Flight paths and stray current concerns raised at Gunn’s Hill wind project ERT

1297718857081_ORIGINALBy Bruce Chessell, Woodstock Sentinel-Review
Five witnesses for the East Oxford Community Alliance (EOCA) took the stand during the second day of the Environmental Review Tribunal regarding the proposed Gunn’s Hill wind farm, bringing forward further concerns regarding health and the airways above the proposed turbine site.

The first three witnesses to take the stand on Tuesday all brought forward the same concern regarding Prowind’s proposed wind farm: How the turbines will affect the Curries Aerodrome and the planes that fly out of there.

Keith McKay, a pilot for 32 years and member of the EOCA, said he was concerned with flight safety around wind turbines. “We are very concerned about the safety of ourselves… but also for commercial flights going overhead,” McKay said. “We don’t know if all the mitigating options that (Prowind) are proposing will work, we don’t know the time span. So any commercial flights flying over, we are concerned about their safety as well as ours.”

McKay added that Prowind is in negotiations with NAV Canada to put in mitigation standard to solve the problem, but he isn’t convinced this will work in an appropriate time. “Prowind has decided that if this goes ahead, they will put up the turbines,” he said. “We are opposed to that for safety reasons.” Read article

4 thoughts on “Flight paths and stray current concerns raised at Gunn’s Hill wind project ERT

  1. “Wesseling also brought forward concerns regarding her family, as one of the proposed turbines would be 86 metres from her farm.”

    Only 86 metres from the farm – how can that be, unless their house is 550 metres from the closest turbine. Or unless they are lease-holders. Nuts!

    • Likely 86 metres from her property line. So pasture could be this close to the nearest turbine.

  2. Look up any planned wind farm project more then half have reduced setbacks then supposed to be. It’s called encroaching and if you don’t find it and speak up they just put it up.
    Look hard people at your lands your the only one that is looking out for you.

  3. Are the people of Gunn’s Hill being EXTORTED?

    Are they threatened with harm?

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