ERT dismisses Manvers wind turbine project appeal

buddhist-1My Kawartha
MANVERS TWP – Opponents of a controversial wind energy project have lost their bid to keep five mega-turbines out of the Pontypool area.  The Environmental Review Tribunal released its decision in a 200-plus page report on Thursday (Feb. 19), ruling in favour of wpd Canada’s Sumac Ridge project.

The Sumac Ridge Renewable Energy Approval was submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in June of 2012.  In December, 2013, the Province approved the project and the decision was immediately appealed to the Tribunal. The appellants were the Buddhist Cham Shan Temple, Manvers Wind Concerns and Cransley Home Farm Limited. In presenting their case, they called 17 witnesses (pre-qualified by the tribunal).

The Cham Shan Temple planned to build four temples in the Bethany area on land they’ve owned for 20 years; mirroring the four Temples in China for a spiritual pilgrimage. They maintained the wind turbines would interfere with their freedom of religion, preventing the peace and quiet necessary for such a pilgrimage, which would draw Buddhists from around the world to the City of Kawartha Lakes. They planned to invest about $100 million and maintained that if Sumac Ridge went ahead they would abandon the Temple project. Read article

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  1. The evil here is that the ERT and its parent Ministries have all received the same government Order of the Day: all appeals, all variations or modifications of Green Energy development proposals will be TURNED DOWN. The only choice is to keep assaulting the walls of this undemocratic system until the finest of cracks appear.

    • Each and every one of these ERT appeals are on the record. Someday when this ‘green’ agenda is fully exposed, all players in the denial will be realized as complicit and brought to justice.

      • ICE AGE NOW, Feb.19, 2015

        Great Lakes “likely to have the most ice since records began” says meteorologist.

        Great Lakes ice is running ahead of last year, 2014, and will increase with more brutal cold coming.

        Also link to ICAP story that has the temperature graphs.

        And does the MSM carry this kind of information?



        Nashville, Tenn. has been experiencing “ice quakes”

      • Prometheus, June 1992, pp.83-98

        ‘Scientific fraud and the power structure of science’

        From the Abstract:

        “Fraud is an integral part of the way science is organised today.”

        This should be brought to public attention.

      • DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy
        Why are millions dying of malaria, a disease all but extinct forty years ago?

        ‘[excerpt] “Fraud in science is a major problem.” So begins “DDT: A Case Study in Scientific Fraud” by the late J. Gordon Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Entomology at San Jose State University in San Jose, California.

        The article was published shortly after his death last July in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Fall, 2004. It is based in part on his 34-page manuscript discussing fraud in acid rain, ozone holes, ultraviolet radiation, carbon dioxide, global warming, and pesticides, particularly DDT.

        His publications distinguish Edwards as the leading authority on the environmental science and politics of DDT.

        In World War I, prior to the discovery of the insecticidal potential of DDT, typhus killed more servicemen than bullets. In World War II, typhus was no problem. The world has marveled at the effectiveness of DDT in fighting malaria, yellow fever, dengue, sleeping sickness, plague, encephalitis, West Nile Virus, and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, and lice.

        Today, the greatest killer and disabler is malaria, which kills a person every 30 seconds. By the 1960s, DDT had brought malaria near to extinction. “To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. In little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million human deaths, due to malaria, that otherwise would have been inevitable,” said the National Academy of Sciences.

        But the handwriting was on the wall when William Ruckelshaus, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, in an address to the Audubon Society in Milwaukee in 1971, clearly stated his position:…’

        ‘[excerpt] But Miss Carson’s skillful writing was enough to direct a new-born environmental industry looking for a hot issue into a feverish campaign against DDT. “Rachel Carson set the style for environmentalism. Exaggeration and omission of pertinent contradictory evidence are acceptable for the holy cause,” wrote Professors Ames and Jukes.’

        Posted on April 13, 2013
        Michael Mann now a DDT expert; Defends indefensible Rachel Carson — Rachel lied, millions died (and are still dying)

      • The Boston area, home of Harvard & MIT, is nearly buried in snow this present 2015 winter.

      • And Al Gore has a farm in Tennessee and is the Gore family home.

      • Panel on Responsible Conduct of Research

        ‘The RCR Framework (2011)’

        Scroll down to:

        1. Introduction
        2. Responsibilities of Researchers
        3. Breaches of Agency Policies by Researchers
        4. Responsibilities of Institutions
        5. Breaches of Agency Policies by Institutions
        6. Responsibilities of the Agencies

        The Government of Canada does have a Code of Ethics for research.

