The Roads to Wind Turbine Hell

60 Km of new roads and over 40Km of transmission/collector lines cut through the forest.

Despite our desperate resistance to the economic suicide of the allegedly ‘Green’ Energy Act,  giant monuments to greed and gullibility blight our iconic landscape which inspired artists, most notably the Group of Seven, whose masterpieces have been part of the Canadian “brand” for generations. Read article

9 thoughts on “The Roads to Wind Turbine Hell

  1. Find out who made this decision. Let it be known.

    I hope this story hits the headlines!

    My disgust is beyond words.


    How California’s Climate Policies Affect Lower-Income Residents

    California did not do a cost benefit analysis and Ontario didn’t either.

    Less affluent people live in the eastern Valley/Desert areas of California and are more negatively affected by the State’s energy policies.

    Less affluent people live in rural and northern parts of Ontario so let them become much more affected by Ontario’s energy policies.

    And Wynne signed onto cap-and-trade with California.

    Compare the California information with what is taking place in Ontario. Consider what has taken place at Ocotillo, CA which is located in East County, CA.

      • Naomi Klein is # 23

        And # 2, Kathleen Wynne

        “and investing heavily in transit, in part by diverting more than $1.2 billion a year in gas taxes.”

        A sure way to get elected!

  3. Road to hell
    Shows me personally that this is a hell hole.
    Knowing full well with any logical normal mind with all this overwhelming negative evidence we are under control of criminals
    Under there ship many called citizen ship and claiming joiner with there member ship card the birth certificate along with there red bond slave stock number on back of membership card are just actors in this fraud of fiction
    Then u go down the line and vote with this slave fiction registered copyright name and pick the best of the ship masters that will take the best care of there flock of slaves.
    Basically trusting them with your soul to do the right thing.
    They just about can do whatever they like when you pick, you are nothing but a fiction in alice in wonderland

    It is our choice to act in there fiction world or jump of there ship.
    Although they hate when there stock likes to leave and will try to sic there policy enforcers back onto there ship with currency,charges,setting currency to there idol bail
    Will take courage and some deprogramming to jump off there fraudulent slave ship.
    Many will disagree which is just like the Stockholm syndrome.

      • Farmer….. Only guessing but Is your name on the list of “one way colonists” for the first Mars mission of it’s kind?? Just curious!

  4. As a former resident of Sault, Canada, I have camped and walked through this area, admired the native pictorials and enjoyed the peace of mind.
    Shame on them.

    • Yes, Ella, there you have it. I am bound by my birth and heart’s blood and experience and affection to the land around St.Catharines, the Niagara Peninsula. What has not already been paved over and built over in the name of housing and malls is being concreted over and stabbed into with industrial wind turbines, all over. Shame, shame indeed. I feel it, the shame, although I am living now a few hundred miles away. They have no feeling, those whose power stamps these decisions.

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