Residents of Nation, east of Ottawa, fight wind turbine projects

nationCTV, Joanne Schnurr
A storm is brewing over wind turbines in the municipality of nation, east of Ottawa.

Town council tonight plans to reverse an earlier decision to give the green-light to two massive projects. Two private companies have proposed to develop separate industrial wind turbine projects in St. Isidore and St. Bernardin, in Nation municipality, about an hour east of Ottawa.  Council initially supported the bid but at a council meeting Monday evening, Nation’s mayor was planning to move to reverse that decision, after a massive appeal by local residents. This has been a contentious issue in many parts of Ontario as more and more landowners rent their properties to companies looking to set up these wind turbine farms.

What is unusual here is a municipality’s change of heart.  Steve Dick and his wife moved out to the peaceful rural area of St. Isidore for just that: peace and quiet.

‘We’ve been here for more than 26 years,’ says Dick, ‘looking to be in the country, to enjoy the peace and serenity and sense of community.’ It is something the couple worries will be destroyed if a wind turbine project goes ahead as planned at a farm across the road from them. ‘And we don’t want to see that ruined by bringing a big industrial complex out here,’ Dick adds. Read article

4 thoughts on “Residents of Nation, east of Ottawa, fight wind turbine projects

  1. Congratulations to the leaders of this community for doing the research and recognizing the need to make sure the wind companies do not proceed.
    I wish the elected and paid leaders in other communities where wind companies have seriously damaged communities would have had the foresight.
    When I read this article I see clearly that giving a promise of extra money to the community, money that is desperately needed because of the rising costs and reduced funding from the province, is a form of bribery.
    An industrial wind project ruining your community is not the solution.

    I hope your leaders will send a loud and clear message to Queen’s Park.

    • These people have the benefit of years of experience from preceding fights. Don’t dismiss the massive amount of fighting and experience that led up to this.

      • Without acknowledgment of the harm that’s already happening, it is hard to reason why no more projects should be built because of health and safety risks.

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