      • Hey Barbara,

        Pro’s and con’s of confusion…..
        ……..I think the simple answer is ‘yes’

      • Time to take another look at the Health Canada Study IWT panel members?

    • COPE/ Committee On Publication Ethics

      Problem areas in published papers:

      Redundant (duplicate) publication
      Fabricating data
      Changes in authorship
      Undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript.

      Article covers publication misconduct guidelines.

      These rules could apply to any published information or information submitted to obtain a contract.

  2. Pick a day – any day!

    A ‘coalition of mayors’ – will show up @ Queens Park!

    Ontario citizens – still waiting
    for that day!

    • Don’t hold your breath on that one. The mayors have been a bunch of pussies.
      Rise up Ontario. If we can’t help ourselves there is no hope.

      • ‘[excerpt] TORONTO – This province hit rock bottom Thursday — the lowest of the low — when Elections Ontario Chief Greg Essensa released his report on the dirty little Sudbury byelection.

        Essensa said such an alleged bribery investigation is unprecedented. No other government, no other party, has stooped this low.

        “No Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario has ever conducted a regulatory investigation into allegations of bribery or ever reported an apparent contravention of the home statutes of my office to the Attorney General,” he said.

        Essensa said he believes two Liberal operatives — one of whom, Pat Sorbara, is now deputy chief of staff to Premier Kathleen Wynne — contravened the Elections Act.

        Sudbury Liberal operative Gerry Lougheed Jr. is also under investigation for allegedly offering a bribe to entice former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier to step aside in the Sudbury byelection and make way for their star candidate, Glenn Thibeault.

        “I am of the opinion that the actions of Gerry Lougheed Jr. and Patricia Sorbara amount to apparent contraventions of subsection 96.1 (e) of the Election Act,” Essensa says in his letter to Speaker Dave Levac.

        Compounding this shocking report was the reaction from Wynne and her ministers.

        They cherrypicked words to make it sound as if Essensa had vindicated them.


        Essensa’s report was sent to the Attorney General’s office. It’s now been passed on to the federal Crown Attorney office. The OPP is already probing these allegations.’

      • Helps us understand what Premier Wynne thinks a “fact” is.
        And what it means for something to be “false.”

        “Ontario disgusted by Premier Wynne’s use of f-words”

        ‘[excerpt] The bombshell finding Thursday from Elections Ontario chief Greg Essensa fuelled opposition calls for Pat Sorbara’s resignation as the corruption case is handed over to the OPP, already conducting a separate criminal probe.

        Wynne rallied behind Sorbara — also a key architect of last June’s Liberal election victory — but left the option of throwing her under the bus as the government reviews Essensa’s damning 29-page report.

        “We will let the process unfold,” the embattled premier said during a raucous question period in the legislature dominated by the scandal.

        “This doesn’t change the fact that any suggestion that anything was offered in exchange for any action is false.”’

  3. Tis sort of thing has to be front line news in the mainstream media. They seem to touch on it very little. I know its difficult if you get an editor or producer who tskes a favourable tact to the “Green” developers. In that case it can be almost impossible get the news out. However, this is transparent to the vast majority of Ontario rate payers.

  4. The government created the ERT monster so let them now suffer the political consequences of this action.

    Other summary issues in this ERT decision include hedgerows and rural fires.

    Ask, for one example, the opinion of First Nations people about the dangers of rural fires? NO?

    Hedgerows, fence-rows and wind breaks control soil erosion as well as cover for birds that control weed seeds and insects. The species doesn’t matter but the effect does. Over time fields can lose all of their topsoil due to wind.

    Just how many of these ERT lawyers have any rural background upon which to make decisions they have made?

    • How great a rural background does K Wynne have? This didn’t prevent her self-appointment to Agriculture Minister. Maybe she still is Agr Minister, for all the difference it makes.

  5. Kudos to the Cham Shan Temple and their allies for putting up such a strong challenge at the Sumac Ridge ERT. They must be extremely disappointed with the outcome, especially after already investing so much time and money in their development.

    However, the Chinese Pheasants have come home to roost.

    I’ve been to almost every IWT town hall, public meeting, rally and protest and I can honestly say that I have never once seen a person that appeared to be of Chinese / Asian descent at any of these events. When I bring up the topic of IWTs to any of my Asian friends and acquaintances, all I get is the blankest of blank stares. This issue was not on their radar when they, along with their uninformed urban neighbours, gave Kathleen Wynne her minor majority.

    So, how will this unfortunate ERT decision play out now?

    An appeal of sorts, maybe?

    Will Cham Shan follow through on their threat to abandon their project if the wind turbines go up?

