Shocking stupidity by Wynne, McGuinty

wynne Mcguinty boondoggleToronto Sun Editorial
Thanks to Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk we now know that every substantial thing the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne governments have said about their management of Ontario’s electricity system is a fraud. They told us they were carefully planning for the future.

In fact, Lysyk found the Liberals ignored their own legislation and regulations in developing their electricity plan. As a result, “Ontario electricity ratepayers have had to pay billions for these decisions” Lysyk found.

Among Lysyk’s shocking findings:

Between 2008 and 2014 hydro rates skyrocketed 70%, costing $37 billion more than the market price for electricity. From 2015 to 2032, the added cost is projected to be another $133 billion.

Ontarians will pay $9.2 billion more for renewable energy than necessary, despite the fact the province has a massive energy surplus.

Last year, Ontario paid wind power companies twice as much for electricity as the U.S. average and solar companies 3.5 times the U.S. average.

Electricity generated by a biomass plant in Thunder Bay costs 25 times more than the average price in Ontario because the government ignored warnings from the Ontario Power Authority that converting the plant to biomass from coal wasn’t cost-effective. Read  article

21 thoughts on “Shocking stupidity by Wynne, McGuinty

  1. Maurice Strom, CEO of ontario hydro set this path to destruction in motion. Our leaders no matter which party, are simply implementing a global adjenda.

    Maurice Strong – Father of Agenda 21 – Dead at 86
    A Rockefeller/United Nations/Globalist SOB is no more!

  2. Hydropower is the energy contained in flowing water. Ontario has 20% of the World’s supply, of FRESH RUNNING WATER. Why are we building expensive, inefficient windmills, while the Niagara Hydro Generators are sitting idle, along with many other Hydro facilities. Enough of this lunacy. I expect soon, Wynne will want to rename Hydro One to Wind One. As more and more industries leave Ontario, for cheaper energy costs, ANYWHERE else, Ontario residents will be paying more and more.

    Let’s get that Recall Legislation in place, and get a government that does what we voted them to do.

  3. How will we ever find our way out of this mess?
    Adding to this financial disaster is the damage done to rural Ontario in making it uninhabitable because of the turbines, forcing farmers and residents who are not leaseholders -and even leaseholders- to struggle with adverse impacts of industrial wind turbines. Hopefully these people will collectively organize class action lawsuits. Otherwise they are the victims of forced relocation and extortion.
    This government has ushered in an agenda that must be stopped NOW.

    • by voting!!! only 48% of the Ontario eligible voters went to vote because it was a “long weekend and everybody is busy going out of town camping” !!!!

      and 34 of Ontarians support Lib’s , not many, but quite damn enough to make them majority !

  4. Let;s face it, all political parties and their representatives have hidden agendas. Does not matter which party, they are all the same. And worst of all is that they rely on government bureaucrats for guidance and implementation of legislation. These people are not driven by a profit motive nor sound business management. They have never had to be responsible for the end result as they sit in the background playing with taxpayer money.

    The whole system needs to be changed but that is an impossibility as it would require a complete rethinking of the term ‘democracy’. We elect based on party lines and our elected representative must adhere to party policy. They then pass on instructions to their minions to implement that policy. There is no accountability and regardless of what the Auditor General uncovers or exposes nothing changes as again there is no law requiring that the Auditor General’s report be implemented. It is just a report, costing millions of dollars which collects dust.

    If you want real change and real representation, elected officials must be required to reflect the will of their constituents regardless of party affiliation and failure to do so result in the loss of their position and replacement by one who will speak for the people.

    A pipe dream at best!!!

    • This why I say that the energy portfolio both federally and provincially needs to be managed by a team of experts in all of the relevant fields that are directly or indirectly involved with this hugely important issue. What real qualifications do the people responsible for this mess have?
      This must become an election issue.
      I agree that it is downright maddening that elections can be won and deemed a majority when so few people have voted.

      As for now, when we’re nowhere near another election, stay on the leading edge and support the REAL leaders.

