Opponents of wind turbine project file a Ministerial Appeal

MANVERS TWP – A group that was one of the appellants opposing a controversial wind turbine project near Pontypool has filed a Ministerial Appeal after the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) ruled against them in February. In an email on Wednesday (March 18) Manvers Wind Concerns said the cost of the first option, a judicial review, was so high that while the legal team “did in fact find potential grounds” for such an appeal, “the financial realities are daunting.”

The cost of a judicial review would be about $75,000, but if the appellants lost, an award against them for costs incurred by wpd Canada could easily push that figure to $150,000, the group says.

Manvers Wind Concerns, along with Cransley Home Farms Ltd and the Buddhist Cham Shan Temple launched an appeal in December of 2013 after the province approved wpd Canada’s Sumac Ridge wind energy project. Much of 2014 was taken up with legal wrangling between the appellants and lawyers for wpd Canada and the Ministry of Environment. Read article

5 thoughts on “Opponents of wind turbine project file a Ministerial Appeal

  1. Research every aspect of this industrial wind turbine scam.
    Learn about the IPCC fraud behind the alarmism/catastrophic predictions that were used/are still being used as the rationale for these turbines at wattsupwiththat .
    Look at the information that Parker Gallant has published regarding the waste of money these turbines are to residents of Ontario.
    Follow the stories about energy poverty in this province.
    And above all, follow the most recent developments regarding adverse health impacts and infrasound.
    The wind companies have placed turbines much too close to people’s homes and barns in rural Ontario. The victims deserve compensation for all costs incurred financially in protecting their families as well as for the psychological turmoil they’ve suffered/ are suffering still.
    Watch ‘Big Wind’ on TVO…coming soon.

  2. ‘Big Wind’ will be shown on TVO on Wednesday, March 25 at 9:00 p.m., Sunday, March 29 at 9:00 p.m., and Tuesday, March 31st at 9:00 p.m.

    Please encourage others to watch this.

  3. It’s good that we are still fighting, but not so good, methinks, that we have had our right to appeal effectively removed by the undemocratic & extraordinarily corrupt, Liberal GEA, by first fixing the law so we can’t possibly win, then secondly kicking us while down by charging us for their 12 or so lawyers!
    My wonder is, where are the native leaders who are supposed to be fighting against this to protect their lands, the environment et al? Why don’t they stand /speak up as they have successfully done over Mattawa way?
    Their silence is deafening!
    Unfortunately only natives have the right to blockade in Ontario, otherwise it’d be a done deal, if we could all take part in protecting our children’s futures, saving the environment from the destruction of useless IWTs.

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