From France, watch “Wind Energy: The Big Swindle”

“It is time for the French people, the politicians and ecologists who have remained somewhat honest, to put a stop to this monstrous boondoggle whose consequences will become rapidly irreparable.”

2 thoughts on “From France, watch “Wind Energy: The Big Swindle”

  1. Depressingly like Ontario even to some of the details. Investors, private companies, politicians… a deadly combination when the laws can be restructured to pick some pockets for the benefit of others. And hiding the destruction by claiming to be ‘green’. Why catastrophic climate change is inevitable. When humanity goes extinct in the next big die-off, will it really matter that ‘x’ made enhanced profits by hastening it along? Really?

  2. Yep. It’s exactly like Ontario & everywhere else IWTs are installed.
    This is definately what’s in progress in Ontario and must be stopped by whatever means is required, or irreparable damages will destroy Ontario forever.
    All informed people must commit to getting out & partaking in / supporting a hopefully, nonviolent blockade of a project in your area. Or any area for that matter, as it’s imperative that all Ontarions support one another, to have the numbers to win this war without having to resort to violence & possibly a civil war. But if such a war is required to stop IWTs then so be it. War they will get & imprisonment will follow for McGuinty, Wynne et al.
    This scam/scandal by the lowest lifeforms on earth, Liberal politicians, supported by wolf crying, faux environmentalists / climate change alarmists, must be stopped period. They’ll do more harm worldwide than Hitler or Herishema (sp?) caused. Destroying the planet to save it! Like spending your way out of debt, it’s the nonsencical, Lying Liberal way.
    So sad, pitifully pathetic really, that so many brain dead Ontario idiots re-elected them.

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