C-K Mayor Hope: “[Wind companies] Don’t Give a Shit. They Don’t Have To Pay You”

CANWEA-Municipal-World-2011by Harvey Wrightman
The recent Ontario Good Roads Association/Rural Ontario Municipal Association(OGRA/ROMA) conference chose it’s presenters for something other than insight. Listening to the self-absorbed mayor of Chatham/Kent, Randy Hope, I had the sudden feeling of wanting to flee the room. Here’s a taste of him for starters:

“I’ve dealt with the people who claim the wind turbine has created obesity. I’ve created the issue about the birds and the bees and the bats. And, trust me, we’ve dealt with every health standard – even the Federal government’s ploy to divert the attention around the pipeline and put the health study on the wind turbines. Done, completed and no issue. And even recently I had somebody complain about my wind turbines too close to my airport. And which I found was pretty ridiculous and it was politically motivated. But you know at the end of the day, Transport Canada, my pilots, and NAVCAN all agreed there is no unsafe condition that is applied to my airport in my community.                   

Phew! That’s a lot of first person ego to deal with at one sitting.  It’s a bit hard to decipher exactly where he’s headed but I’ll bet you can guess already.

“I’m not trying to convince you to support wind, that’s your personal choice. But I hear, “Why am I providing power to Toronto…  There’s a “community benefit program” we put in place based on the size of the project, so we have it going into a community foundation fund… (which) has specific areas in which that money needs to be utilized for – which follows the lines which the community is trying to do???”

Ahhh! – It’s the Money!!! Hang on.

 So we have the community strategic fund which the monies go into. We also have the tax revenues which are associated to it. We probably get about $3500 for industrial tax base which comes from each turbine based on the size of megawatts that are there…and currently we are looking at from a municipal point of view is to actually invest in it. Payback in return over the investment years that are there. We have some companies that we still have areas that we’re probably dealing. I probably have availability for another 120 turbines in Chatham/Kent, and we’re looking at ownership in one of those and there’s ways to formulate that it doesn’t cost me nothing but I get revenues from. So those are formulas in which we’re utilizing. 

I must say though from our perspective and because of my relationship and council’s relationship with our developers, they know we mean business, we’ve meant business since day one. They’ve come with great community programs and supported a lot of community stuff that local, federal and provincial government haven’t been able to support. And they’ve been there. They’ve been participating in the community and been good corporate citizens. 

But let me tell you – and I don’t know when to do this but everybody says, “I’m a no wind zone, and council’s not going to pass a resolution.”  Do you know under the new system they don’t really  give a shit. Sorry. They don’t give a shit whether you’ve got a resolution or not. 

The thing is if you supported and worked with the wind developers you’ve got a better chance of getting a community package than to say, “No.” If you say, “No”, the wind developer doesn’t have to give you a community package. So who have you misrepresented?  You’ve misrepresented your community because you haven’t taken any advantage of getting more money for your residents for the benefits for the community, of putting initiatives in your community, instead you’ve stood on this pedestal and said, “I want no wind in my community and meanwhile you’ve just jeopardized financial opportunities to gain revenues because with a letter of support you tie fiscal responsibility and monies to the community. It’s a … I mean I get (untelligible) , I get emotional about that because people people tell me they’re a no-wind community. You’ve just hurted your community, because when they put their application inthey’re gonna go to the next one ‘cause there’s nobody here getting’ community support. They’ll all go in this bundle over here they don’t need community support. You get the project – {loud bang) –oops that community gets no money now. Because they don’t have to pay you.

Here’s the word-from-on-high that local mayors were to bring back to their councils from the two apparatchiks for the wind industry with the provincial officials nodding in approval.  The OFA’s, while admitting that turbine noise causes “irritation and sleep problems”, recommended either extra insulation (useless) or relocation (eviction) of those residents who are affected by wind project noise.

Mayor Randy doesn’t even admit there are problems – “Nope, none, done finished.”

Not content with his sneering disregard for people affected, he attacked any mayor/council who would dare refuse the wind company offers of money. That’s all this industry has to offer.

Schmeergelder or the back of its hand.

Good mayors know that “free money” from wind companies for community benefit deliberately ignores the wind victims. It’s a kind of “blood money.” Who wants to dip their hands in that?

This is Chatham-Kent now.