    Will the Chinese Community at large get wind of this apparent slight to their culture and become engaged in things that effect more than life at Spadina and Dundas?

    Will Sumac Ridge be renamed Cham Sham?

    Will the Pheasants ever leave?

  6. I hope the temple takes thier cash to a different town so the officials can watch the money go down the drain.

    Instead take it to a pristine uncluttered unindustrialized landscape where they can watch the money, people, tourism flow for countless decades.

    The community instead can have turbines, what a thrill. With that one permanant job to offer.

    Someday people will open their eyes at the trade off their getting. $$$$ or useless rusting turbines hmmm hard choice for some…

    • That’s just the problem Fedup. The Buddhists did take their cash to an uncluttered, pristine landscape over 20 yrs. ago, started their project, then along came the corrupt Wind Weasels. The city of Kawartha Lakes participated in the fight against the Turbines, supplying engineers, the Fire Chief & others, so they know full well, the extent of the financial costs/losses, the municipality will now suffer.
      No, it matters not where you pick in Ontario, nowhere is safe, as Liberal profiteering Wind Weasels have full control of Ontarios’ destruction.
      There is only one way left to save Ontario & that starts with physically stopping entry of the Weasels and their turbines to the lands, our lands, they plan to install them.
      All Ontarions who rightly oppose IWTs, must get together, join as one (somehow?) and continue growing and fighting these treasonous so & sos, by whatever means become necessary. Hopefully nonviolently, but that will be determined by whomever dares to try to stop/move us.
      All honest people and police persons with a conscious, will be on our side, so I’m sure that violence won’t happen or be required.
      To clarify my position, I don’t condone or encourage violence in any way, shape or form.

      • Maybe the temple will never be completed. Plenty of people must have already made donations to build the temple.

        The unused land itself can be sold. So some of the money can be recovered but what happened to the dreams of those involved in this project has now turned into a nightmare.

  7. Great Lakes increased “ice-cover” = absolute proof of “Global Warming”!! …. only to some!!

    • That must be why their approach to all this has been renamed, “Climate Change”, so whether it’s too hot or too cold, they can still keep people alarmed.

      • Remember, not so long ago, when they used to call it “Global Warming”?

    • If Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze, isn’t that a sign of Global Warming to those who live in the GTA?

      Tenn. must be suffering form the “Gore effect” with all of the ice quakes?
      Ice quakes sound like explosions and can shake houses.

      • The annual meeting at Davos in late January where where the big sharks make economic decisions.

        And Canada is well represented at Davos too.

      • I love shopping!

        15 Tweets That Will Make You Hate Davos

        Once again, it’s Davos, the world’s most elite corporate-sponsored networking junket dedicated to the gravest of global issues. Here’s a smattering of Twitter reports on how things are going a mile high in the Swiss Alps.

        Thus far, activities include shopping for an across-the-pond pied-à-terre.


        Davos 2015: World Bank chief makes climate action plea

        ‘[excerpt] ‘Move to cleaner cities no brainer,’ says Kim as Al Gore and Pharrell Williams launch initiative including global music event

        The president of the World Bank hasurged the international community to help developing nations cope with a warming planet as the first day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos was dominated by calls to make 2015 a year of action on climate change.

        Jim Kim called for rich and poor countries to put aside their differences over tackling climate change as he warned that the hottest year on record in 2014 was evidence of accelerating global warming.

        “We are seeing the accelerated impact of climate change. Last year was the hottest on record. That matters. Extreme weather is real. It’s a complete no brainer to move towards cleaner more liveable cities,” said Kim.

        He was speaking to the Guardian after Al Gore launched an initiative to get the world’s population behind climate change ahead of crucial United Nation talks scheduled to begin in November by teaming up with pop star Pharrell Williams. A 24-hour-long live music extravaganza is to be held in June – with concerts involving more than 100 as yet unannounced acts on seven continents – and it will be the second time the former US vice president has teamed up with the singer to raise awareness of climate change.

        Launching the Live Earth: Road to Paris concert in front of business leaders, politicians and policymakers assembled in the Swiss mountain tops, Gore said: “The purpose is to have a billion voices with one message to demand climate change now.”

        “It is absolutely crucial that we build public will for an agreement,” said Gore, who has won the Nobel peace price for his work on climate change.

        Much hinges on the UN-based talks in Paris, attendees at the Davos meeting were told. “There is a huge challenge ahead for the rest of this year,” Kim told the Guardian.

      • Flashback!
        Gore family politics…….

