ANOTHER wind development for Chatham-Kent

Proposed project map (click for full size)Sydenham Current
A two-phase wind farm project is being proposed for North Kent. The project by Samsung and Pattern Energy could lead to an additional 90 wind turbines being constructed in the former Dover and Chatham Townships. Chatham-Kent staff is recommending that both phases of the project be approved by council.

After completing the South Kent Wind project last March, Samsung and Pattern informed Chatham-Kent staff they were moving forward with the North Kent Wind project. A staff report indicates that phase one of the project will be approximately 100 megawatts and consist of approximately 40 to 50 turbines. The turbines would be constructed on private land, and the design, specifications and layout are still under development.

The project will be subject to the Renewable Energy Approval process, a permitting process which evaluates projects for environmental, social and archaeological impacts, a staff report says. The second phase is dependent upon an award by the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO.) If it proceeds, it will also be of a size between 50 to 100 megawatts and between 20 and 40 turbines.

Staff says Samsung and Pattern have offered the Municipality the option to purchase a “15% equity interest” in the North Kent Wind Projects, as an additional community benefit. Read article

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    • LINKEDIN, Entegrus Inc.

      “Entegrus is a unique Utility in Ontario, as we have a private investor-Croix Energy, as one of our shareholders. Our majority shareholder is the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.”


      Business Vancouver, Feb.5, 2015

      ‘CEO to change at B.C.’s 17th largest private company’

      Brett Hodson, CEO Croix Group, since 2001 is leaving as of March.4, 2015

      Brett Hodson is on the Board of Entegrus Inc.

      No mention of Croix Energy in MSM report in the lead news articles above.

      • Hey Barbara,

        I think I corrected your error on this before.
        The article says Corix – not Croix.

        What background @ C-K are you looking @?
        Could you please post it – if you are looking @ it.


        Corix Group

        Company Overview
        The Corix Group (formerly Terasen Water and Utility Services) is a leading utility infrastructure provider of products and services in Canada and the United States, active in the water, wastewater and energy sectors. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Corix designs, builds, supplies and manages community utility infrastructure, including the pipes, valves, fittings, and systems that treat and transport water and wastewater…

        Terasen ownership……..

      • It’s always good to know who C-K is in business with.

        Thanks for the correction!

      • SustainableCitiesCollective, June 18, 2013

        ‘Planning Smarter Cities: Developing District Energy’ or DE for short.

        Scroll down to:

        “Existing Sources of Capital: Corix, a district energy utility company, is 100% backed by PE-BCIMC a Canadian private equity-fund with long term, low risk investments. They invest in infrastructure because it is long term and the PPA guarantees a steady and reliable cash flow. They find it to be a simple investment model that commands an average return on investment of 12%.”

        See: Table 2

        District energy Ownership & Operating Models includes:
        Markham Energy corp.
        EDE Ltd., Toronto

        Also, but not in the table, Toronto Community Housing DE

      • Google:

        SouthKent_IRR_AttachmnetB_20110822-Ontario Energy …, PDF

        OEB, Nov.12, 2010

        Application for Electricity Transmission Licence, Chatham-Kent Transmission Inc, Redacted Version

        Exhibit D: Financial information from Corix Group of Companies.

        Exhibit F: Information on Pattern Energy Group

        These parties have had a financial dealing prior to the present proposed financial arrangement of a 15% interest.

      • NASDAQ, Pattern Energy Group Inc. Institutional Ownership


        1. Riverstone Holdings, 21,962,546 shares
        2 Carlyle Group LP, 6,554,738 shares
        3. Deutsche Bank AG, 4, 328,713 shares
        4. CI Investments, 3, 995,084 shares
        9. RBC, 1,383,410 shares


        Wikipedia, The Carlyle Group

        Scroll down to:
        Since 2007

        March 2009, Riverstone Holdings and New York State Common Retirement System

        November 30, 2009, Synagro and the Detroit corruption scandal.

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