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21 thoughts on “C-K Mayor Hope: “[Wind companies] Don’t Give a Shit. They Don’t Have To Pay You”

  1. Sounds a lot like Mayor Hewitt in Haldimand! “Were the wind companies gonna put up IWTs in Haldimand anyway”? “Sure!…. Then we might as well get SOME monetary benefit (see Community Bribrancy Fund) from it”

  2. By-Law ?

    ‘[excerpt] Planning Services has been part of an internal restructuring. The Planning Services, Building Services, Municipal Governance Services and Legal Services divisions have been brought together in the corporate structure to create the new Legislative Services Department. Bruce McAllister will be a member of the Senior Management Team of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.’


    Bruce McAllister – new Director of Planning Services

    Bruce McAllister will start his new position with the Municipality on March 23.

    The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has filled the position of Director of Planning Services. The Director is responsible for all land use planning in the Municipality, including consideration of the social, economic and environmental factors that influence land use decisions and which make Chatham-Kent a great place to live, work and play.

    Bruce McAllister will start his new position with the Municipality on March 23, 2015. McAllister was born in Wallaceburg, raised in Lambton County, and has lived in Chatham-Kent for the past twenty years. He is a Registered Professional Planner with the Ontario Professional Planners Institute and a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. He has twenty years of planning experience. McAllister has worked directly with the municipality on various assignments over the years, including development review services, authoring planning studies and acting as an expert witness at the Ontario Municipal Board.

    “We are very pleased that Bruce has agreed to accept this position,” said John Norton, Chief Legal Officer and corporate leader for the Legislative Services Department. “Planning Services has the potential of transforming Chatham-Kent by ensuring that land is used properly, which can drive economic growth and quality of life. Bruce is going to help create a new Chatham-Kent.”

    Planning Services has been part of an internal restructuring. The Planning Services, Building Services, Municipal Governance Services and Legal Services divisions have been brought together in the corporate structure to create the new Legislative Services Department. Bruce McAllister will be a member of the Senior Management Team of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.


    Bruce is an Associate, Project Manager and Client Relationship Manager at Dillon. He is a Registered Professional Planner, Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and a LEED Accredited Professional. He is a multi-disciplinary planner with 18 years of planning consulting experience to both public and private sector clients. He has an extensive background in land use planning, land use policy and land use by-laws. Specifically, he has significant experience in long range planning initiatives, such as Official Plans, Secondary Plans, Master Plans and Zoning By-laws. He also has significant experience in obtaining development approvals for private sector clients and providing development review services for several municipalities. Over the past few years he has also been very involved in renewable energy and sustainability initiatives.

    • By-Law ?
      And who is paying for this?

      Again – If I understood it – I know I would love it.

      The CK Branding Toolkit is a online community service designed to make it easier for businesses, community organizations and citizens to promote our community by using and building the Chatham-Kent Community Brand. The CK Community Brandmark and associated photographs, videos, graphic designs, flags, banners and more marketing tools are now available through the new toolkit.

      “A brand is an essential marketing tool that helps a community to promote itself to the world,” said Michael Burton, Director of Economic Development Services. “It shows the personality and face of a community. If Chatham-Kent businesses, organizations and citizens repeatedly use the CK Brand in their dealings with the outside world, then people in other communities and countries become more and more aware of who we are, what we do, and why they want to deal with us. If they have already heard of Chatham-Kent, then they are more receptive to our approaches. This fact helps to attract newcomers, new business and investment. As a result, we can build our local economy and our quality of life.”

      “A CK video featuring our new brand is already being used in China and India to attract investors,” added Burton, “and we are working out partnerships with local economic sector groups to take advantage of our brand. It’s the community promoting the community. With everyone promoting Chatham-Kent using the same consistent look, we will soon have an effective community marketing approach.”

      “The Internet and social media reach across regional and national borders and are very cost-effective ways of promoting both Chatham-Kent business and the community itself,” said Audrey Ansell, Coordinator of Youth Retention and Immigration. “My advice to community organizations is to find the most engaged people in their networks… people who see the benefit of cultivating their business and the future of Chatham-Kent all at once.”

      “The CK Brand does not replace the identity of a local community, business or organization,” added Communications Officer Brian Worrall. “On the contrary, it will support these identities – big time! You can have both. You should have both, because it works better.”

      Worrall says that much depends on both professional marketers and citizens donating good quality materials to the CK Branding Toolkit: “Some photographs, videos, designs, pamphlets and other tools are already available for community use in the toolkit, but this is just a beginning. The toolkit needs the talents and self-interest of the community to build it into a real marketing asset. I am convinced that donors will come forward both for the community good and because they will be publically recognized on an ongoing basis.”