        Al Gore, polluter?
        VP repeatedly chose politics, gain over environment in personal life

        ‘[excerpt] Although Al Gore frequently hammers George W. Bush about Houston’s
        air pollution being the worst in the nation, Gore neglects to mention
        that in a recent study the Environmental Protection Agency found
        Tennessee’s water pollution to be the second-worst in the nation. And
        Gore especially avoids mentioning that he is directly responsible for
        some of that water pollution.

        In fact, starkly contrasting with his passionate speeches or warnings
        in his best-selling book,

        “Earth in the Balance,” about ozone depletion and other urgent environmental topics, Gore has a long-standing reputation for polluting the environment in Tennessee.

        Gore’s environmental depredations began in 1973 after he bought a farm near Carthage, Tenn., loaded with zinc from his father, Albert Gore Sr., who had acquired it from Armand Hammer, an oil tycoon, art forger, stock swindler and longtime friend of several Soviet dictators. Gore Sr. had been on Hammer’s payroll from 1950 to 1970 while the elder Gore was also a senator from Tennessee. After his defeat in 1970, he became senior vice president of Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum Co., and headed its subsidiary, Island Creek Coal Co.

        Al Gore Jr. leased the mineral rights back to an Occidental-affiliated company at $20,000 a year, which was much higher than the going rate. Gore now owns about $1.1 million in land near Carthage.’


      • Priceless comments! And going on right in Toronto.

        Al Gore, Jr. almost became the Pres. of The United States.

      • Private Wealth Council, Principality of Liechtenstein

        Select People which includes:

        Albert Gore,Jr.,Generation Investment Management
        Nicholas Parker, Toronto, Cleantech Network LLC & was Chair. of Corporate Knights Media 2011-2013

  8. Frost Quakes?
    Winter 2014
    – and I will never forget the experience.

    Recent weather activity brings frost quakes to southern Ontario

    Jan. 03 2014
    ‘[excerpt] If your new year has started off with more of a bang than you expected, chances are Mother Nature is to blame.

    Large swaths of southern Ontario have been experiencing a phenomenon known as frost quakes, a comparatively rare meteorological event that only takes place in unusual circumstances.

    Meteorologists say recent ice storms, thaws and deep freezes have created ideal conditions for the frost quakes that have caused public consternation and even alarm.’

    ‘[excerpt] Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist with the Weather Network, said the reaction is perfectly justified.

    Frost quakes – scientifically known as cryoseisms – are more commonly found in glaciers than in residential areas, she said.

    The quakes take place when water is allowed to seep into cracks in the soil, then quickly turns to ice as a result of a rapid drop in temperature.

    Vettese said water accumulation usually takes place as a result of a heavy rain storm, adding the sequence was slightly different this time around.

    “We had the ice storm or freezing rain event, then we had warm temperatures, or just about freezing at the surface. Then the temperatures plummeted after that,” Vettese said in an interview from Oakville, Ont. “That’s why we’ve seen a couple of these events between the ice storm and the beginning of 2014.”

    • Now glacier conditions have extended as far south as Tenn.? Not so rare any longer?

      Sen. Markey of Cap & Trade fame and Sec. of State John Kerry both come from the Boston area. Both rabid fans of Climate Change/Global Warming.

      • We’re so lucky to be living in Ontario Canada

        We have aaah
        Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

        We’re so ripe!

      • The sustainability and green movements are now working together. So there is confusion about these issues.

        Add Climate Change to the Ministry and that makes it official government business!

  9. Of course the ministry had to change
    Their name, how else could they have
    Convinced the idiots that we need a
    carbon tax!

    Yup paying another tax on everything will
    Prevent frost, floods, storms don’t cha
    Know…. Someone tell mother nature she’s supposed to vanish now…..

  10. Here’s another very recent article by Dr. Tim Ball. It’s published in wattsupwiththat. This is the title.
    ‘The Disparity Between IPCC Science Reports, Summary For Policymakers and Reality, Requires a Political Science Solution’

    One comment to this article is especially interesting to me:
    Mervyn February 23, 2015 at 6:39 am
    I’ve said on numerous occasions, the only way to expose this climate change fraud and deception is through the legal system … testing the evidence of the IPCC and its scientific spokesmen who are fuelling this deception and fraud. Failing that, it requires an official inquiry such as the calling of a Royal Commission like those held in say the UK, Australia and New Zealand, or as in the U.S, a Congressional Hearing in which the IPCC can be held to account for its work, and where the counter evidence of the sceptic scientific community may be considered.

    It looks like we may be coming closer to this possibility. Don’t expect MSM or any of our elected leaders to talk about this. Though I do think we should all give them a ‘heads up’.

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