Infrasound And Motion Sickness

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  1. The flu shot this year has been ineffective. The flu shot has been fatal for some who had illness prior to receiving the shot. It’s only a mere few of the population, so what the heck! UNACCEPTABLE. Inexcusable. Where have we heard that before? How would you feel Farmer, if the fatality was your child?

    Infrasound harms a small percentage of the population exposed to the lfws. Harming 1 person is too many.
    If the majority people of Ontario elect a government that chooses to proceed with something that is harmful to people; the least they should do is expropriate the land and compensate these people generously.
    Those who had no choice but to live by, put up with and endure the harm from industrial wind turbine development must be compensated even more. What amount to you put on one’s health, one’s life?! These people deserve to be handed the world. Those responsible for the harm and placing these people in power, must pay. Slap a big tax on the Liberals…for starters; politicians and civil servants. Heck, they can afford it, especially the Liberal Cronies…those double dippers, sheesh.
    Recycle those turbines. Place them around prisons and institutions housing the Liberal criminals. Give them a taste of their own medicine while at the same time, supplying electricity for the facility. How about those electric chairs?! I think I’m on to something…

    • the farm that was my dream is gone with the wind..
      I do not look for compensation I look to TRY and change this parasitic world of illusions that is the legal fiction bull crap we are smothered in and your register copyright name included.
      If you trust vaccines without asking for the ingredients then you trust this stupid corporated government that allow so many deaths of bullets,bombs exported with our military killing other innocent people that just so happen not to be behind this man made border,that the creator never made
      As it stands Thou Shall not Kill We are aiding and abetting in killing by supporting these wars in our taxes and submission to the legal registered copyright name that we should not claim joiner to Owners are the;triple crown not you
      And these god dam wind turbines that had me move along without my consent.
      And if you want to vaccinate your children not knowing whats in there its your choice to make. your free will.
      Have a very nice day Love and peace

  2. Sommer, you asked whether the information was used at the tribunals? Our group just went through an ERT hearing and it was appalling. The aggressive legals from the MOE and proponents use every means to STRIKE out evidence that will expose the truth about harm to people from turbines constructed to close to people’s homes. Our engineer professor gathered 21 pages of evidence about the inaccurate sound power level that the proponent used in their submission to the MOE.
    All the proponent had to do was ask and 19 pages were removed. If the correct sound power level was used then the dBa noise level would have exceeded the noise level of 40 in the MOE’s guidelines. This is just one example of our legal system in action. The TRUTH is swept off the table. The standard for a witness to qualify as an expert is set so high for anti wind and they are grilled relentlessly on their qualifications. The wind industry must be protected at all costs.

    • Thanks ‘Country Gal’ for bringing the focus back to the article re: infrasound.
      I share your dismay at the injustices that have occurred at the tribunals and look forward to the day when all such injustices will be exposed and all who have been complicit will be named and “grilled relentlessly” under oath.
      We also need to go forward and figure out how to use the new infrasound information.

  3. The discussion of Infrasound and Motion sickness has been hijacked to a discussion of Vaccines? Sad because distraction is a technique used to move the audience away from the objective which was a broader understanding of infrasound and motion sickness as it relates to industrial wind turbine noise

      • OWR has always been very focused on wind turbines alone. Please discuss other (important) issues on sites that are focused on those concerns.

      • Yes, let’s get back to IWT issues.

        And there are quite a few issues involved with IWTs. There are more than a couple of issues that have to be discussed.

        Interest has not been lost.

        One issue that should be looked at is what references are being used to support the “notion” that IWTs don’t cause any harm. Papers have been published but who and which references are being cited? And what methods were used in the so called study designs?

      • Papers can be written/produced to obtain the desired results that authors want.

        Others besides the health people who have been working on the health issues likely will have to look into how these studies have been produced. And there are reasons why.

        This will provide a more independent look at this situation. Those too close to a situation can be attacked.

        Some of this information has already been posted at OWR.

      • Windaction…. My sentiments exactly! There’s a reason why this site is called “Ontario WIND RESISTANCE”!

    • The issues of “sound” and health effects from IWTs can’t be avoided unless you move. So people have a right to be and should be very concerned about these issues.

      An issue like vaccines, which is a health issue, points out individuals can avoid something like vaccines but NOT the effects from IWTs which affect many people’s lives.

      Issues need to be identified, separated out and dealt with.

      Let’s not confuse the issues in dealing with IWTs.

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