    • Our sister – Nanjing – looking for brother…………..

      TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne’s first international trade mission to China has garnered almost $1 billion in investments by Chinese companies, her office announced Saturday.

      The week-long trip has also opened the doors for the creation of 1,800 jobs across the province, a statement from the premier’s office said.

      The statement also boasts a new deal with Huawei – a large technology and communications company headquartered in China – will create up to 325 new jobs in Ontario: Around 250 spots for engineers and researchers, and a minimum of 75 marketing, sales, and support jobs.

      Huawei – which has its Canadian head offices in Markham and keeps 95% of its Canadian employees in Ontario – has plans for a “major expansion” in the province, valued at up to $210 million over five years.

      “This mission has been a great success,” Wynne said in a statement. “We have attracted new investments that will create good jobs across the province and strengthened our relationship with China.”

      Saturday marked the final day of the trade mission, which saw Wynne lead delegates from dozens of Ontario science and technology companies and organizations as well Citizenship, Immigration, and International Trade Minister Michael Chan and Economic Development, Trade, and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid.

      Delegates signed 26 agreements during the mission, with stops in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

      The trip did not come without criticism. At the beginning of October, Wynne defended the plan to continue with the trade mission while Hong Kong residents held protests for freer elections.

      At the time, she stressed that she had already met with consul general of China and had stated that “we support freedom of speech.”


      Who is Chen Mailin? […….brother from Nanjing?]

      Former duck farmer from China revealed as buyer of US$40 million Vancouver mansion

    • Go Stephen Harper!
      ‘Operation Fox Hunt’

      ‘[excerpt] …in 2013 Canada and China signed an agreement to share assets connected to corruption.’

      Chinese police agents have been conducting secret operations in Canada — a top destination for allegedly corrupt officials — seeking to “repatriate” suspects and money laundered in real estate.

      Vancouver city officials will not comment on co-operation with Chinese agents in “Operation Fox Hunt,” or on suspects pointed to by Chinese news services.

      Xinhua news agency reported that while China does not have extradition treaties with Canada, the United States and Australia — the three top destinations for corruption suspects — in 2013 Canada and China signed an agreement to share assets connected to corruption.

      Starting in 2014, Chinese agents came to Canada and other countries, Xinhua reported.

      The Province found indications in various data sources of large wealth allegedly misappropriated in China and invested in condo and commercial developments and private residences in and around Vancouver.

      Federal Election Year!
      October 19th – 2015

  3. Why is accepting money/bribes from a wind company, that is planning to proceed/proceeding to do harm in the community, despite growing evidence of the connection between infrasound and adverse health effects from turbines that are placed too close to people’s homes and barns, not a crime? How can this be happening in Ontario? Who consented to be subjects of this kind of experiment?
    How is this elected official able to remain so uninformed?
    Did the Wynne government decrease funds to rural ridings in order to make them absolutely desperate for this kind of money?

    • It is standard business practice to know about the companies and/or individuals you are dealing with.

      • Looking up information at Wikipedia is too difficult for some people to be able to do?
        Then follow the information links provided at Wikipedia is also too difficult for some?

  4. https://www.chatham-kent.ca/councilaudio/ Here is the audio (starts @ approx. 28mins) with many farmers from CK supporting wind energy, including the Kent County Federation of Agriculture. Very SAD!! Claiming that the price of wind energy has gone down. I suspect this farmer is confused over the price of turbine units vs the rates we as consumers must pay for the product, which BTW has increased by 42% in the last few years.

    They are asking that their local LDC invest $15 M for a 15% stake and because council believes it’s useless to resist the project, lets just go ahead. Administration’s answer forgets that the project could be approved without council endorsement, BUT the projects gets moved down the line if it doesn’t get endorsement. I guess council can’t resists the $4M bribe if they say NO!!
    But of course it’s not just about the money. LOL!! The project is supposedly only getting 10.5cent/kWh. What a joke!!

    Councillors asking question from their task force, who doesn’t even know there is any validity to the “stories” about Ontario dumping electricity in the U.S. @ a cost to Ontario ratepayers. Administration of course indicate that the province has the power to can shut the turbines down, but forgets to inform the councillor that the province still has to pay.

