NextEra turbine parts flying off blades

DSC_0812John Miner, London Free Press
NextEra Energy acknowledged Wednesday that it shut down some of its Ontario turbines and warned landowners after it was discovered a part on spinning blades could fly off.

NextEra said the potential problem was with “a small thin plastic attachment” on the turbine blades that could separate while in operation. “No injuries or property damage occurred as a result of this situation and we are working aggressively to develop a long-term solution,” NextEra spokesperson Joselen Bird said in an e-mail.

Some wind turbines, particularly those near roadways or other public access areas were temporarily shut down. After the plastic part was removed from the blades, the turbines were restarted, Bird said. Bird emphasized that affected landowners were notified and the company shared with them the actions being taken.

The issue was raised in the Ontario Legislature Tuesday by Huron-Bruce Conservative MPP Lisa Thompson, who demanded a safety audit of industrial wind turbines across the province because of the risk of falling debris. She asked the government to shut down any turbines found unsafe. Read article

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  1. The blades on all the Next Era wind turbines are made in the U.S. The wind turbines are GE.
    Siemens wind turbines have all their blades made in Tillsonburg.

    • A most important point! Importing unsafe parts from a foreign country for use in Canada.

      If any IWT part/ parts fall on your property keep them. Any party that wants them will have to get a court order and also a warrant to come onto your property to get the part/parts.

      Make sure your property is posted with no trespassing signs.

  2. I was out for a walk with my grandchildren 2 days ago, down one of the most beautiful canopied dirt roads in Huron County. This road has been a favourite drive and hiking road, especially in the fall.
    To my shock, we discovered that en route, in an open area, we were suddenly passing turbines that were so loud and so close that we could hardly bear the situation. One turbine was so close to the road, that in fact we were walking through a danger zone. There was no signage and if there was signage, it would mean that no one could ever walk along or drive along that section of one of the loveliest back roads I’ve ever seen.
    We found a long narrow white object, about 50 cm long and perhaps 10 cm wide with 3 holes in it just at the edge of the road.
    What a ridiculous mess this is!

    • If anyone finds something like this near IWTs, get a photo if possible and notify the town.

  3. “Wind farm noise report ‘parallels VW scandal’, MP claims”
    Western Morning News | 21 October 2015 |

    ….Noise campaigners believe the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is now receptive to changing the existing method by which councils assess wind farms – the ETSU-R-97, which was created in 1996.

    Conservative MP for Daventry Chris Heaton-Harris claims the new report draws “parallels with the Volkswagen emission scandal” where vehicles were rigged to conceal the harmful pollutants they emitted.

    The Institute of Acoustics (IoA) – instrumental in developing the noise measurement policy – dismissed it served vested interests and “strongly refuted the allegations”.

    One of the report’s authors, Mike Hulme – who has for ten years fought plans for nine 120m (390ft) masts at Den Brook in Devon – said a group of highly qualified acousticisans and sleep specialists had contributed to the document.

    He says the true effect of amplitude modulation – where “swishing” sounds turn to a “thumping”, often at night – was being miss-calculated by a “massive amount”.

    In some cases claims of five decibel (db) noise had been detected as high as 15db, he added, huge in sound terms.

    “We have showed with direct testing using real world data from wind farms that neighbours are not being protected,” added Mr Hulme.

    “It shows what we have been saying for years – the means of controlling wind farms is seriously flawed and the Government has been wrongly advised.”

    In a joint announcement with the INWG, the group’s “political sponsor” MP Mr Heaton Harris said the report showed “how a small group of wind industry funded acousticians have taken control of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and its noise working groups”.

    “This façade of respectability afforded by the IoA has enabled the wind industry to dominate government noise assessment policy and planning guidance by providing inaccurate and misleading scientific advice,” the MP added.

    “The parallels with the Volkswagen emission scandal are quite remarkable.”

    The INWG suggest these two decades of deception are now resulting in serious annoyance and far reaching risks to the health and wellbeing of large numbers of people living in the proximity of wind farms.”

    The IoA said the accusations are “completely without any basis” and said parallels with the VW emissions scandal was “an appalling slur on the professionalism and integrity of our members”.

    It said the Good Practice Guide for the application of ETSU-R-97 was drawn up after “a lengthy and wide-ranging consultation” during which opinions were sought from all quarters, before “recommendations were later fully endorsed by the Government”.

    A spokesman added: Throughout the whole process and the subsequent drawing up of guide’s supplementary guidance notes our whole approach and that of the members involved has been based on science and best practice, and we would strongly challenge the INWG to substantiate its claims that this has resulted in the advice given to the Government being ‘inaccurate’ and ‘misleading.”

  4. keshe foundation plasma technology {free energy} to be available to all after oct 26 for most of this planet This will rid us of these monsters and the ones you fell for on election day. This pans out what a relief

    • It’s unfortunate, but it matters not whether “this pans out” as IWTs have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the generation of electricity & everything to do with stealing money from the people, for the pockets of Lying Liberals & Lefties worldwide, which is why everyone of the treasonous bast,,ds, was just involved in fighting against the best government on the planet, Canadas’ Stephen Harpers’ Cons. as the last holdout against Agenda 21 & UN run world governance. IWTs won’t be stopped until the planet is largely destroyed. Jackasses in Canada just elected the most incompetent, corrupt, treasonous gov. In Canadian history. It ain’t good!

  5. The lack of transparency regarding open honest discussion on Agenda 21 and the U.N.”s continued involvement with the IPCC, whose reputation is now seriously being questioned because of the errors made in computer modelled data that was used to forecast catastrophic events…which over 107 frightening predictions have not ocurred, is how we got into this mess.
    Why can’t these issues be discussed during a campaign or in the House or anywhere in the political arena?
    Did anyone hear a word about Agenda 21 and its implications for rural regions during the campaign? Did anyone hear about the growing realizations among scientists that man made climate change is not so significant that we need to waste money on industrial scale wind turbines and sacrifice the lives of people, who through no fault of their own, and despite having objected loudly and clearly in the community consultation process, are now experiencing adverse impacts both to their health and to their real estate investments?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I did not hear a word from anyone about these crucially important issues for rural people in this country…especially in Ontario where turbines and their infrastructure are being sited without using common sense and respect for residents nearby.

    • An urban campaign and not a rural campaign. IWTs are not such a problem in most of Atlantic Canada, coastal B.C. and far north ridings.

      Oil was the big concern in the west.

      Rural Canada is not a vote rich place. So why bother to campaign there.

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