in this.

        Wind turbines are going into Canada no matter what the costs are?

      • The University of Western Ontario
        The Wind Engineering and Environment (WindEEE) Dome
        CFI Project 21166
        Total Value: $23.7M
        CFI Contribution: $9.48M

        Team Partners include:
        Manitoba Hydro
        NRC Can
        Garrard Hassan
        Goldner Associates


      • Sure proves that weather is an important risk factor in Ontario for operating IWTs and the grid/transmission lines which also includes solar.

      • Hydro One, News release, Nov.25, 2014

        ‘High winds knock out power to more than 87,000 Hydro One customers ..’

        Weather and storms are important factors in operating and maintaining Ontario power lines.


  5. Hey Barbara,
    The sky is not falling!

    How can you say this:
    ‘A Danish University is also involved in this.

    Wind turbines are going into Canada no matter what the costs are?’

    Oh yeah – let’s blame Harper

    June 2014
    Western Engineering


    If you want Ontario citizens to believe Canada is pushing
    wind turbines – into Ontario –
    using this as evidence………..
    it’s a pretty poor argument.

    Well it’s just not true.


  6. “Member of Parliament Patrick Brown, leadership contender for Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, accuses wind energy industry of misrepresentation”

    In a press release dated January 28, 2015, MP Patrick Brown dealt a blow to the wind energy industry, citing increasing electricity prices and mismanagement of Ontario’s electricity sector. Brown described the “irresponsible wind policies of the current government” and “fiscal and environmental damage done by wind power generation.”

    “There can be no doubt that wind turbines, when not located in remote, unpopulated regions of the province, have a negative impact on property values,” Brown wrote.

    Accommodating wind energy generation is widely viewed as a key driver of rising electricity prices in Ontario over the last decade, bringing negative effects to the economy including job losses.

    In communities across Ontario the construction and operation of industrial wind energy projects is causing conflicts as neighbouring residents and property owners allege loss of property value, loss of enjoyment and use of property and damage to health stemming from noise and including sleep deprivation.

    Legal doctrines in common law, statutes and government contracts address and in some cases prohibit developments which lead to the loss of property values for neighbours.

    The federally-funded industry group, the Canadian Wind Energy Association denies absolutely that industrial wind energy projects negatively affect neighbouring residential property values, leaving those impacted and concerned in a David vs. Goliath battle for justice.

    “We’re relieved to hear a Conservative Member of Parliament acknowledge what is glaringly obvious to those of us who are most affected– and indeed, to everyone who understands what property value is. Unfortunately this has been a long, very stressful battle for us trying to protect our homes and we’re very disappointed that Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has allowed this injustice to go on, to subsidize it even,” one homeowner, watching the construction of industrial wind turbines going on next door, said.

    Another wrote, “Patrick Brown’s statement is too little, too late for us. All of the electricity infrastructure very close to our home was too much for us to endure. These wind turbines were loud and extremely intrusive. The low frequency noise and vibration is very penetrating. We could feel our bodies resonating when we were in bed and trying to sleep. When I wound up in the Emergency Room, we knew that we had to leave. It was devastating to leave our family home. I’ll tell you, the reason we had to leave was not because our property had been diminished in value; in fact it was probably because of this reason that we stayed longer than we should have. All of this was aggravated as we were forced to watch others threatened and harmed in the same ways by the same people. This should serve as a wake-up call for all Canadians and people internationally. Not only have the costs and negative effects of industrial wind turbines been severely unrecognized by officials, based on what we have learned, the benefits have been greatly over-stated. It’s a real tragedy that’s costing us dearly.”

      • http:docuse.wordpress.com/badscience




        June 8, 2005

        Curtis Lockett
        Environmental Assessment Officer
        Wind Power Production Incentive
        Natural Resources Canada
        11C9 580 Booth Street
        Ottawa ON K1A 0E4

        Re: Erie Shores Wind Farm EIS – Final Report
        WPPI Registration No. 5902-A2-2

        Dear Curtis:


        As discussed, the schedule for this project is for construction to commence within the next two months. Therefore, we request prompt approval of this report so that the project financing can be completed. Ansar Gafur will be following up with you shortly.

        Yours very truly,

        Mike Crawley
        President and CEO
        AIM PowerGen Corporation

        Cc: D. Zborowski – NRCan
        I. Lamirande – NRCan
        D. Cameron – CEAA
        S. Kumar – MacViro
        D. Price – Clean Power Income Fund’

  7. That’s a sad story, but it tells it as it is Shocked and Discusted.
    Which is why we must soldier on fighting this scam until we’ve won. I wish I could think of a way to get all we wind warriors together, and start physically stopping, blockading projects, one or a few at a time, depending on our numbers. Plus huge traffic stopping convoys in TO, to interfere with the provinces commerce, so it starts costing Citiots as it’s costing us. Until we get their attention they’ll pay us no mind. It’s time to turn the tables. All honest cops will be supporting us, only the corrupt, disgraces to their uniforms, will try to stop us.
    Where do we sign up? I’m in for the long haul for sure.

  8. I think we need someone with a
    Chihuahua, a ponytail
    and that – chews gum!

    Someone I can relate to.

    The conservatives are too honest…….and not honest enough.
    This time round it’s either you want an honest job
    or a food basket
    – from a liberal program designed by Wynne.

    Minimum wage jobs – that put food on the table

    There are so many companies leaving Ontario – it’s unbelievable.
    Ontario is bankrupt……period.

    p.s. target is having their liquidation sale – starting Thursday….if on schedule.
    – and there is a list of others

    Patrick Brown – doesn’t have a ponytail!

    • Oops!
      in reply to you – Douglas Moran

      p.s. I hear what you are saying – by the way.

    • Wrigley’s Gum is leaving Toronto, 2016, to move to Gainesville, Georgia with a loss of 380 jobs.

  9. Liberal Party – to create a ‘new economy’ –
    and everything will be ‘new again’.

    Sears Canada is going through a new round of closures, shutting down five department stores across the country including its flagship location in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, in a $400 million deal.

    An estimated 965 employees at Sears Canada will be affected by the transaction, but the retailer says they will have the option to apply for other jobs within the company.

    Sears Canada will be selling back store leases to mall operator Cadillac Fairview. Apart from the Eaton Centre, the company will be closing stores in Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Markville Shopping Centre in Markham, Ont., London-Masonville Place in London, Ont. and Richmond Centre in Richmond, B.C.

    Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/sears-to-close-5-more-locations-including-flagship-toronto-store-1.1517956#ixzz3Qjl1eHjQ

    In the meantime – eat potato chips!

    • Re-apply for some great new part-time jobs with no benefits starting at minimum wage! Try to be respectful to the people in line in front of you!

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