Wind turbines: rural fight against might of city-based politics

Hendrik Gout,

The fight between city and country over a plan to install over a hundred giant turbines in the Mt Lofty Ranges, Australia.

16 thoughts on “Wind turbines: rural fight against might of city-based politics

  1. Most know it is on deaf ears for which $$$ talks and hear ver very well these financial wizards/parasites only hear.
    Here you have a rich well known man coming up to speak against it but others like you and me are just collateral damage to this cyst em.
    will it take more higher rich class people to come and speak to get this to stop?
    My thoughts are that when you know the only cure for this is to know where this fraud starts and you bury there fraud and crime like flushing the toilet.
    As all these binding agreements on legal which is illegal paper work contracts that has all in silence which should be nulled as once fraud is exposed is nullified and agreements terminated.
    As all contracts signed with a legal name that is copyright infringements and does not have permission to use this legal name from the crown is fraud and is a crime and therefor contracts are all fraudulent.
    Yes simple as that!

    • FRAUD INDEED! well said.
      As you may and I will understand it is very very difficult to get the rich and powerful.
      Here I do have a chance to charge the AG, Mme Meilleur with fraud Section 380 and Breach of Trust, just like the McGuinty aids, Section 122 of the Criminal Code.
      I hope you and others will sign my petition – I do not want any money. This is in the interests of justice and the public. Thanks

  2. Power Corp. Canada is owned by the Desmarais family. Helene Desmarais is w/o Paul Jr. and ex-sister-in-law of John MacBain the founder of the European Climate Foundation and Chair. of the Trudeau Foundation.

    Jean Chretien’s daughter is w/o Andre Desmarais and Chretien signed the Kyoto accord.

  3. Thank you Barbara for making these direct connections visible through your research.
    As with all key players, corporations and their connections. It’s very important to uncover all of the media connections as well. They’ve played a significant role indeed.
    It’s all in the archives but someday it would be very interesting for Canadians to actually see the larger picture behind this industrial wind turbine travesty of justice. Having it all set up in a flow chart format would be so interesting.
    Even the connections between major players in the IPCC man-made climate change alarmism hoax would be helpful.
    People are starting to understand how this all happened.

    ” It’s always about the almighty Dollar $$$$$$$$$$$$..The fact is ! There is no safe distance for wind Turbines, NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE, and come with a very BAD side EFFECT on people and the ENVIRONMENT. there is Nothing GREEN about WIND TURBINES . SAY NO TO WIND TURBINES.

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