Blue Sky wind project not welcome in Essex

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Essex council is making it clear it doesn’t want to see any more wind turbines in the town, rejecting a community benefit agreement for the Blue Sky Wind Project.

“We are not interested in any more windmills in our municipality,” says Ward 3 Councillor Bill Caixeiro to loud and long applause in council chambers Monday night.

Councillors even charged the company behind the project, GDF Suez, had paid for letters of support to be sent to council.

“There was no payment made for any letters of support,” says Bonnie Hiltz, government relations for GDF Suez. “They, I believe, were referring to letters of support for landowners who have voluntarily come forward to participate in the project.” Read article

AUGUST 12, 2015
Tecumseh Public Meeting
Tecumseh Arena, 12021 McNorton Street, Tecumseh

AUGUST 13, 2015
Essex Public Meeting
McGregor Community Centre, 9571 Walker Road, Essex

3 thoughts on “Blue Sky wind project not welcome in Essex

  1. GDF complaining how we need to move to more sustainable sources of energy without providing any proof that wind actually is sustainable and of course lazy media ppl who NEVER challenge the wind developer claims and uses one bone head resident living with only 5 turbines to show that there is no noise problems. Pathetic!!


    Podcast from a local call in show in Windsor with the Mayor of Lakeshore actually stating that there are too many turbines and the noise and flicker would not be good for towns or subdivisions close by.

    A woman who also claims her solar panels costing her nothing despite having to take out a $32,000 loan. What a joke!!

  3. Not to mention the fraud that Mike Crawley & Co. pulled off in Norfolk & Elgin Counties before GDF Suez laundered it.

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