Nova Scotia: South Canoe wind developer Acciona faces second lawsuit

06-21%20LawsuitThe Chronicle Herald 
A New Brunswick-based rebar installer has filed another lawsuit against the 34-turbine South Canoe wind farm over alleged unpaid bills. Acadia Rebar of Saint-Leolin, N.B., launched the action in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on Tuesday, saying it is owed $323,000.

The suit names contractors and subcontractors working on the $200-million wind farm, which is under construction near New Ross, Lunenburg County. The project’s majority partners, Minas Basin Pulp & Power and Oxford Frozen Foods, and minority partner Nova Scotia Power are also included in the action. In addition, turbine supplier Acciona Windpower North America is named, as are site landowners.

Last week, Acadia Rebar launched a similar action, claiming it’s also owed $550,000 due to extra costs caused by changes to its contract. The changes stemmed from delays installing turbine bases, the company says. Read article

9 thoughts on “Nova Scotia: South Canoe wind developer Acciona faces second lawsuit

  1. Many people don’t understand that these are commercial build leases they are signing. They are allowing contractors to build on their property and this makes them responsible too.

    As I recall, people who tried to warn others about getting involved with these kinds of projects were accused of scare mongering.

  2. Wind Energy And Land Leases, March 13, 2014

    Website has information on wind energy royalty rights.

    How to sell active wind energy or solar royalty rights to third party investors.

    Link is also carried by W.A.I.T.


    AWCC Capital, U.S.

    “AWCC Capital will purchase your wind/solar ground rent payments with an upfront lump sum payment.”

    Don’t know if rent payments are being bought in Ontario yet?

    There is a lot of money that can be had by land owners from these kinds of projects.

    Could this money also be a factor in these so called IWT health studies as host participants keep silent? Ready cash can be had from these IWT projects.

    Don’t have to wait 20 years to get all of the money. Can cash in right away.

  3. Cashing in does not let these guys off the hook. Just like McGuinty and his accomplices, just because he is not in office does not make him any less guilty. Their crimes will catch up with them, sooner then later.

    • Doesn’t this make them more on the hook?

      How can an IWT health study be done when those who can get this kind of money won’t say anything?

  4. Exactly. When are these people going to wise up? Take the money and talk already! They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Step right up folks, do yourself a huge favor.

    • Being able to cash in right away on either or both the royalties and the leases is a break in information that rural Ontarians needed.

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