9 Wind Turbines approved for Clarington

Approved-Rubber-Stamp-724817Environmental Registry
A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to Ganaraska Nominee Ltd. (Capstone Power Development) to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of 9 wind turbines, with a total name plate capacity of 17.6 MW. The wind facility will be connected to Hydro One Networks Inc.’s distribution system.

This Class 4 wind facility, known as ZEP Wind Farm Ganaraska, consists generally of 9 wind turbine generators, access roads, an internal underground collector system, and a transformer substation. The wind facility is located in the Municipality of Clarington, Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario.

Note that since the REA application was deemed complete on January 7, 2014, Ganaraska Nominee Ltd. made minor changes to the project, which include the following:

  • Removal of Turbine 2 and Turbine 7 from the project layout, resulting in a reduction in the number of wind turbine generators to be constructed, from 10 to 9; and
  • Decrease in the total name plate capacity of the project, from 20 MW to 17.6 MW. Read more

3 thoughts on “9 Wind Turbines approved for Clarington

  1. Incredible! Yet another nuke bomb on The Oak Ridges Morraine. The water source of 100s of 1,000s of homes, farms etc., now exposed to certain contamination from hydraulic fluids amongst numerous other contaminants. But who needs water? Obviously not rural Ontarions, according to the worst, most corrupt gov. in Canadian history.
    It doesn’t appear as though this particular project has had much opposition, at least according to the number of comments, (160) the Ont. Ministry of Environmental Destruction claims to have rec’d. But then they can’t be believed in any way ever, as they’re corrupt beyond hope.
    Is anyone appealing this decision, ie STORM c/w partners, I wonder? I sure hope so.
    They may have been awaiting the ERT decision on Snowy Ridge in Manvers, which is partially on the ORM. That’s supposed to be coming sometime in February, although I’m sure it was decided a long time ago, way before the trial began, which was an absolute, in your face, f’you farce. Like I imagine all the others have been to date.
    As an aside , I just read that this #^%\£%#¥ On. government has called for proposals for another big swat of IWTs. This province is toast folks, if IWTs can’t be stopped. But ya’ll know that too.
    I repeat, it’s non-violent blockades and shutting down TO with tractor convoys, manure spreaders all around Queens park. Active manure spreaders would be a real hoot! Give em all a feel for farm life, nature and the like. Ha ha.

  2. Just drove by the massive wind turbine erected this week in Clarington. Ugly and huge. I feel bad for the home owners beside these things. Shame on the government for allowing hard working people to live near these structures. How would they like it in their back yard? Government is out of control doing whatever they want.

  3. I live about 7-8 Kilometers from these things. I can even see the the tips of them from my kitchen table.

    I really wonder if these things will have any affect on my family’s health of the re-sale value of my home.

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