    Have a listen at the end where Randy Hope closes down a councillor’s comments about better access to NG and in the same breath indicates how wind only provides 3% of Ontario’s electrical need. OMG! is Randy getting it ????? but low and behold, Hopeless in the end indicates that all residents in CK should be getting a kick back on electricity costs because CK has been such a willing host and hasn’t cost their municipality any problems because of their willingness to cooperate with wind developers. His solution to the future….STORAGE and look we don’t have any demonstrators outside our doors. I guess he forgets they were sitting right there in front of him trying to get a word in.

  5. Premier Social Justice – solves another problem
    Wynne Waters Down own Bill, Benefiting own Libel Suit

    A recent change to legislation proposed by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government to stop frivolous defamation lawsuits will leave anyone currently burdened with one out in the cold. The change benefits Wynne’s own position as a plaintiff in a pending defamation suit against Tim Hudak, and comes after lobbying efforts by a corporate plaintiff in another pending defamation suit who donated to the Ontario Liberal party and to Wynne’s leadership campaign.

    The government has removed retroactive protection from its Protection of Public Participation Act, which if passed will allow Ontario’s civil courts to dismiss lawsuits that impact a legitimate freedom of expression in the public interest. So-called strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) – or defamation suits that claim massive damages in order to shut people up – should be legislated against in the province, according to a 2010 provincial advisory panel and everyone who has ever been hit with one.

    When Wynne’s then Attorney General John Gerretsen first introduced the proposed legislation in 2013, it sought to protect all expressions in the public interest against SLAPPs, whether or not any related legal proceedings commenced before the bill became law. The new version of the bill, put forward by Wynne’s new Attorney General Madeline Meilleur after the original bill died when an election was called last year, does not afford retroactive protection.

    We asked Wynne’s office why the government made the change. They claim two main reasons, “and no others,” informed their decision. A Wynne spokesperson:

    Federal Election Day!
    October 19th – 2015

    • Update!

      Wynne says lawsuit against PCs not the reason for changes to anti-SLAPP bill

      TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne says her libel case against two Progressive Conservatives is not the reason her government is making changes to a bill on so-called SLAPPs — strategic lawsuits against public participation.

      Wynne filed a $2-million lawsuit last spring against then-PC leader Tim Hudak and energy critic Lisa MacLeod over comments that Wynne “oversaw and possibly ordered the criminal destruction of documents” related to the $1.1-billion cancellation of two gas plants prior to the 2011 election.

      Media website Canadaland noted Tuesday that a reintroduced Liberal government bill to crack down on SLAPPs, which use the threat lawsuits to intimidate opponents, no longer contains a provision applying it to lawsuits already before the court.

      Retroactivity was not contemplated before the bill was initially introduced and the change in the bill was made for two reasons, Wynne’s office said. It’s not fair to change the rules for litigants who are already in the middle of cases, and because debate on the first version of the bill “became clouded by the interests of a few current litigants,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

      “For these reasons, and no others, the bill was updated,” wrote Zita Astravas.

      MacLeod said during question period this week that Wynne’s lawsuit against her qualifies as a SLAPP, meant to muzzle the opposition.

      “Her support for anti-SLAPP legislation flies in the face of everything she has done in the last year,” MacLeod said in the legislature, referring to various government scandals, including a criminal investigation into the actions of two Liberals in the run-up to a byelection in Sudbury, Ont.

      Wynne said Wednesday that her lawsuit against Hudak and MacLeod is in place because she believes “it’s really important to debate the truth.”

      “The allegations that were made against me by Tim Hudak and Lisa MacLeod were untrue,” she said after an unrelated announcement. “They know that they’re untrue.”

      NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she doesn’t know why the Liberals took retroactivity out of the bill, but she “wouldn’t put anything past them.”

      “If the Liberals want to play a game that’s going to help them politically with their own lawsuits, I don’t know whether that’s the case or not, but I want to see this legislation put forward,” she said after question period.

      “It’s the principle of having a democratic system where the top dollar…doesn’t win the day each and every time.”

      Environmental groups have applauded the anti-SLAPP legislation, saying it would provide an effective mechanism to allow for early dismissal of such lawsuits so defendants don’t have to incur unnecessary legal expenses.

      The Green Party of Ontario is calling for the retroactive provision to be restored.

      “I’m tired of the political games that continue to prevent passage of strong legislation to protect people and organizations that speak out in the public interest to protect our communities and democracy,” party leader Mike Schreiner said in a statement. “Liberal efforts to weaken this bill are a slap in the face of democracy.”

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