    • Paul. You say all parties are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth & thinking so will guarrentee bad governance forever & a day.
      You can’t tell me that Mr. Harper is in any way similar to the jackassed crook Jughead Trudeau or treasonously corrupt McWynnety Lberals.
      Stephen Harper is the best, most honest, inclusive, caring (more honest than most citizens/voters) PM in history, while all Liberals since Pearson (the last of the old Lberals) have been hugely corrupt. There’s not a lick of similarity between the Conservatives & Liberals of today. Libs support agenda 21 Cons do not. Liberals have hidden agendas Cons do not. Libs say one thing to get elected then do the opposite when elected. Cons say what their plans are then proceed to impliment them once elected. Total opposites. Those are facts & until people wake up & realize this, we’ll have destructive treasonous governments like Wynne & Trudeau forever. The number one excuse I hear from Liberal voters for voting Liberal or eligible voters for not voting at all is guess what, they’re all the same so it matters not who we elect.
      In all due respect Paul I encourage you & others of the same mind, to do wayyyy more research, possibly starting with Rebel, not the Red Star or other far left wing media & you’ll soon become aware of what I’m saying. All parties are definately not the same. Not even close.
      Harper saved Canada’s butt bigtime, now Trudeau will destroy it, possibly forever, c/w new electoral process which will guarrentee leftist governments forever going forward. That’s his plan. Civil war may eventually (but I’m not advocating it) be Canada’s only chance of returning to the best country in the world, with the wealthiest middle class as we’ve been under Harper, God bless him.

      • Add on: I should mention also that I believe one of the main reasons Mr. Harper wasn’t /isn’t respected & re-elected, is because he did such a good job of insulating / protecting Canada against the world recession of 08 &. onward, that Canadians didn’t even realize there was a recession. They aren’t aware of how bad things would have been, had the ‘three stooges coalition’ of separatists & lefties (Dion now minister of international affairs God help us) been successful in overturning voters decision to elect the Harper Cons.
        Also if Cons had been elected in Ontario two elections ago or even the last, we’d not now be fighting against turbines to save our homes & lives. They’d be gone. Period. Because Cons almost always do as they say they will, unlike Lying Liberals. The Turbines are owned mainly by corrupt Liberals & their supporters after all, not Conservatives.

      • Awesome….finally someone who has the intestinal fortitude to tell it like it is without worrying about political correctness! PC is being pushed by LW profs and students to hide their lack of knowledge about the REAL world and the REAL *agendas of currupt politicians…..*tell the people that they will get everthing they want if I am elected) It’s disgraceful! Civil war may be out of the question, but civil unrest certainly is not….just ask the Tea Party….strength in numbers….gad flies are very annoying to politicians..

  5. Dear Sommer,
    We are so sorry about your family & community
    being forced into this.
    Just thinking about the deteroriation…
    & reminiscing about country roads…
    & walking with granddaughters…
    And observing that wind turbines
    can be obnoxiously loud…

    I remember that wind turbines were built
    too close to homes in Ontario
    in 2006 & 7 & 8…

    and Suncor and Acciona bought residential real estate…
    near Ripley, Ontario, in 2011…
    but they denied in public
    that victims had been…
    adversely affected…

    And there was…
    Canadian Hydro Developers…
    & BluEarth Renewables…
    & Ontario Teachers Pension Plan…
    & Mike Crawley
    & Dalton McGuinty.
    [Rest In Peace]
    And, “it’s all about money,” they said.
    And we said, “OK.”
    And now you are asking…
    How can we get out of this?
    Is it necessary to understand,
    how did we get into it?

    Where do we begin…?


  6. Ont is blessed with ample hydro resources, close proximity to uranium deposits, access to inter provincial natural gas, and comparative advantage and expertise in managing nuclear plants. So wind power is the solution to exactly what problem?
    Close to 70% of Ont’s electricity is generated by nuclear plants, providing safe, efficient, ultra clean, green electricity. But the zealots do not like nuclear for whatever reason; they seized the semantic initiative years ago categorizing nuclear as non “renewable”. It is beyond the pale in consideration, even though Ont has a 60 year record of safe operation of nuclear facilities. Ont could have trumped its green credentials with a stroke of the pen, emphasizing hydro and nuclear supply shares. In addition to modern state of the art gas plants, Ont would have had an energy supply system, the envy of most countries.
    Instead they have squandered billions on technology whose limitations were recognized 5000 years ago.

  7. Now we are to believe

    * * * WAYNE GRETZKY * * *

    likes being associated with


      • How much electricity does Wayne Gretzky use?
        And, when?
        Is he conserving enough?

        How big is his carbon footprint?

        Do we get adequate Carbonbenefit for Wayne Gretzky’s Carboncost?

  8. UPDATE! from Paris

    …politicians cannot agree on whether global temperatures should be allowed to increase by one-and-a-half, or two degrees…

    Wonder what the refugees think?

  9. Conrad Black: The great climate conference charade playing out in Paris
    December 5, 2015 | National Post | Full Comment

    ‘[excerpt] …many office-holders and aspirants, including Obama, have used dire environmental scenarios to distract their electorates from their own policy failures, much as Arab powers have long diluted anger at despotic misgovernment by harping on the red herring of Israel.’

  10. enough is enough … the Liberals have muffled and misled their citizens long enough ; start by actively reacting ….Dalton McGuinty aides charged. Wynne next? Please tell A.G.Mme Meilleur…NO ONE is above the law ….SIGN THE is free

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