Wind Turbine Working Group Opposes Plan For More Wind Power Proposals

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The Multi Municipal Wind Turbine Working group has written a letter of protest over the province’s request for new wind power proposals. Chair and Arran-Elderslie Deputy Mayor Mark Davis is asking the minister of energy why the province wants to add another 300 mega watts of wind power.

He questions how the province can add more to an already mismanaged system. “The financial ramifications of what the green energy act has done to the cost of electricity is decimating this province,” he says. “Whether it be from manufacturing sector, to just regular good taxpaying people, we’re accomplishing nothing other than taking ourselves out of a competitive market place.” Davis says electricity ratepayers continue to watch in alarmed disbelief as their hydro bills skyrocket. Read article

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  1. United States Tornadoes, July 25, 2013

    ‘From domestic to international: Tornadoes around the world’

    Website has world map of where tornadoes occur.

    U.S. has 75% of the world’s tornadoes.
    Canada has 5% of the world’s tornadoes

    The majority of tornadoes occur in the Great Plains and Great Lakes areas of Canada with Southwestern Ontario being one of the hot-spots because these are the Northern tracks of the U.S. Tornado Alley. Or North American Tornado Alley.

    Maybe the MOE and Wynne should be reminded of these facts?

    Scroll down to Environment Canada tornado map which only includes information thru 2009.

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